Friday, October 11, 2013

Young Malaysian Artist Exhibition & Behance + Creative Cloud

I like to invite you to visit my latest digital art masterpiece (the latest digital space painting series) called 'Jupiteraya' that are now currently exhibiting at Galeri Petronas, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. This is not the first time Galeri Petronas have been the pinnacle to support electronic artists, digital artists, video artists like myself but it's been 3 times.

Quoted by Galeri Petronas: "who engage in a ‘self-referential‘ relationship with new technologies to discover the ‘self’ in making contemporary transformation determined by technological developments - new media". So far, I could only can spot four electronic artists who complement their work according to the theme.

'Antara Callisto & Europa' (Jupiteraya Series), by Muid Latif. 

The Jupiteraya Series

Using combined conventional media from acrylic & poster color on art paper, I orchastrate my work on digital canvas using the latest version of Adobe PhotoshopCC & Illustrator CC.
This took 28 weeks of R&D, production, improvement and revisit of my three works until I meet my satisfaction. Stereoscopic imaging gave the final touch for the viewers to enjoy my work using 3D anaglyph glass. More story of my work will be post on my behance portfolio and newspaper, New Straits Times soon.

To my e-art brothers and sisters, my close friend Syafiq Abdul Samat, Latif, and newfound fellow artists; Andrialis Abdul Rahman and Firdaus Herrow, I'm glad to share this exhibition with all of you. I hope this exhibition will uplift your spirit and encourage to harness your passion in continue the legacy of our father of Malaysian Digital Art, the late Ismail Zain. I may not know close enough about you guys but I am pleased and proud to be a part of your presence. 

Throwback: Knowledge Development Centre (KDC) 2nd Anniversary with Adobe After Effects TECHTALK at Cyberjaya.

Was given the opportunity to represent Behance once again as the Malaysia ambassador to promote and showcase what Behance is all about to KRU Academy students and AEMY participants. Thanks to the awesome and cool inspiring guru, Hussin Khan for the invitation.

This time I talk about how creative professionals can empower themselves by showcasing their works through portfolio. With Creative Cloud, Adobe users can now synchronize and upload their work directly from or upload their work-in-progress via Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. 

Photos are courtesy of Adobe After Effects Malaysia & MDeC. Thank you for those who attended.

Stay creative, keep on shining and stay awesome.

- Muid Latif