Sunday, December 09, 2012

Let's Legally Download: The Best of Malaysian Music on iTunes Store

If any of my friend would ask, who are the among Malaysian artist I currently listen to, besides going to local record store to purchase CD or buy from online? I have lots, since some of them are my friends who I had the privilege to work with or met:

Here are my recommended albums available from iTunes Store, and guys, show some love to them by supporting our local Music:

The rest I could not find on iTunes store (Malaysia) are highly talented Yuna, Sister of Malaysian Jazz, Atilia Haron and Queen of R&B, Liza Aziz. Listen to 'Tak Rela' on YouTube. Also couldn't find Noryn Aziz on iTunes :(. Even my favorite neo-soul local jazz band, Bassment Syndicate is not on iTunes and looking forward to see their album in here soon. Check out their music:

Now, enjoy online shopping, downloading and listening.
- Muid Latif

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Designer's Survival Kit Part II

Written by Muid Latif, Certified Malaysia's National Creative Expert and Ambassador to Behance Malaysia

According to Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia, Ministry of Human Resource, our employment rates had only decrease 0.1% percent compared to last year, 2011. As of 2012, our employment rates is 3.1%. However, we're not as critical compared to countries such as United States which is 8.9%, 7.2% from Philippines, 4.6% from Japan and highest so far is in Spain which is 21.7%, according to 2011 Unemployment Statistics from Eurostat

Throughout my encounters during conducting job interviews for creative job applications, most likely local interns, post-graduates, and jobless graduates are struggling to get hired for full time employment due to:
  1. Lack of Communication Skills
  2. Lack of Basic Soft skill
  3. Lack or no industrial experiences or internship background
  4. Demand high salary expectation even during internship
  5. Turn up late for job interviews
  6. Incapable to meet datelines and manage their roles and responsibilities
  7. Influenced by stereotype-minded parents who influenced their children on the way they see things with prejudice
  8. Ignorant to any form of industrial awareness (for example, did not attend or support any free-based events from art and design exhibitions in local galleries, refuse to attend workshops due to fear of budget constrains, did not appear in any conferences, talks or seminars in order to gain knowledge, and et cetera)
  9. Most important, obnoxiously stubborn and full of pride
  10. Have a narrow minded and emotionally defensive for any critics or feedback on their work
  11. Big potential talent equal to unwanted big prima-donna attitudes
  12. 'Character Suicidal' in their CV/Resume. You are intentionally inviting your future employers or interview to analyze and evaluate your character based on how you write your CV or Resume (format of writing resume is crucial). For example, redundant hobbies, fancy email addresses like 'babyrina_comel[at]' or 'penjejak-awan85[at]', inappropriate photo (profile) shots that doesn't look appealing or TOO obvious (Imagine, Bon Qui Qui, I'm not going to hire any 'out-of-the-hood-program'). I'm definitely not going to hire an employee or candidates that could potentially terrify my current or potential future clients and stake holders.

Their unwillingness to project a good mentality decreases and few major factor that contributes to jobless Malaysians are lack of self-dependent in knowledge development skills and expect to be spoon-feed by former or current lecturers or employers.

More disappointing, even I had encountered few under-graduates who express condescending attitude to project a good designers intelligence. Have absolutely zero marketing strategy to promote themselves. Even if we have an overall of talented creative individuals, what kills them with unemployment rates are because of these above factor. Their unwillingness to multi-task, unwillingness to become multidiscipline and always into their own comfort zone, expect to be treated like a superstar when their talent are not highly equally complement to their creative works. 

In the past, I had hired and call many designers for job interviews and in general, they lack of understanding:
  1. Employer's or client's nature of business
  2. Unorganized portfolio packaging & marketing
  3. No communication skills for jobs or internship applications
  4. Ignorant to utilize online platform to establish and market their talent such as putting their creative works via online through great free based portfolio website such as or have no account to begin with
  5. Their CV or resume does not convince any employer or interviewer due to lack of interest to polish themselves gracefully in professional manner. Imagine, I have to go through a CV that does not provide Referrals, Soft skills, Qualification in both education and experience or achievement to impress us.
  6. Unable to take direction or brief well through good understanding and misinterpret or assume things based on hypothesis or without solid research and development
  7. Appearance in job interviews must also take into account. I came accross those who came for interviews wearing inappropriate t-shirt and sandals. We're not a disco club or a gig, nor we are not a modeling agency. (Jangan overdress or wear some death metal black shirt and wear boots)
  8. Knowledge became an option to them and overshadowed by their defeatist attitude such as 'quarreling' or debate with job interviewers about their personal opinion and express dissatisfaction on the spot. Remember, this is not a forum, it's your job interview and key of impression is also being evaluated.
    (For example, "Encik, maaf saya tak reti cakap English. Kita ni Melayu, boleh tak kita cakap bahasa Melayu' or they start to question 'why are most people in this company have only one race, sir?'). Attitude people! I don't welcome racial profiling. I hire TALENT equal to your capability and ability to perform and contribute to a company or agency. That's why candidates should learn the nature of our business or our practice before attending job interviews.
So in the end, they start fiercely blaming our government and private sector that does not support the industry but apparently, it's their unwillingness to showcase a good creative persona and attitude, no determination and lack of understanding the nature of future clients or employers are the source to their career suicide. 

