Friday, February 26, 2010

As I Look Into Your Eyes: The Sweetest Day

Interlude: There Is Love

Rumi draw our hearts with

"Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.
The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.
Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,
The heart that is not in love will fail the test."

The first post (considered!) will talk about affection. Kasih sayang, as I mention in my twitter give an ultimate connection from heart to soul. It deepens with tender and beyond emotions. It's a bond.

How I felt:

When the sweet glance of my true love caught my eyes, Like alchemy, it transformed my copper-like soul. I searched for Him with a thousand hands, He stretched out His arms and clutched my feet
- Rumi

People: Wonderful Friends

I gave love to people, and like others who knows me personally, I share love to people equally thus I created many bonds with people. I believe in spiritual love, a love that was not force to be apply in form of substance and discriminative. It's about giving and sharing love despite gender and age. When you are able to give love, others will love you more. It creates a better communication and alliance. It's not just about being friendly anymore, it's about self-aware and constant appreciation for the people and environment that had been contributed for a better motivation in one person, in this story, for me.

Life, as it is, has been great. It's blessed to be imperfect. Being a perfectionist makes you anal, ignorant, arrogant and self-centered because I was once that very person, it made me become sophisticated which does not welcome warm in person that surrounded me but more of getting hypocrisy from them. But the more imperfect you become, the more humble and 'rendah hati' you will be, and it helps you a lot to shape yourself better.

Sometimes, it's good to make fool out of yourself, become a clown, loose control, let temper loose you and get respond from people. When they give you advices, bark at you, you then able to spot your weakness, and you will become conscious more than you could possibly imagine.

31 Years of Life

Recently I celebrated my birthday. A week before I was down, God what a show I had pulled. It seems everyone start to talk about it, how I break loose. But God is Al Mighty, The Wise. When we ask for signs in our prayers, it will eventually show. It's the great power from the Above. Alhamdulillah.

31 is just a number, but what matters is how I decide to change my pattern of behavior, my ethics and to give more contribution in anyway. I hope this year I can explore more positive side of me, do more good deeds, help people a lot, experience more mount climbing and nature walks, spend more time with family rather to anti-social. Time is precious and I like to use it as much as I can.

I would like to thank everyone who showed up at my very-unexpected-birthday-dinner. I already told them that I don't want them to pull any surprises. I guess their love and friendship overtake my solitary-attitude of spending all by myself. LOL

Who turned up for the birthday dinner: Abby, Syiqin, Melissa, Radzi Aziz, YD Leong, Prakash, Eliza, Adi, Farah and Iskandar Ibrahim.

And my big thanks to those who make their time to send wishes via sms, calls, facebook & twitter:

