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A Neu Creative 2008: Reinvent & Rebuilt

" Becoming an art director does not require years of art director school, even if one existed. It does however, demand a smattering of many competencies derived from varied educational and work experiences. Certain art directors are better at photography or illustration, while others are more adept with motion or three-dimensional space (3D), but overall, to be a good art director one must know how to delegate - who to call for best work to achieve the final product, which is ultimately the result of C O L L A B O R A T I O N "

- Stever Heller, The Education of Art Director, Allworth Press Publishing.

Interlude: 2008, Expression of A Self-Taught Designer

I exist to build upon and rework on things that inspire me. Most important is to share what I had discovered and collaborate with creative people around me; so I can achieve various final products. I want to restore what is left of our ancestors and what truly unique which most people have neglected and thought our roots was a redundant argument. I know at this moment, at this point, after 28 years, I do achieve something bigger than receiving awards, I don’t need to go to Yale to tell people what a person think, but most important is to let others understand what they can adapt, not by a fixed rationale that can be followed in books. It's also to let both of you and I understand and appreciate the talent that God has given us and channel to various products for either living and other social contributions. This is not only by words, but practically I do execute it and I'm able to understand WITHOUT following what people like rather to create their own style and identity.

When I talk about being a designer, I would not prefer to say that I am a mainstream designer, I want to be different. I want to be called as a '
neo-soul' designer. And that is why today I am known for my identity. Most people tried to deny what I do due to the level of envious (constantly bitchin') because I am capable of scoring each field well, not to sound very swaggering but rather fulfilled, positive and certain of my capability as a human, and this talent, came from Above (Praise God!). Every composition of my designs or artworks is written like music. It's how you arrange the bass, percussion, keyboard, piano, guitar and the melody.

Fascinating Nusantara

For all that I know, and ensure, I want to remain on carrying the oriental elements in my artwork because it's simply beauty and unique that not all Malaysian or any new young artists or designer do. I am very much serious about what I stand for, and I try to go as deep as possible, not only to study on Malay Wood Carving or Batik, but to go back to the history of Majapahit, back in the 14th Century, and the rest of the history of South East Asia. I managed to buy a lot of books covering from arts and history, and due to my several meet-up with Dr. Zubin, I gain more knowledge and interest. That's why I want to visit Angkor Watt in early 2008. Few months back when I was heavily involve on the Interactive Kiosk development for MOSTI Angkasawan Programme, I manage to study about Seaweed. To my surprise, my mind had been broaden even more, and how excited I am to see my organic creation is similar to the studies of seaweed, such as the Chadophora, Dumontia Contorta, Turner and much more.

The debate is very simple, (in Bahasa Melayu): "bila bangsa lain mula bercerita tentang kepakaran mereka menyelidik mengenai asal usul nenek moyang kita, mulalah kita yang Melayu panas satu badan, walhal punca utamanya datang dari kita, kerana kita mengendahkan dan memperkecilkan keindahan budaya kita. Orang luar sibuk terkial-kial menyelidik tentang seni dan budaya kita, bahkan kita teragung-agung dan menjilat budaya orang lain (European whatsoever). Apakah persoalannya bila kita mengikut aliran Bahaus, kita diiktiraf sebagai pereka yang ada kelas? Takkan ke mana jua. Jadi, fikir-fikirkan lah, dan sila beringat-ingat tentang kekayaan budaya kita yang ada, yang terunggul unik". Learn it well. Even a good mentor of mine, Mr. Joshua Davis reminded us how beautiful and rich our culture is.

What is Srivijaya?

Srivijaya, Sriwijaya, Shri Bhoja, Sri Boja or Shri Vijaya (200s-1300s) was an ancient Malay kingdom on the island of Sumatra which influenced much of the Malay Archipelago. Records of its beginning are scarce while estimations range from the 3rd to 5th centuries AD, but the earliest solid proof of its existence dates from the 7th century; a Chinese monk, I-Tsing, wrote that he visited Srivijaya in 671 for 6 months; the Kedukan Bukit Inscription is dated 683.The kingdom ceased to exist between 1200 and 1300 due to various factors, including the expansion of Majapahit.In Sanskrit, sri means "shining" or "radiant" and vijaya means "victory" or "excellence".
Life Updates

Yesterday, I went for dinner at TheCurve after I met my doctor (again, my digestion disorder problem due to heavy stress lately). So, I went to Pet Safari in Ikano later, and to found out that they have 'Sugar Glider' for sale. Now, I have a big obsession on these cute-ys after watching 'Samurai Champloo' which reminds me of the cute Momo in the anime's character and right after seeing them for the first time in a pet shop in Malacca city when I was with Martin Gomez and my friend Roul. I immediately told them I would like to book two of them, because they are so adorable. Seeing them makes me so happy and joyful so I decide to buy them in pairs. Since I didn't have cash with me, I told the supervisor that I will be picking them tomorrow evening. So on 1st of December, right after my first ever, 13 year of high school reunion in Lemon Cafe at Mines Shopping Centre, I went straight to Ikano. I even met my colleagues (of MDeC) at Starbucks and drop by a camera shop to get my 50mm (f1.8) lens for my Canon. Then I went straight to Pet World. And there, both of them sleeping in the food container (orang melayu kata tapuwear kecik).