Both government and private sector offers grants, scholarships and opportunities to all of us. According to the Malaysia's Graduate Job Placement Statistics and Non Graduates Statistics in 2012, we offer 33,473 job placement and 105,535 job placement. 

So it makes me wonder, why do we have such unbelievable condescending mentality and negative attitude to empower ourselves creatively to become a better, creative professionals? 

Interested to read Part 1 of Designer's Survival Kit? Click here.

Notice: Kindly credit my name and my references for any of external publication or quote to your thesis, R&D, article in any online or offline media. Writer's point of view does not reflect current position in any company and it's based on past experiences and encounters. Thank you


Thursday, September 13, 2012

How does one measure success?

I came across a tweet by an American writer, Richard D. Walker (who had instantly became a good virtual friend). He tweeted: "Successful people solve more problems than they create. Unsuccessful people create more problems than they solve. Which one are you?"

It makes me curious. How does one define success? How does one measure success?  

My interpretation of success is very up front. Being successful does not measure by a 'stereotype' high standards of high economical status but being emotionally and physically contented. 

When one person is contented followed by great maturity through great leadership and wisdom, you are successful. Even if a children who can create a science project with good result without fully depend on their teachers or parents, they are most likely a successful person because they foresee vision of success. They are in control of their success because of their will and determination. In fact, what makes a person  successful is about taking responsibility and accountability to produce great result.

For example, if a fishermen who can support and manages a family, have a loving wife and capable of bringing up his children with proper education, would he already become a successful person? Yes.

If we are single, able to support our parents or family financially, have a stable career, perform charity or 'zakat' (alms), free from mountains of financial debts, have less drama in our lives, moreover surrounded by people who constantly shower us affections and encouragements, would we achieve success? Indeed, we are successful.

Furthermore, I second to what Richard had mention about 'unsuccessful people create more problems than they solve'. If one fail to comprehend being successful with the right attitude, great wisdom and a good persona, would they become unsuccessful? 

What happens if you have a big house, a great career yet discontented with no one at home, a wife nor children who aren't attentive to shower you affection, to listen to you when you feel down, thus leaving you in solitude and insecurity, do we define ourselves successful? 

If one person, for example, have an obnoxious attitude, threatening and demoralizing others by making their lives difficult, would that create more tension, stress and add more problems than becoming a person who can tolerate to provide a solution, would he or she define themselves as a successful person?

So which one are we? 

Richard D. Walker is the author of 'It's My Life! I Can Change If I Want To' and the book is available on Amazon: and follow his twitter at

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1433: Responsibilities and Self-reflection

When I attended my Idulfitri prayers and listening to the Khutba (sermon), I remember the khatib (imam) told us about charity (alms) or what the Muslim called ‘Zakat’. He said “there’s no point of performing our alms if we aren’t able to pray”, and learn the true meaning of being contented and peaceful at the right state of mind. We often think that we only perform zakat only during Idulfitri. Many years ago, I was enlightened by a dear friend who I see her as a soul sister who told me that zakat has many forms. So, I start performing my zakat regularly even in my businesses, I put 5-10% and give it back to the poor. I used to put RM1 Ringgit into the donation box but later few years I start to put more without being calculative about it.

But then this very 1st Syawal of 1433, it hit my head again to understand the meaning behind helping others. Immediately I start to question myself, why did I help strangers yet I barely pay attention to my own relatives who lost their husband or wife or children. Do they have enough to survive? So I immediately go and talk to them, sending my doa and prayers, removing my own bitterness and sadness aside and pay attention to them. I tried to listen to them and try to be there even if it’s just for few minutes. I felt closer. Even Yong Zetty, my cousin called me and sent my encouraging greetings to keep me motivated. She was very helpful. That's all I need.

Being Grateful & Togetherness

While praising our belief, I see many ‘religious’ individual peculiarly rant their anger, their temper-tantrum and whine over something so small to some point take other people’s self-esteem away by demoralizing, harassing, condemning  and blindly judge everyone around them. They forget to compare to those who are more unfortunate. It’s no point if you check into foursquare in churches, temples and mosques but you swear others. It doesn’t reflect you’re better than those who don’t.

