Sunday, January 01, 2012

Progressive Two "Ooh!" Double One

Can't express how contented i've been throughout this year. It starts with so many obstacle and ends with well wishes, support and encouragement from family and friends, i was able to strengthen myself to be much better than i used to be. 2011 had embark another progressive career and life milestone for me, including better position in my financial management.

A lot of unexpected encounters and it has been a privilege to the Lord Al-Mighty had shown and given me the path.

I'm not going to going to explain further in details but if some of you followed my twitter post and facebook updates, i am so blessed to have such an amazing life, after my years of fall and struggles. I only can say one thing, alhamdulillah (grateful).

I'm not going to put any expectation throughout 2012 but what i can promise you that there will be more exciting and refreshing new creative work line up, including my first ever solo exhibition.  

Talking about career milestone during my presentation at TEDxMMU. Photo courtesy of TEDxMMU

Lunch break after I had presented my talk. Photo courtesy of TEDxMMU

Meantime, feel free to visit my photo album of my recent trip to Tanah Aina, Raub, Pahang and Bali, Indonesia

Thank you to everyone, and have a joyful, prosperous new year with more positive energy, affections and smile!