Meeko and the late, Bambee. Both are two (3) months old, originally to know that they came from Australia and Papa New Guinea. Sugar Glider (Glider Possum) lives up to 10 years (I heard 15 years max) and can grow up to 7-9 inches long (ala, cam besar squirrel). Americans call 'em Flying Squirrel. They eat apple, strawberries and other fruits but they can also eat small insects (but I ain't put any of that in the cage). Last few days, we entertained Meeko at the living room with my aunt and my grandma (Opah). Opah was so happy to see the sugar glider. Meeko is hyperactive at night, even jump on my face when I carried him around! But unfortunate accident, Bambee (female) passed away on the 17th of December. I don't want to discuss further but I felt the lost and now leaving Meeko alone. But I’m getting a new bigger cage and few more (if my budget permits lah..).

View this video (Me & Meeko)

Equipped and Ready to Rock and Roll!

With the new
HP Pavillion desktop PC with 320 GB (truly awesome!), Apple 15.4" Macbook Pro, Sony HDE-SR5E handy cam and few new lens for my Canon SLR, 2008 will be more productive year for me to gain back my creative experiments. I already discussed with few notable photographers like Syahrin Aziz, Kieren Kuek for special collaboration

Officially an Art Collector

On the 7th of December, I went to Norhaslinda Nordin’s art exhibition in Kebun Mimpi, Bangsar with Dr. Zubin. I remember 2 years back, I had my work exhibited together with Linda at Gema Rimba, Bukit Tuanku. I had an eye for Linda’s artwork because her stroke are very sweet and serene. Her composition of work is cool and the colors are just nice (for me) and I believe some of Linda’s artwork are inspired by my guru, Jailani Abu Hassan. Jai taught me a lot in exploring composition and colors. It’s because of his teaching had make me well verse in color composition, using harmonic colors. Linda is actually a very junior of mine from UiTM, and she had climbed very rapid after winning few competitions.

Well, Linda had made me an art collector that night (malas nak title art buyer), because I got so impressed with her work that I even bought two of her artwork. I will buy more artwork of her in the coming future, and I’m looking forward to buy artworks of my favorite, favorite artist, Mohammad Noor Mahmud. By far, he’s the most high profile and identical artist in Malaysia to carry the batik motive in his paintings. (gila sawan tengok artwork Mohd Noor!).

Talk about UiTM juniors, I would like to talk about two UiTM juniors from the Graphic Department. Now, picture above is me with two UiTM students, Hazlynda & Firdaus. They had invited me over for an interview for their project paper, and that project paper was the case study of ‘Muid Latif’. I was truly flattered with both of them, to be able to bare their patience with my busy schedule. Nevertheless, I’m excited to know that few weeks ago both of them emailed me and informed that they had scored A+ for the project, and Hazlynda was nominated for Dean’s list. So congrats to both of them!

Last minute swiping sessions

I couldn't resist myself to get the G1 Transformers Ultra Magnus right in front of my eyes after I bought Nightwatch Optimus Prime three (3) days ago. I went to the shop called Area 51 Toys same level as MacAsia in One Utama. Before that, on my way to the shop, I drop by to Tower Records to check if my girl's CD, Jill Scott: Volume III is re-stock, since it's hard to find one! Even a friend of mine's CD, Imran Ajmain is impossible to find one on the rack. So as I was flippin' on the CD, I found a very very interesting cover art. It look so Indonesian-band because they are more identical, especially indie ones. So I bought the album and soon to find out the illustrator is none other than Darbotz!

Darbotz is a cool friend of mine when I met him back in Jakarta, and also in Singapore at the DesignEdge 2005. He's art direction for Agrikulture is simply blast-fully out of this world. This band's latest album is called 'Dawai Damai' which I encourage you guys to buy, especially those who like funk experimental electronicas. The album is absaf'*%inglutely amazing. It moves you to that weird creative drive that you can wake up at 2 am to do non-stop illustration or artwork. Very hypnofunk!

Today's Interview Session

Q: How serious you want to improve in your photography?
A: I want to do more editing. More hard-work, more tone-mapping, more HDR, more paranomic shots, more lightings, more space, more layers, and more equipments especially lenses.

Q: who are your most inspiration in photography?
Danielle Levitt and Dave Hill, nuff said! ;)

Q: what about art & design communication? who are the ones who inspired you from day one?
The late Ismail Zain, Mohd Noor, Tan Jin Ho, Yazid (Zid), Aadi Salman, Shieko, Thalia & Ari, Joshua Davis, Drew Europheo, Yugop, John Leigh (Karborn), Mike Young & Marcus Erricson (Subdisc).

Q: Muid, what is Your Aim in 2008?
A: To be able to develop an interactive website with my oriental style. I'm currently short-listing potential clients and hope I can brink 'da funk' in 'traditional' design back in the 21st Century through new media revolution.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whenever You're Around

Whenever You're Around

I'll let you choose the colors in the sky,
So we both can create rainbows of affection,
I promise to lead you the way to my heart,
So I won't be in a solitude space.

I saw a spark of territory tend to divide us,
but when I close my eyes,
I see nothing can come between us,
because your strong will and adoration conquers me.

I heart for a cure to heal me,
from such painful damaged years,
Somehow slowly recovering,
To seek a hope that will set me free..


Friday, November 09, 2007

New Work: Orcanius, New Jpod Baby born!

I promise Alvaro that I will be publishing my new work on my blog so here goes.

I am very happy and joyful to hear the news from Orcagirl about the new Jpod Baby born. Thanks to Orcagirl for the linkup. Truly honored and flattered. Congratulations! Check out her blog here.

