Monday, December 26, 2005

This Time, Next Year

The smell of fresh toast is in the air, on a nice Monday morning triggers my mood today, a day after Christmas. I decided to make myself a nice black coffee while figuring out where is the Monday newspaper. I had a back-ache. I can still feel it. Now don’t get me wrong, but this ache is due to my massive dance performance for Perez’s shooting on our new upcoming experimental video for end of this year celebration, called Arty Party at Gallery Izu on the 31st of December. It has been our rare work so far, and I believe everyone thought and expect the same thing, the same way they did for my previous exhibition earlier this month called ‘7’, the exhibition dated on the 7th of December. I spent almost 5 hours working on my animated artwork combining illustration and animation in Flash ™ application and blast it out onto a screen, exhibiting together with Aneem, Squirtgun, Jaesern, Rashidin Amri, Hazim, Seng Kit in the Digital Art section and among other artist master that day. Next weekend, I will be collaborating once again with SWS team for a graffiti piece for New Year celebration. Besides that, I’m also launching Digital Malaya (DMP) 2006 and still got some more stuff to finish on the content. God knows how complicated to run this portal, a one-man-show. I’m also doing few Flash practices to increase my skill set. I hope it will be a part of my positive-next year resolution :). Anyway, besides getting myself crazy over widget development (really cool stuff, like Mac OS dashboard for Windows), I’m currently sorting out my portfolio into categories so that you guys can see my work according to the category, which is more organized and easy for archiving.

Take a peek at:

Working on sum video clip, as some heard, I will be working with Perez back to back on a very raw video clip, which officially premier at Arty Party event on new year eve at Galleriizu. If you have the time, come and join us. Thousand appreciation also goes out to the PWA committee members for inviting me to be the final judges for the 8th Philippine Web Awards. I had gain so much info from most participant's website :)

King & Queen of the day

The all new family potrait

Finally, my sister had recently tied a knot on the 16th of December. I took leave from Thursday the 15th, to help my family prepare the wedding. It’s not easy task for all of us, but it all paid of with an endless smile of my papi, mami and of course my sister, Aniq.

Abah & my sister Aniq with her friend Nawal

Happy Shining People; Malik & Aniq

Malik & Aniq, also seen in the picture is Abby and Mum (in Red)

Thanks to all who had helped us. Well, my friend Amir did his part on designing the pelamin (bride’s backdrop/stage). But my big thanks goes out to my aunty from my father side, who had continuously help us from the beginning. We love you!

As usual ladies & gentlemen, none of any local Malay wedding comes out quite well. What I mean is that there’s always a living thief inside the house taking the opportunity to steal stuff, like my mum gold necklace (which cost a price of a laptop) and not forgetting my precious digital camera. Surprisingly, it’s our own relative and this sucks. So the message is, please take care of your belongings because you never know what’s going to happen. Even you thought the person you can trust or person you could not expect to run their fingers over your belonging might be a disaster. ;-)

Guests arrived in front of our house.

Welcoming guests, Aniq, Mum & Malik.

Time for snappy, Aniq, mum, Malik & me.

As for the reception, we got it all at KLGCC in nearby Sri Hartamas. I was there for the sake of family and Aniq, if it wasn’t for them, I won’t be attending that event. I actually don’t like hotel function. I guess my dad had been bringing us to hotel dinner too much in our teen days. Although generally it doesn’t perturb me, somehow it annoys me = ‘TARAF’ (which means level of class or hierarchy). I don’t like to mix with people who like to differentiate people with their class of society or life. It’s not right. I’m glad our father thought us to be rich in education, rather than being rich of materialism and blow too much of your own horn. Nevertheless, if they thought there are living on top of the world, they should be reminded that their ‘six feet under’ is no different from the rest of us, it’s fresh soil. Get it right.

> For more coverage, visit Abby’s blog.

As for me, I’m glad this year some of my aims already been fulfill and hope to continue to stay more positive and get this bloody emotional self of mine the less possible. I would like to start a new resolution next year. I covet to do more good substance in my life. I want to give more positive attitude. I want to do more charity, I want to do more art, I want to increase my creativity and I want to travel!

So I’m taking this opportunity to wish all of you visitors, a happy new year and God bless everyone with love, luck, health and prosperity. I would like to sincerely apologize to each party for things I might said to hurt you or to create a confusion fact whenever I wrote in this blog. It’s human nature. No one is perfect ;-)

I believe this will be my last post, to wrap up my blog for this year, and will start a freshly blend new one, next year.

Wishing a blissful New Year, stay positive and be happy!

* all new finger-dancing away....