Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not My Last Dance

Many question that why I kept on putting footnote/signature 'Not My last dance'. It's kinda hard to tell or to describe, but today, you get few of that picture solve by watching my self home-made video using Vegas Video. This took 2 hours of dance movement in various choreography and outfit. The space was so limited but you know, if you're a true dancer, space is not a problem :)

I love dancing. I started to dance when I was 10 years old. Seing Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson in the late 80's makes me crazy about dance. Today, I admire choreographers like Marty Kudelka and Wade Robson. I always wanted to participate in Wade Robson's show. It's a dream :) I did a few public performance before where the one of the crowd was attended by Teh Tarik Crew, Lady D, Ahli Fiqir and others. I also got shortlisted of one of the top five for PlanetFilms Maxis Graffiti-dance commercial (well, eventually I didn't got it but I'm glad and proud to be shortlisted). It's a cool experience.


I would like to invite you to see my creation, my dance. Now you know I can dance too! :-) (not a big deal though). Oh, do have to remind you that you need Apple's Quicktime 6 Player in order to view this video clip.

+ Visit: {muidlatif's dance video clip}

Linkups are allowed. Let me know what you think. Thanks! :)

*not my last dance

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