The raw sketch had been made when I was at the Photoshopworld Asia 2007 together with Yahoo! Flickr Malaysia group on November the 6th, and this artwork is actually dedicated to my dear friend who's an environmentalist who is now in Mexico looking after the adorable killer whale name Orca.

I decided to use very minimal duo tone colors. I will be producing more of this soon, after my visit to Niah Caves in Miri, Borneo this weekend.

above is the brief artwork process like what I did for Merdeka series.

A Happy Deepavali

To all my Indian friend who's celebrating Deepavali, wishing you guys a great holiday and may the lights colors your life with love, prosperity and happiness to you and your loved ones.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Malaysia: Jobless Malaysians?

Written by Muid Latif, edited by Aniqah Husda

It's pretty sad that albeit the 4,000 thousand graduates
with great untapped talents that were produced annually have not been able to fulfill the relatively few job vacancies from local creative and advertising field. It is with great insult that the nation's best 3D animators, compositors and GUI designers are recruited by international companies abroad such Codemaster, not that it is an insult to the employee or employer per se, but since we have an embedded stigma that the foreign (i.e anything that spells white) is better, we forgo our local talents and lose them out to the big guns overseas.

Same goes with most other professions anyway, but the field of creative multimedia and advertising is uniquely localized and hiring foreigners who have no clue of our circumstantial differences does not really help the country go forward. Hindsight, we are still too far behind and if not well-planned outright, our future talents would just be "born in Malaysia - made elsewhere in the world."

Are the policy makers in this country aware of the following facts?

Did you know
that China is extensively recruiting good designers from Malaysia and now most of them 'migrated' to Shanghai & Beijing to work in a better job opportunities with better payment.

Did you know when I wanted to approach the graduates from local colleges such as The One Academy, all the top students had been booked by other agencies from Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong?

Did you know that to apply for a job in Malaysia is like applying to become a model in a modeling agencies? Local companies are getting more superficial and requires candidates to have looks more important than a portfolio. (I'm talking from experience!).

Did u know that a lot of Art Directors & Creative Directors in local advertising / interactive agencies are 'managed' by expats? It's not bad, but does this prove we have no standards and quality AT ALL to achieve such position? or

Are we that prejudice over our own talents that we bank our trust on the future of the creative and advertising field in the hands of short-term/contract workforce whose loyalty to Malaysian brands are questionable?

Of recent, I was offered a vacancy by few parties (some very famous and popular international brand firms) in China due to my reliable merits, strong work credentials and sound portfolio (hope I don't sound too boastful or condescending but I am fully confident of my work). However, I've decided to remain in Malaysia backed by strong faith that there is hope still for the expansion of local talents. Having said that, my fire is fading fast and I've contemplated moving to greener pastures if things doesn't work out here and the local employees/agencies are still in their post-colonial mentality.

An existing scenario prevails; if all the good designers had received offers to work abroad (Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Canada, etc) that leaves us the mediocre designers struggling for survival and left misguided with the notion they are never good enough in their alma mater.

One last note; I've discovered some good designers (previously evaluated and ranked by qualified professionals back in university) working as Direct Selling Agents, Bank Officers and Sales Assistant in Carrefour, Giant, McDonalds, Starbucks, and the list goes on. People still need to eat yeah? And that Art School Degree is left wasted.

Does anyone really care?

Work Updates: LAMU Project

I would like to thank Wing, Saubin, and the rest of the LAMU committee members including our sponsors and KTM to give us the opportunity to realize the vision of the project that I'm involved with, Let Art Moves You (L.A.M.U) is also on the way, with my newest artwork. It was a great launch. Finally, some exposure! ;)

More photos can be found in my Flickr page here.

Four (4) of my artwork installed in train no. 39 is just mesmerizing. This exhibition also runs until 4th of November 2007 among other artists such as my friend Shieko, Orkibal, Donna and others.

My artwork also mentioned in TheStar Metro Saturday and New Straits Time Sunday. Article 1 via NST Sunday, Article 2 via NST Sunday People, KakiSeni & TheStar Metro.

Personal experimental:

New digital artwork by Muid Latif in collaboration with notable Malaysian photographer, Johan Sopiee. Congrats Johan on his special occasion last week! ;)


A Solitude Mutiny
Thank you to KLFlickr group for making this photo as winner of 10th weekly theme competition.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Eid Mubarak / Eid Ul Fitr

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a blessed Eid Mubarak. Thanks for all your support and looking forward to see you guys in my (*ehhemm*) open house second week of Raya (by invitation only, special privilege to my fellow KLlickr).

Family portrait (Gambar raya) with my brother in law's parents.
This is eventually my first day of Raya.

To Kamal, Ezat, Hasnul's (G&K), I couldn't spend my Raya happily if it wasn't for you guys! Thanks and much hugs. And guys, thank you for sending those beautiful sms'es and greetings cards (Wan Peng, unexpected, and really appreciate it). I have not been getting those in years. Note to Teong Hin, Adibah Noor, Kevin Zahri, abang Mahathir Lokman, Steve Bristow and many more, thanks for your kind greetings!

Have a nice festive holiday!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mubarak: 'Are we seeing but not looking?'

