Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lovely Raining Day

It's raining, you just came back from a nice swim. Then, you went to the local bank to settle some payments, debts that been creepin' your life. Yikes.. then you look at the sky and thank God you made your day well. So, what next? Since the last two (2) weeks I had officially 'broke' with RM10 ringgit left, today, that RM10 ringgit I use it to buy my 'lunch'. I went to Secret Recipe, one of my favorite cafe stop when I'm 'happy'. Because Secret Recipe has one of the best brownies, I decided to take that yummy delicious Ice Cream with Almond brownies with Vanilla Milk Shake, and since it was raining outside, a hot mushroom soup helps to heat up my body. Now, I'm in a cyber cafe at Sri Petaling with the best DSL connection, surfing and replying emails 'shaggingly'instantly. Lovin' it.

I have to go to two (2) local banks tonight and would probably hangout at Sri Hartamas with Abby or so, whatever eh.. sushi would be nice to have tonight and mum will be happy tomorrow as I will be giving her one (1) grand for helping me out last month.

What I have in mind this weekend and next week would be:
1. Waiting for my dad to come back from Washington DC, United States, hope he bring back something interesting :)
2. Buying iPod Shuffle, since my friend Bigg from Singapore keep on 'yaya-uhh-la' about his iPod :p
3. Buying a lomographic camera or a digital camera... finally!!
4. And suprise, suprise, my sister is getting married.

Thank God, I'm blessed. I love my life now, and I love my family, and friends who had been there for me.

* not my last dance.

5 opinions :

*cosmic freak* said...

eiii ... makan kat secret recipe tak ajak pun ... tak aci !!!!

wey, you don't owe me money ker ??? hehehe ...

malam ni jom makan pizza kat hartamas square jom !!!

Shieko said...

"Im only when it rains" - Garbage

Shieko said...

what i mean is the song by Garbage "Im only happy when it rains" ^_^'

dannyFoo said...

Yo muid.. good to hear things are going fine with you. :) Keep it smiling and don't let life turn you down.

rockstar said...

heh hope you'll be doing just fine and much more better day by day...
anything happens..happen for a reason.. :)