Monday, November 30, 2009

Year End: 2009

This year had been a blast! this is far most challenging year for me and this is where I put all my skills and experiences to the test. I thank each and everyone who had been following me without judgment, expectation and prejudice. I think some great people out there who had given me so much wonderful inputs and motivation to lift my spirits and to make me more self-conscious and humble.

All of my goals and targets achieved, and I praise Allah Al-Mighty for giving so much light into me. I am not saying I'm heading to that religious-i'm-holy-your-sinful-type-of-person because that's not who I am. I am just saying that keeping ourselves closer to God shape us in a better spirit and you will eventually become humble and feeling more contented, some may not accept the fact when people want to change for the better, and most agreed to hear if a person fall into darkness, they like people be in misery and despair. Some people are born to hate, i pity them.

I had done a lot of great works around, dealing with the best clients and worst, how I had contributed towards this creative economy and how to inspire others with the experiences I gain. Saya bukanlah golongan yang terdiri dari yang kedekut, thank God that I wasn't born that way. I like to help others so that I can learn something too.

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Latest work 'Climbing Mount Chabang I'

Climbing Mount Chabang I

Wishing a great Idul Adha, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry X-Mas to all my readers

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Welcome 2009

Dreams do come true, only those who had been working hard enough, most important, they live up in the existence of God and acknowledge every establishment around him. Most of us expect to be spoon-fed, worship and thought opportunity have to come as pleased. I felt so thankful to God and people that surround me, carry the patterns of my life to a wonderful journey.

Easy as it looks, it's never been. But through all the odds, when you do good things in life, God will help you through the darkest hours. Been bless with complicated family but truthfully kind and caring, friends who are there in need, a lover that shape me for a better person, and everyone, good, bad, whatever it counts, help and continuously make me stronger, a better person.

Last week had been a sober week, as Muslims in the world foresee the cruelty of the zionist, tearing the vulnerability of the Palestinian. Children and women being slaughtered, and on top of that, The American government had been rapidly supporting the Israel militans. God have mercy on those poor souls.

Pray is always a way to seek HIS help, but you can also do your part if you have a stable finance. MERCY welcome your donations:

Please make cheques payable to MERCY MALAYSIA.
CIMB account number: 1424-000-6561053.
For more information, please contact 03-2273 3999

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