During Ramadan, Muslims are also expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam as well as refraining from lying, stealing, anger, envy, greed, lust, sarcastic retorts, backbiting, and gossip.
- wikipedia.
I'm certainly sure that Ramadan is a month not only to fast on food, but also to do more good-doings in our lives, 'behave' ourselves from our almost daily routine, including not to 'poke' any parts of our body (if you know what I mean) and not to curse. As for me, it's definitely a challenge especially when it comes to driving on the road. I can be a humble, patient driver but once a slow-ass driver tried to irritate me, then I would have a little 'concern'. Well, I actually do get used to it now and then, especially when I listen to Astrud Gilberto or Erykah Badu while driving. But despite all that, commuting from my place to my work in Cyberjaya definitely drained me out, seriously. I felt bad for not be able to have energy like I used to do back in the days, where I go for tarawih (muslim prayers each nite for Ramadan) and have more time then ever. I guess it may be the process of age or my digestion disorder syndrome that I'm still having. Maybe someway it had effected my health condition.

My current Facebook room. Send some items to my room. My new facebook friends also includes Hillman Curtis, Niko Stumpo, Andi Rianto (Indonesian talented producer, Jeff Ooi and much more. Come join us!

Well, normally after my iftar (and supper), I will be online checking my emails and my recent addiction to Facebook (FB) due to it's amazing architecture information (a.i) and it's usability. I do watch TV (National Geographic, Animal Planet) or chat with my sister or my parents. I can't sleep, especially if I had meal, at least not in 1 hour.

Work Updates

Creative Commons Malaysia

I had recently been active (online) in two groups for Creative Commons Malaysia. One is the flickr MyCC group and CCM on Facebook (FB). By the way, I heard Microsoft is trying to buy the famous social networking, Facebook.I hope FB won't be having so many restrictions, bugs and so many patches updates later if Microsoft to buy facebook. I remember, when Hotmail was bought by Microsoft, I receive more spams.

Back to CC, I'm planning to have a Creative Commons Day in November, since too much things to prepare. The merchandising might took a while, while I have to carefully select good people to join my talk / workshop. I will soon give a talk and demonstrate on how to get creative with Creative Commons. Info will be posted in this blog soon.

As a (young) photographer.

I've been exposed to photography over 3 years but this year is in fact the most serious time I got involved. I believe photography is another great escapism and challenge. I work with great people for the industry and they had taught me a lot. I remember working with few professional photographers like Jeffrey Tan, Ted Adnan and other photographer from advertising agency for some shots in their works and others. In the past few months, I have the opportunity to attend some workshop and talks that was given by Zainal Halim (Reuters) and manage to watch together with my friends from the Flickr Malaysia group of an amazing documentary of James Nachtwey, War Photographer.

Another paid talent work after experimental shot for Landrover Malaysia, this is my third work as a talent. To those who told how ugly I was back in my college years, this is the ugly boy you see in some products and ads.

Last two weeks, we (me, Salmi & Abby) had a slumber party at our place (despite me being the only guy, doesn't make me an alien), besides having late night snacks on our iftar, I took the opportunity to explore lights with my photography (knowledge). I'm pretty excited to get myself serious in this. Edri had also offer me to sell some of her lens and hopefully to get 3 hot items by this year.

This is my sister Abby, yesterday was her 25th birthday (25th Sept) and I'm celebrating her birthday together with our friends at Atilia's gig in (Raja) Chulan square, this Saturday. Feel free to join or drop by Abby's blog. Happy birthday girl! I hope in this year had taught you the meaning of life and career survival. Keep up the good work and always trust your talent and gift that you have.

L.A.M.U, Let Arts Move You

I believe this time it would be official that I will be joining the LAMU project with KTM Malaysia where me, Shieko and the rest of the artist will have the opportunity to showcase our artworks in KTM Commuter trains and even the KL Sentral KTM Commuter stations. I believe this is a great opportunity for me to get back and connect with my art skills, which I had abandon since Merdeka this year.

Feel free to visit LAMU @ DMP here.

Life Updates: If I hold a hand again, it will not be me, it will be free.

I am not invisible, because others let me see what’s in their heart,
I am not fragile, because I can be strong to stand on my feet,
I am not evil, because I help people in anyway I can so I learn my mistakes,
I am not humble, because some times I need to brag to build my confidence,
I am not a saint, but a sinner to my unperfected existence,
I am not a free, but I let others free by doing the right thing,
I am not safe, because my life will be in the hands of the Al-Mighty,
I am not solitude, because I have people who love me.

Getting myself back stabbed has been a natural story, but not to the recent 3-4 months ago.
Adding to that, even 'another person' have dark deadly revenge on me and try to find a way to threaten my friends and family, there are also few individuals (hint: ex-employer) who's bound to take me down due to his impulsive decision. If he was kind, respectful and humble, he would have been a good friend, and a lot of great opportunity would roll in his way. Out of all people, they are people who I had been close to, and they are the people that I had help to build their motivation and support their career or company. It’s the time I’ve been pushed away and they thought I was weak. The case I’m in now is very clear and I will know one thing I am certainly sure of what to do and what solution I can think off. I will rise from my fall, I will stand up and work even harder and make new friends who see my potential and support my battle for survival. I will keep moving on and I will never look back.

To the recent art scene ‘fanatics’ who had been questioning my seldom appearance in exhibitions and events, I’m not dead. I’ve been in full creative practice to ensure I will go further, upgrading my skill sets to keep up with others, and the trends. Like everyone else, I have a lot of commitment and I choose to concentrate on most priority in my career and family.

Notification: You got a friend! One (1) Unread Message

Photos by the talented Eka.

From left (counter-clockwise): Muid, Johan, Edri, Ena, Mizie, JingYing, Victor, Wira, Grom Airess, Magnus (Azami), Prakash, Abby & Eka.