(According to time/post) Aniqah (Kak Yong, my eldest sister), Family members: Afiqah, who SMS me, sweet!), Amin, who practically waited til 12am to send sms greetings, very sweet of you!, Dilip, my new BFF (LOL), Toñi Yáñez (thanks for your constant love), Sandra Pijlman (thanks!), Azri (Ku_E), Fynaz & Gjie, Simon So, Suzanne Loh, Cicilia (Jogja), Dina Zaman (bless u, thanks!), Magnus Bob (thanks Magnus x0x0x), Vic Fuad, Arafath Ibrahim, Anwar (Congrats on your promotion bro. God bless u for a better life!), Vivian Toh!, Kharis (TSB), Amirul (Astro), Faheem! (besame mucho amigo!), Asha Harker, Judge, Rafai Rahman, Suzie B (thanks Sis), Navin (Suzie's friend), Angelia Ong, Ahmad Suhaimi, Mizie, Sofiyah (Malayrish), Nik Azwaa, Nurul Nadia LSD (love u too babe), Andy Widodo, Maria Chantelle Tucker (Orcagirl, thank you so very much. God bless), Saiful Nizam (Perintis), CLICK! Magazine Hornyih & Mr Ho, Nagendran (Nagen!), Fz Kamaruddin, Haryany Mohamad (Noni), Lyanna Johan, Sarini 'Mystique Maya' (thanks sweety, God bless u too)! & 2H (Hasnul Hadi & Hasnul Nadzrin), Ray Shanker (thanks for Lion King's videoclip), Ahmad Tarmizi (thanks for your wonderful sms), Afai, Pate Othman, Haslina Ghazali, Faiz Akhbar, Zetty J. Zetty, Viking Karwur, Iesta Johnny Tiptra (thanks man!), Mel, Elly Kamal (hugs back), Arez Ezman (tak jumpa fruit slushee!), Si Juan, Donna Dee, Salmi Omar, Faiz Firman, Jay Gasper, Fazed (Fine Arts, UiTM), Andrew C.H Hsien, June Moh, Sharifah Razlin Jamalullail, Raja Norashikin (Oya), Halimi Saidi (thanks to both of u dear darlings!), Sam Kassim (thanks Chumoks!), Ashvina Marie, Jason Lamar Wright, Belanda (Azizul Achasial), Azalia Suhaimi, Melor Hidayah, Khairil Mokhzani, Julien Grandclement (ODBO), Ralph Abdullah, Faizal Heesyam (Pai), Amir Luqman (bless ur heart, thanks dear!), Amir Muhammad, Kiru Arul (from MalaysianToday), Ahmad Yusri (Photographer), Khairina Kamaruddin, Dayana Zaman, Christelle Decle, Chunwoei (Urbancr3atures), Mo Hafiz, Michelle Lee, Fatin Nadia (thank you so much!), Matthias Gelber (thanks for dropping by Matt, if free, i can join ur group for another green day), Ashwin Ash, Kamal Kemlima (thanks sweety!), Hazlynda Kushairi, Ellie Tetriati, Laz Shamsudin (thanks man), Marcus Mclernon (gr8 to hear from u), Rizwan Nordin (Seth Cohen), Sandeep Joseph (Thanks Sandeep, dhanyavad!)

Special Thanks to:

Iskandar Ibrahim (who moved me with his twitter: '
The story unfolds after 7 yrs. It is an honor to know you and especially being my friend @moedlatif Happy birthday brother. God bless.'), thank you so much. You've been a great listener and a good friend ^_^

To Ida Nerina, God bless you and I will never forget how great you had inspire me. I wish u a great speedy recovery. x0x0x

Joshua Davis. Thanks for your wonderful visit and wishes, coming from you means a lot. God bless u and ur loving family.

Bibi K Poh. Your love and tremendous support had been a great pillar of friendship. Thank you for sharing your beautiful inner thoughts that constantly inspire me

Work: Digital Malaya & Digital Nusantara

CI: Digital Nusantara

I manage to team up with wonderful people, from my sister to close friends. That's how Digital Nusantara was born. It wasn't a company that I wanted to form. It was relationship that I learn to understand even more, responsibilities and objective to achieve. I always nag about not having much resources, and as growing older, you intend to forget things, and sometimes you miss tracking of time and things around you, so that's why I have the best Personal Assistant. You know who you are and hopefully you may help me better and become a greater friend.

I had put others aside, like Digital Malaya Project (DMP). It has been so passive but frankly, it's forever in my that I cannot just simply give up on. There's always incoming opportunities and offers, and it's been such a bless that people believe in us, and keep supporting us. As I sit back, I just realize this thesis I had created had become a portal, then turn e-zine then turn into a collective. 2010 marks our 10th Anniversary. It's been so long. I'm overwhelmed by the contributors. I wish I was rich so I can pay them in form of cash, but they, my members had been so compromising and understanding.

So to Abby Latif, Mohammad Yazid, Prakash Daniel, Fariz Hanapiah, Soh Ee Venn, Sue Anna Joe, Nadirah Zakaria, Haslina Ghazali, Thank you! And to Arafath Ibrahim, Adi Arfan and Faiz Akhbar, welcome to the family. We hope with this platform, we are able to give you more opportunities, more exposure and wings to fly to a better platform to spearhead your personal brand.

I discovered a lot of talented new emerging designers and artists, so do follow digitalmalaya's twitter at

Thank you for reading my long-ass post, well it's been 2-3 times a year, duh!

Salam and peace be upon you.

Still dancing the night away. only more structured and with grace.