Monday, October 25, 2010

Making An Art Worth Inspiring

I Am An Artist

About four months ago, i had express my intention via my Facebook and Twitter updates that I'm planning on leaving the creative world (cough, "retiring") to focus on my new interest in i) Law (Multimedia/Internet Act), ii) Museology and iii) Numismatics (sorry, not into that typical designer-move-to-photography). As mention in my previous blog post, I had been facing such a great roller-coaster ride by being in rock-bottom, from unstable business (unbelievable bad paymaster/fung fei kei cases), to battling my stomach Tumor that had affected my health, lost weight and to my paranoia of friends who gave remark on my appearance. 

Three months later, I believe God had listen to my do'a and prayers and gave me with so much bless and love. Besides that I put on weight from 53kg to now, 58kg, I almost regular activities from my weekly 15km run, and wake up to the morning beautiful sunshine, either driving heading toward the Kuala Lumpur city or train ride, working as a blue-collar as a 'marketer' in a bank (Yep, probably comes as much of a surprise), I can never shred this artistic blood of mine away. Good Karma kicks in, like Paul Arden said, 'Don't look for next opportunity. The one you have in hand is the opportunity.' So I took on a new challenge facing a different working pattern and new working environment. Alhamdulillah, things are working just (fundamentally) fine. Work is work, stress is everywhere but you'll cope with it because you had been working for a decade in this industry, so whats to nag about? 

So then came along another opportunity as I was chosen as Ambassador from my country by Behance Network, one of top creative networking circle that was awarded by numerous companies, publication offline and online, from "10 Most Creative Small Business Companies" by FAST COMP@NY, to Computer Arts UK, Mashable and others.

Introducing the 18 Behance Ambassador. Visit the rest of Behance Ambassador here

Our first Behance Malaysia Meetup @ Artista Cafe, Tropicana Mall, PJ
So for those who like to hang out with us, gain experience, learn new tips or advices, have creative discussion and hands-on creative collaboration projects, register a Behance profile and join our group here. Our next meet-up will be at Wondermilk Cafe, 13th November 2010

‘When It Can't Be Done, Do It. If You Don't Do It, It Doesn't Exist ’, Paul Arden

Galeri Petronas and Petronas's Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra had took a giant leap in bringing new things around their table. I got a call from the wonderful people of Galeri Petronas inviting me to join an interesting project called the 'Painted Notes', a collaboration with the mighty talented and world-class musicians of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Of course, I couldn't say yes right away because I'm working, as I'm no longer running my own business. After I got approved by my awesome superiors and management of my agency, I start to mobilizing my ideas and plans to make it happen. I was introduce by this amazing Malaysian Conductor named Harish Shankar who now resides in Germany. I even manage to get great advice from my friend, Milx who I met a night before the performance.

For the first time in Malaysia, and for the first time by Fine Artist (Khairul Azmir a.k.a MeMe) and Digital Artist (me), we both set history to become the first to collaborate with musicians in this prestigious Dewan Philharmonik Petronas doing a live (real-time) artwork. I was honored, awe and bless. I'm so grateful to our Lord al-Mighty Allah. I thank Galeri Petronas and applaud them for giving us, Digital Artists platform to let Malaysians learn what is Digital Art and the processes of it's creation. Thanks to those who came, i couldn't be more happier and flattered by your warm support. Check out the video of our performance. 

Land of The Rising Sun

Bigbrosworkshop had selected us to be a part in another prestigious exhibition, this time it's in Japan! Called INSIGHT, this exhibition promises everyone internationally how Malaysian talents really got what it takes to inspire with their artworks, including Kenji, Stephen Lau, Driva Lo, Luk, Chun Woei, Najib Tumiran (a.k.a Artech), Fariz Hanapiah, among others, and me!

I will be showcasing my work in two different city in Japan; Shizuoka & Tokyo, from 26th October til 4th. I haven't been travelling for so long. In my own expense, I felt it's the best opportunity to showcase my work in a different location with different culture and different creative view. 

I just hope I have enough energy to divide myself with work and 'vacation'. I just look forward to experience Japanese culture including getting myself a copy of Naruto Shippuuden's Manga! Ittadakimas!

Thank you for reading, may you find your positive energy, have a great day and God bless.