This is not the kind of buddies that you like to meet once in blue moon that says hello and bye-bye. I had made a very strong relationship with a bunch of low-profile, humble and friendly people from Flickr group, they kept me warm and let me be myself, without putting a barrier or walls between them. They are my new family and they had help push my small limit and talent in photographer one step further. I thank to all my KL Flickr members for accepting me, rather than pushing me away. I love you guys very much and thanks for accepting me.

Catching with old friends

My new 'family'.

Last weekend on the 27th September, I managed to take my friend out for a hang out in Bangkok Jazz; Nadiah Aziz in conjunction of Abby's belated birthday in Atilia's show. It was awesome! Anyway, Nadiah has been my best friend way back when I studied in UiTM. It was the era of knowing Modestos (no pun intend), working on art projects at late nights while listening to Beatsie Boys & Prodigy, and what not. Nadiah was the only friend I am close to talk about anything. It's like whatever I had in my closet, she knows ;). We plan on meeting regularly soon.

About three days ago, I also received a message from my dear friend Noni from Penang about our upcoming reunion this December. I’m pretty excited about this because I like to meet my old friends and have a good time together. However, there are some friends from our past who always refuse to join. He likes to put a great barrier in any relationship or friendship, and that is Zamri Azizan. He questions why we need to have reunion each year. It’s not right at all. There’s no such rule on when a reunion should be made. From my observation on last year’s reunion, I’m so happy to see all of us stay together, chit-chatting, wrapping up gifts, preparing dinner and sit down together to have a nice barbecue. I guess some people don’t want to keep friendship and mutual relationship. And it’s pathetic to live alone full of negative surroundings and without people who really care and loves you.


Last but not lease, my deepest condolence and prayer goes out to our beloved Nurin, who had been brutally abused and murdered. Visit the late Nurin's Uncle's blog here. Visit Screenshot and let's us all pray that kids can still go out at the playground.

Have a great fasting month, and great week guys!

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Buzzing Bee

Have I been away from the art & design world? Apparently not. With the duration of two months, besides preparing myself to collaborate with Shieko for LAMU / KTM project (Credits to Roopes & Mr. Wing!), I had came up with few artworks, to be precise, my Merdeka Art Series for the Merdeka 50 years Anniversary. This series will also combined with my other oriental art series for my upcoming solo exhibition by end of 2007. I had already talk to Izu from Galleriiizu and agreed on making a solo exhibition, this time I would like to travel throughout Malaysia and South East Asia promoting my oriental art series.

My study case of my artwork. As you can see, the floral decorative with Batik influence was applied for my artwork to create more organic freedom. The one-piece raw illustration was repeated to create a balance. Choosing the right color is the most important factor and it surely need a lot of time.

Final Artwork.
The 3 main color (red, yellow and blue) are mixed together. All the four (4) colors represent Jalur Gemilang, the Malaysia National Flag. Instead of the typical stripes of red and white, I intend to put more depth and vibe to create a harmonious mood. It works well and I like the outcome. Using Adobe Illustrator surely ease my artwork to be printed on canvas, in any size desired. This final artwork will be printed A0 size, and the cost to print this is very expensive ;)

Photography Galore

I managed to '
bertapa' (meditate) in the duration of two (2) months to polish my photography skills with my fellow Flickr group members (among them is the talented Syahrin Aziz, Awi (Shafina's cousin), Eka Putra, Johan, Matt Marzuki, Nik 'Waa', Iskandar, Ted Adnan, Danny Lim and other great photographers).

Ms. Dina

This month and last month, I had also manage to get interviewed by two party, one is a good friend and a strong fan of Digital Malaya Project, Syed from Sireh & Cengkeh and one more, surprisingly from ABC Network, Australia for a TV program called 'NOISE', which features artists and designers from all over the world and have few minutes to talk about their artworks and creation. Anyway, a big thanks to Desmond, the director for Saladin: The Making, of Saladin team for featuring me (few seconds je) along the rest of the talented Saladin team in The Making of Saladin in Astro Ria, dated 31st of August 2007, 2.30 pm. (feel free to drop by Desmond's Jalan Petaling Online Shopping Portal). Just two days ago, I found out a dear friend of mine, Atilia, mentioned that she also had voice Anisa, one of the characters in Saladin 3D animated series.

With Emily & Derrek from NOISE.

Find out more on my interview with Syed, here. You can also visit NOISE website for more info. Videos will be uploaded soon in YouTube by Jay Lim.

Being Addictive

It's been over two month most of us from the industry had been '
attacked' by the new age of Friendster / Myspace for grown ups and professionals, With over 30 million users and still growing, I can't take my sight of this cool personalized networking community portal which rocks big time! with web version 2.0 compliant. With facebook, I got the chance to hook up with industrial professionals and it's been such a privillage to be able to communicate with people like Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir, Datin Tiara Jacquelina, my friends like Atilia, Teong Hin, long lost buddies and many more. I know some function can be so irritating, like the group / 3rd party plugin invites. Nevertheless, it's so addictive!

I had also created the Creative Commons Malaysia Flickr Group (MyCC). This is one of my possible move to reach out more Malaysians and others to support this campaign as much as possible. It's good to see a lot of people starting to support CCM group. Feel free to visit our group here.

My sister Aniq, Abby & me.

Last Saturday, I had my good night enjoying Atilia live show at Wine Room, Kuala Lumpur. It's good to see people who have similar music interest enjoy the show. This is probably a great escape from sitting in my room reading novels and comics, or watching anime, over and over again. We went to the Indian restaurant nearby and my sister and her husband join us. A rare moment to see all of us together. It reminds me of the 'way back when' days with me and my sister's friends in those groovy nights.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Muid in Polaroid!

