Sunday, August 21, 2005

Singa Menjelma Di Selatan Nusantara

The other side of the Country.

Almost 80% of the MRT user in Singapore carries portable music player, such as small cute thumbdrive MP3 player to Apple's iPod. In 7-11, they are selling it like selling curry puff, it's no longer a luxury. People are moving so fast and still, feel that humanity in each of them, (whatever I have said).

I met few yet most nicest people in town while I was at 'Temasek', namely Roger Tan, the owner of Shuffle Art, who brought me to so many nice places on the way to the opening exhibition of Design Taxi at Hills Creative Arts that night. Besides able to see and touch John Leigh of, Tokidoki, Basso & Brooke's artwork, I had the privillage to meet some of Singapore's finest creative such as Shaun & Irie of Neighbor, Creative Director of Hills Creative Art, Alex, FFurious Team, and friends like Regina, Gerald & Agnes of JunkFlea (Nice to see you guys again) and few others. A thousand appreciation goes out to you guys for having such good time and get to know you guys better in person. Mucho gracis amigos!

All Night...
Now, that's not all. E9's team; Irene, Henry, Vivian, Siew Ling, Agnes and Jason took me to a nice dinner at ThaiExpress in Singapore Plaza. It was a great opportunity to know them closer as they are so fun and cool to chill with. After dinner, I went to India Street to meet up my graffiti buddies, ARTVST. These guys are truely awesome and really find myself hanging out with comedians! To Lutfi @ KillerGerbil, thanks for introducing ARTVST. It was a great honour. Zack, thanks for sharing yor stuff with me, Zul / Lil Pink Devil, really 'lalok' one... so dem funny la!
So much fun and hope to see you guys again this September.

NotThatBalai 2005
Didjital Nusantara partlayin'

NotThatBalai 2005
Peter Hassan & Markiza (wife) performin' blues

NotThatBalai 2005
Perez posses for Shieko's illustration

NotThatBalai 2005
Aishah with her performing arts.

NotThatBalai? or going to another balai?
It was nice.. even thought I miss the opening ceremony on Friday night, I did came by the place on Saturday. The review was ok... but as usual, few 'confused' artless visitors still want to 'arrest' our commitment and effort. Whatever... at least I managed to catchup with COA, Art-tech, SWS, Orkibal, Perez, Rooty, Uncle Sam and few other nice fellaz. Aishah, your performance art was indeed American ;). It open my enthutiasm in art (especially installation!).
Well, apart of all, Shieko & Orkibal work's has been selected and published in New Straits Times & TheStar (click here to see)... and thanks for carrying Digital Malaya's Didjital Nusantara (again) to the press. Cheers!

Sekian lama sudah ku tidak melepaskan luahanku di jurnal ini dalam bahasa Melayu. Bukan tak inginkan, sebaliknya penguasaan bahasa ku terlalu klasik untuk mencatat segala rintihan harian dan kehidupan peribadiku di jurnal digital ini. Tapi, sejak menggulungkan getah lembut pada tetikus melayari jurnal digital si Awan, aku bersemangat untuk merelakan minda dan hatiku berpesta bahasa.


Ku harap perjalananmu di timur Nusantara,
dibekalkan doa tulus ikhlas oleh ananda,
dan ku harap moga Allah akan sentiasa disisimu,
melindungi dan menceriakanmu,
Mama, minta maaf diatas kekasaran ananda,
yang membuatkan hatimu terluka,
bukan kehendak dan nawaitul ananda untuk menjauhimu,
cuma titian masa dan komitmen ananda yang menjarakkan kita,
Pohon maafku wahai bonda.

To My Dearest Love

Miss you and love you so much. I am very fortunate to have you around and really glad you manage to get a job. Remember, never forget our relationship and love and don't let anyone take or steal our love. We've build to much and please don't loose this relationship we have. Be good and always keep your loyalty with me. I'm yours and you are mine.

This is for you; the title is Intralogi Cinta.

Intrologi Cinta

Mau kulepaskan dan sampaikan suara cintaku wahai kekasih,
ingin kugenggam nilai cinta dan kasihmu ini didalam sanubariku,
agar terus mekar dari terbitnya suria hingga tidurnya suria,
Mimpi-mimpi yang kulalui amat indah,
walaupun cinta kau kini nian jauh dihati,
amat ku rindukan mesra belaianmu,
walaupun ku tau dihati kau tetap mencintaiku
masa pantas berlalu, keluhan jiwaku ini menjerit memanggil kau,
Apa yang akan terjadi nanti wahai kekasih?
Hanya kita saja yang bisa tau segala-galanya.


* cinta takkan terlepas walau ditemui, masakan takkan kulupakan tarian kita dikala waktu kau bersamaku.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Smokin' Friday: Not That Balai...

Well, workin' is really an obligation, but when it comes to weekend, you have the entire two days to yourself, to do whatever you want, or maybe starting from Friday night.. This weekend, I have a choice; either I can take a hot shower, use body scrub, dip my leg in a bucket with hot water with rosy (rose) aromatherapy and sleep all day long. But the fact is right after finishing my work in the office on Friday night, I was rushing to meet up with Shieko, Perez, Orkibal, Sona and Drew who had recently got back from Australia. Well, I managed to arrived home around 9 pm and show my dad's company logo I had designed. Then I grab one spicy chicken which Abby bought from KFC and went of to pickup Orkibal and all of us went to Lost Generation Space at Jalan Permai, Taman Seputeh to setup our artworks.

More pics can be viewed at Shieko's fotopages.

We had graffiti on the wall of the nice house there, and had work continuously until Saturday evening. I was exhausted. We went to have our break at Burger King. I was so hungry I ate two cross potatoes, fries, one fish burger and one double cheese burger. At home, I ate my mum's laksa, which is so hot and nice....

Today, just finish doing an interactive piece for my first ever video installation for NotThatBalai exihibition. I just realized one thing that I'm happy to achieve, that is to do an interactive multimedia (Flash) with limited of time. Not like my final year back when I was in UiTM, I spent months and months just to do a normal piece of flash presantation, but since you are able to meet datelines regularly, you are able to develope a product so spontanously yet gives you the quality you desire. I guess it's all come to the effort and experience you have gain before plus with friends you hang out with...

I am very please to found out that my mentor, Hasnol J Saidon also will be featuring his work there. It's the year where I start back to become an artist, well, just for the weekend, and on weekdays, I never have the time to do my personal stuff such as art & digital designs... I was fully commited on my work and hope I can focus more. That's why I don't update for a loooooong time! But just now I manage to do a splash for DMP...and hope I can buy my weekend time with DMP and my artwork...

DMP new splash

I would also like to congratulate my dear friend, Riz Ainuddin & his wife, Raz, for their first daughter today. I'm so happy for him and his family and wish his family a blessful success and health.

Well, meeting up my friends tonight in Ampang for short yumcha, and will be a designer again, starting 9-6 pm till Friday. Yikes!


Never say 'I hope you still love me" because I told you before, no matter what happen, my heart stays forever with you. It has always been.. we are so far apart, but my life is so contented because I have you.
I love you so dearly... and hope you pray for our 'happiness' and always try to find the best way to keep us together. I miss you.

* waiting for you to dance with me again my love.....