Friday, July 10, 2015

The Wandering Artist in the Graphene Age

I see the world today. Great changes. Stories unfold about our childhood dreams of flying cars and mega cities. We are indeed flying, but we are flying too much. We obliged to the new media age, the age of technology because during our childhood, we have mold visions of the future with advanced technology. But none thought us the progression should be from the mind and moral. Our modesty begins to fade while human perfecting their artificial intelligence. Indeed. Artificial. But little we know that we are completely turning backwards as if we're still in the Graphene-coated 'Iron Age'.

We created the race of tantrum. Where strong unsatisfying voices are being placed in the social media to ensure voices being heard because we've been trolled by attention-seekers, the planet of 'Look At Me'. We advocate too much yet actions are not implemented because this age is the age of strategic planning, where blue ocean strategy is compulsory, creating leaders who only longing to lead but none would want to do operational works because it's too low-level. It's like a non-executive tasks. 

Business cards are being distributed by individuals running an own small medium enterprise company with two to five people with the title CEO. Because in today's society, obsession over a title is mandatory to them. But they outsource to third parties, again and again, and those people are being underpaid.

Everyone want to be a sole warrior, yet no one want to be a soldier. We are corrupting our modesty. We are too self-centered, too self-conscious, too insecure and too condescending. We are an angry soul living in the closet trying to contain our rampage because we're just too upset over little things and that little things actually means nothing. 

We are depending too much on devices, people to grow. We can't self-initiate until we are told to do something right for us. What happen to us? Those who are aware will know, will take action, will make mistakes, learn from it and will shape a greater destiny for the greatest survival. If we don't do it today, how will we assure a promising future despite the economic and moral turbulence that is happening?