Muid in Polaroid!
Originally uploaded by moedlativ
Went to Yahoo! Flickr 24-Hours Party in Maison, Kuala Lumpur. It was the far most greatest thing that happen to me. Besides good range of light refreshment and great liquor, I met new friends, I developed a new passion for photography. A great way to release a creative tension.

Check out the rest of my set here and visit Flickr Malaysia group here.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Times Presents:

What a day! Another creative journey

More photos at my flickr here.

To find yourself having a nice Chamomile Lemon Tea with nice Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle with your friend during the afternoon on a weekday is something to remember. Here, I am in a modern and ever soothing relaxing jazzy environment cafĂ© here in Senai Airport called ‘Lavender’ is just one of the calmest moments I have. Forget about Coffee Bean or Starbucks, as I would uplift you with this lovely place. Of course, that is if you ever want to plan a trip to Johor.

Yesterday, I had a chance, once again to share my experiences and creative inputs on my talk together with my colleague, Junning and also Hasnul Nadzrin (from MDeC / Saladin) in conjunction of the Johor’s Week of Science Technology and Information in Persada Johor. We arrived at the Senai Airport and went straight to Persada Johor without checking into the Puteri Pacific Hotel and went to give our talks in just seconds.

Out of all the talk I had presented, this is the first slow start for me as I had to cover a topics which is hard to explain in words, because you need to show some graphs and slides, especially in telling the audience about the creative content initiative and it's industry. (Mental block!). I normally do spontaneous and selamba (however pre-arranged). I like to do more humour in my talk so people will alert and keep up with me. My session, is actually on the topic 'Generating Ideas & Creativity through Interactivity'. Gladly, I told the organizers to shift my talk that was supposed to be on the evening slot to the morning one. It was a relief. The crowd was very good and they are quite responsive. The talk, is a part of the program invited MDeC’s creative representatives and joining with us is the familiar lectures from UTM, Mr. Shahrizal of the Games & Multimedia Development and also the most coolest professor I met, Prof. Saruddin Kari. My God, if I am his student, I’d be a glad one!

More photos at my flickr here.

At evening, I and Junning went to the gym to so-called ‘hypern’ ourselves and later we went to Danga Bay together with Ezat. We went for food survey and was attracted with a nice sambal smell and went to that restaurant. Well, smell can also be deceiving, we had the unfortunate dinner ever by having the same ‘template’ of sambal for ‘kerang rebus’ that cost RM15 and a stray fish that cost RM35 bucks. To satisfy with our unfortunate treat, we were companied by two pakcik who ‘melalak’ and sang some ‘dangdut-tekno’ song, at a karaoke stage. I swear we would just swallow the whole plate of the stray fish.

To fix our emotionally distress over our bad dinner, we went to the funfair! Wait, near the funfair. We walk around the shop lots and saw this gerai (shop) where they rent out trishaw for a ride. So we decided to take one. It was a sweaty blast of cycle around the block before we head back to the hotel.

More photos at my flickr here.

Once we're back in the hotel, I went to the room and crash on the bed. But I couldn't get myself to sleep so I went down to have a cigi and walk few blocks from the hotel. I went pass the temple around the corner and surprised to see few hookers 'hangin out' on the streets opposite the temple. Man, these people surely don't have respect for their religion to do 'business' in front of their god. Anyway, I went up to the bus station and when I was about to head back to the hotel, a bike stop me in the middle of the road. I was terrified as a guy was looking fierily at me. That time, just imagine, there's nothing with me except my hotel card and my mobile phone. Then this guy look at me and ask, 'Engkau tak kenal aku ke?'. Then he open up his helmet and do that hair-bouncing prince charming from The Shrek, acah je!, then he open up his helmet and smiled. I got shocked plus excited and shout Cikoi! His name is actually Iwan. He was a long time buddy of mine back in Kem Terendak, 1995. He was one of those in high school who protect geek like me at that time from kena bully. I never expect to see him there, especially at that time. So we had a chat for few minutes and told me to drop by his mum's shop in Kotaraya Mall, few walks from the hotel. Then I went back to the hotel and he went off.

Next morning, I went to see his (Cikoi's) mum. We (family) call her 'mek'. (Those who don't know, Mek is a name that Kelantanese used to called for their daughter). Aunty Mek is actually our babysitter for Hafiz and Afiqah back in Malacca. Aunty Mek invite me to meet up with her husband just around the corner, so we go off to the restaurant (warung) at the roadside just opposite Persada Johor.

You know, it's good to see them, the whole family again. Actually meeting them make me learn more about life and felt blessed for what I have now. They had been struggle and work so hard to make a living by selling snacks from crackers and chips to cookies and local-made bahulu (a type of cake). I couldn't imagine myself more when aunt Mek would hug me from her side and hold my hand all the way to the 'warung'. It was sweet indeed. She really make me felt like her son. I was very touched. (Not in Anna Nicole Smith kinda way okay). I like to see people like them. They inspired me and make me felt so grateful. It's so different to compare them to some anak dato who only whine about their parents not giving enough money to buy luxurious things in life or complain about not getting a hot chic by their side.

More photos at my flickr here.

Before we take a cab to the airport, we went to have some light photography around the hotel. Then we took off.

Reality Again

Now that I'm back in the office, I had a very semi-bad muscle pain due to 2 days workout at the gym in the hotel. Now, happy times over, I got many things on my plate now.

Just to tell you guys that I will be spending my time with a very good friend of mine from Philippines this weekend. His name is Martin Gomez, a talented programmer and a well known person in the ICT / Creative Industry in Manila. I believe he now with MIT of Philippines and he's here until end of the month, and I just hope to bring him around as much as possible. He is the guy who made me famous in Philippines by having me to be one of the final judges for the Philippines Web Awards few years back. Anyway,
I also would like to (hopefully) check out Perez's gig collaboration with Indonesia's Goodnight Electric at Laundry, this Saturday. I love that band (been hearin' it from 'Janji Joni' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Last week, I went to see Atilia, one of noted jazz singer together with Abby at Alexis. I think I had a blastful weekend. It was all good.

Artwork Updates:

This is my artwork for Merdeka / Independence Day 50th Anniversary. Final work will be available at my website soon. I will talk about this artwork, color template and the creative process soon. Insya'Allah.

Listening to Common, Dwele, Mos Def, DeLaSoul, Tribe Called Quest, Raphael Saadiq, Nas, Q-Tip, Atilia, Harvey Malaiholo, Park Drive and Madlib.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers Mania

My dream came true (yeah baby!).Though Michael Bay didn’t bring the best of transformers for their die-hard-fan (macam saya), but it’s worth watching. I mean, come on, can’t expect every freakin’ transformers to be in the movie right? But I bet there’s Transformers 2, and hopefully ada Omega Supreme or Fortress Maximus atau Metroplex. Cool eh? Although the game for PSP was f****ng boring, I still watch it few times in the cinema. (Hopefully to be on IMAX). I’m sure by now, all transformers collectors are increasing their current collector price to $$$$ (4 digits) Ringgit Malaysia.

Here’s my recent transformers collection

Yang Baik (Autobots), mostly Takara version.

Yang Jahat (Decepticons). R.I.P. to my Insecticons, Starscream G1 & Demolisher. Sedey.. Ni semua gara orang gaji yg tak tahu menahu pasal kepentingan toys aku. Boleh tak dia buang time kitaorang pindah from Kem Sg. Besi to Selayang. Aku redha...

To calculate the total of my transformers collection, I spend more than RM4,971 since 2002 excluding DVD collection and other merchandise. Gosh, I can get a new MacBook with that figure. Tapi sayang pulak nak jual all my stuff kat eBay. Let me keep this as my only permanent hobby. (Tapi tak leh lawan my boss, giler satu rumah penuh koleksi from A-Z). Kalah Afdlin Shauki). More of my Transformers Collection @ My Flickr. Talk about hobby, my new hobby is playing PSP! yeay! (Gosh, macam budak2... umur dah nak dekat masuk 30 tahun).

TF Wishlist (jer!, bukan confirm beli):
  1. Optimus Prime Electronic Mask (Macam not necessary)
  2. Bumblebee (TF Movie version)
  3. Optimus Prime (TF Movie version)
  4. Ultra Magnus Masterpiece
  5. Starscream Energon
And I know all of these stuff I can get at only oooonne (1) place, that closes at 3 o’clock in the morning, right here in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. But having said that, I will be spending my money buying a very freaking cool WACOM tablet for improving and increasing my illustration skills using Photoshop CS. Better right?

_Work Updates:


And my sketch of a robot tengah membaca. Very cute one.

I have to do it since everyone in the office starts to illustrate their own version of transformers including Junning, Iman & Eisu.. Duh!

'Dambaan Jiwaku', My first LP CD, Edited by Kromosom / Keribang

Talk: ‘Generating Creativity Through Interactivity
I will be flying to Johor Bahru to give a talk on ‘Generating Creativity Through Interactivity’ together with my big man, ‘Kanye West’ & Ke’Kamal’lan under MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Content Initiative (CMCI) program on the 24-25th of July.

2nd’Exhibition: 7 July 2007 (7/7/7)
Digital Malaya will be showcasing it’s demoreel and my second public art performance at Central Market for the grand opening of 7/7 Malaysia First Digital Art Gallery. I will be rework on ‘Body Movement’ performance with a wyyeeeetle bit of contemporary dance for the gimmick launch. Nak tengok muid buat aksi lipat roti canai dan teknik sakit urat badan, teknik tangkap biawak, mari sama-sama ke Central Market Art Zone this 7th of July, 7pm!

I still miss my Perodua Kancil. I will never forget you!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

First in 2007: Creative Exposure

Giving a talk each year has been a must for me. But this year, it started slowly. Due to heavy commitment of work, I make more time to increase my understanding and observation towards what we call the Creative Multimedia Industry, by coordinating and supporting a lot of launches and events throughout the year.

This year, I admit, I put my pencil down and do more typing. There wouldn’t be more of those 170 layers of Adobe Photoshop that I normally do over weekly basis. But recently, it’s about time. I don’t want to waste half of the year not doing anything in the digital art scene.

British Council invited me to present our group, Digital Malaya Project (DMP) collective for the Love & Money Design Dayz event, called 'Pecha Kucha Night'. The whole session from 8.30 pm - 10 pm was a blast aligned with great speakers from Juan, Chun Woei, even Sharon Chin, Jerome, Michael (Gilamon), Morag Myerscough, Matt Armitage, Aiko (FuriFuri) and others.

The rest of the pictures can be found in my flickr page.

For the first time this year, Abby, my sister had showcased her photography works together with Riz Ainuddin, and the key people of DMP, Perez & Shieko that night. It was a good crowd. I'm also glad to meet my friends from Bigbrosworkshop (Juan), Chun (UrbanCr3atures), Jay Lim & Vivian Toh, Simon (VectorBross), Tintoy, Gilamon (Lefty, Michael), Radio & Driva, Weng Keong (Arachnid), Salmi & her friends, Shafina and her cousin and the rest. Everyone had been very supportive and looking at them, they do care about education and creative awareness.

For more info about Design Dayz: Pecha Kucha, click here.

I have two upcoming art exhibition, and one upcoming talk in Johor Bahru called 'Menjana Kreatifiti Melalui Interaktif: Proses Animasi' will be held next month. I will keep you posted.
Web Design by Content
that features my work are now available at

I had a good hangout session with DMP Collective (Abby, Shieko & Perez), Elyna Shukri, along with Ibah, Eka, Tini, Zatyl and 84Cube (Najib, Acit, and that guy) at Pelita, near KLCC.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank British Council Malaysia, especially to Patriana & Sunita for having us on the show, and thanks to all of my friends who came to the event yesterday to support our group. It was pleasure to see all of you guys. We have a lot of fun!

Like Paul Arden said; “Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate the negative.”

New Work: 'Cacausia'

New artwork that I created last three days back in the office.

We can't own them, but treasure them for the beauty of God's creation. Inspired by Cockatoo, our local call 'em Kakak Tua, I present to you my latest artwork, ‘Cacausia’ . This is a part of the continuous series from 'Obourius', in conjunction of ‘Extinction of the Wild Life’ series.

'Caca' taken from the word 'Cacatuidae'. Cockatoo belongs to 21 bird species in the family Cacatuidae. 'Usia', means Age in Malay language. In Malay language, we called Parrot, ‘Kakak Tua’, meaning ‘Old Sister’ (or whichever you prefer :P).

I would like to bring the warm colours to make it more emerging. Previously, my artwork ‘Obourius’ had been very ‘de-saturated’ where I set the color palette slightly pale. With ‘Cacausia’, this version will create more vitality and oriental.

Sony PSP Fever
This is not an ordinary gadget. I was way behind getting myself updated with handy tools lately (orang kata ketinggalan zaman) after givin' away my iPAQ to Abby for her birthday. I remember when I was somewhere in The Curve a couple of months ago, I saw few kids playing PSP. I thought it was cool for such a small age to have such privilege to own a PSP. I said to myself, once in awhile, I do need these kind of escapism, after all, you need to focus on some other things, before you turn old.

Last two weeks, I was thinking of buying iPod video but it turns out PSP was the right and perfect choice. For RM690 (Basic kit) + 4GB of Memory Stick Pro - RM170, (together cost RM860). Adding a UMD game, 'Open Season' - RM140. Now, TOTAL cost = RM1000, this amazing gadget gives you 5 power function;

i) Playing amazing 3D games (UMD), Well, original UMD games costs RM80-170.
ii) Downloading and viewing photos, (good for portfolio review for interviews & clients)
iii) Videos (Elyana told me most of the directors uses PSP to showcase their film on PSP)
iv) Music playback and download (depends on your card. In my case, i have 2 GB of MP3s!, 1GB of videos)
v) Internet (Yes, check email here, Adobe Flash enabled, Portable TV, RSS, wi-fi surfing baby!)

Now, my iPod Nano merajuk. I think I lost it somewhere in my room, or in the office, or forever gone! Anyway, with PSP, I have saved a lot of money comparing to iPod Video. You get five (5) major function (giving you the resolution of 480x272) of PSP for RM1,000 while for iPod Video, they offer few functions and small resolution (320x280), without cool games and Internet surfing for RM1,099! The price different is RM99, but think of the big features that PSP offers. Plus, with MemoryStick, you can even store your documents and files (like a thumbdrive) whenever you are connected to your USB cable and a computer / laptop. Of course PSP doesn't offer playlist for MP3 playback and bigger size compared to iPod, but they also have art album cover and great quality of sound. The battery last longer than iPod, plus I don't need to find weird USB cable to connect to my psp, as I can borrow anyone's USB cable (camera, external hardrive, etc).

I also purchase Tekken Dark Resurrection (probably the best!) and the worst game ever, which is the new Transformers: The Game. Oke la, maybe the game trailer looks fantastic, but the game NOT! Well, since I'm a big fan of Transformers (Collector of G1, Masterforce and Cybertron), I would say it's a good collectible items, but not meant to be played. The game sucks! Not worth any of my penny.

To add more suprise, in my office, there are 7 people who owned PSP including two of my great bosses! Hasnul helped me to get the best deal of PSP in Gamers Hideout, Cineleisure, Damansara. Although they have limited PSP games on their rack, but their customer service support was good. At first, I bought UMD game called 'WTF' (Work Time Fun, yeah right!). I played this game (WTF) for one day and later I was not even satisfied (for RM80, giler rugi oke). I trade it with 'Open Season' UMD a week later at Games Hideout. Those guys are great!

With this PSP, I get to spend more time especially Ramadan is coming soon. I have my al-Quran PSP installed in my memory stick, thanks to Ikhwan Nazri from Flavert and his friends for developing a holy application for this. Good job!

Next year, there's iPhone arriving in Malaysia right? Let's just see.

Btw, Angel, a visitor from my blog informed me that she got to know my blog from a local TV station. Thanks for informing me. Now, I have to find out how my blog got on the show :) If you guys have any news about it, do let me know.