An insightful illustration by the talented Ila Fox

I am a strong believer in love and affection, even if deep inside I’m still ‘inattentive’ to relationship; I never neglected my relationship with God, my family relatives and my friends around me despite how imperfect I am. I am so grateful that they are the source of my strength and I will always pray for their well being and prosperity.

When it comes to togetherness, I never wanted to feel like an outcast. Usually I initiate and take a step to bring people together if I don’t receive one. In the family, I will always be the goofy one tried to make a fool out of myself to break tension and stress among my siblings. If they had a quarrel, I will be there to break out any argument or fight. At least.

I always believe that we should be able to migrate to become wiser and mature, not childish when we grow old who’s easily offended and insecure of small things in life. Having said, it’s within our very nature to crave for acceptance. To be accept by family members, to be accept by our friends, to be accepted by our lovers and everyone around us. We tried to hard so that others would acknowledge us, yet when we don't get it, we become demoralize by our very own actions. So, what's the point of seeking for one's acceptance if you aren't able to accept yourself first? Our biggest enemy has always been greed. When you’re not satisfied and seek for more. More attention, more wealth. That’s when we became mentally and emotionally unstable because we can never satisfied. I advise others to get over our gluttony. I encourage people not to live a life in hatred and vengeance. If you're unable to clear your mind and seek serenity at a certain age, you will constantly fall and fail miserably. 


So remember, when you do good things in life, never ever expect you’ll be rewarded good things in return. Bring yourself closer to humility and seek serenity. Don’t victimize yourself by saying you have bad karma if luck is not by your side. God chose us to be stronger so that’s why we are given many obstacles so that we will be able to endure it and understand the path we had chosen. And lastly, forgive sincerely and forget. Don't put vengeance in you because it will lead you to a become a darker person. Find a closure, move on to a better, beautiful path of life, take control of your life and take a glimpse back to reflect yourself so that who you are yesterday, made you become a better person today and tomorrow. InsyaAllah.

In life, we need to achieve a good balance. Doesn't mean being good, we are not open to doing bad things. Always make room for mistakes so that you learn. Life is always about learning. There's no such logic by claiming yourself with 'Been there, done that' but you're not humble enough to empty back your glass over and over again. That's why we are born imperfect. Because none of us are truly imperfect. 

Accept it, embrace it and inspire from it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What is wrong with me? Karma perhaps?

There is a saying about 'karma' when we do good things in life, you’ll be rewarded a good result in return. But being realistic, it's never easy to keep a good balance in life because we are born do make mistakes so we can learn something and be better. An eraser wasn't created for no reason.

We're rapidly 'showered' with people's view, opinion and rules that "you can't do this”,  "this is wrong" and etcetera. It has become so untenable where others put too much high expectation from us that we are required or demanded to be so perfect, that once "you don't know what it's like to be in my shoes" to "I know what it’s like to be in your shoes so I'm stepping on your shoes so you'll be perfect”.

We're constantly surrounded by judgmental people who crave to penalize us due to our weaknesses. In fact, it became so rigid that people don't accept imperfection. I remember a saying, "No one remembers how many goals the goalkeeper saved, they will always remember the one he missed".  True, because people intend to focus on other’s mistakes instead of strenghtening the good side of a person to be better.

Positive energy is even harder to achieve when one person close to you start being honest in the most brutal way without realizing, they are 'stealing' our faith in bringing good values and kindness. Paul Arden once said "The Perosn Who Doesn't Make Mistakes Is Unlikely To Make Anyhing"

Since when we are demanded or required to be pretentiously perfect to them but not to satisfy ourselves with our imperfection? Will there be no eraser in future? I wonder.

Footnote & Reference:
Karma defines as 'Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. (in Hinduism and Buddhism)'
Paul ArdenIt’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be” published by Phaidon available on

Monday, June 18, 2012

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Review

by Muid Latif, Official Adobe Influencer (Malaysia)

Adobe has progressively paying attention to their innovation in their applications. Recently, Adobe just released the state-of-the-art Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud, another flexibility offers to users to work seamlessly at anytime and anywhere. It's a creative revolution for all of us creative practitioners.

Before I proceed to review two of their coolest features, I would like to say a big thanks to both Adobe South East Asia (SEA) and Text100 Malaysia for providing us, Adobe Influencers the opportunity to explore and pilot this amazing creative product. 

Just to share, during the official web telecast of Adobe CS6 launch on 24th of April, besides Adobe Design Achievements Awards that runs annually, Adobe announced a new scholarship award offers to higher learning institution. This definitely embark another great support for our creative industry to expand further in creative content development. 

Rockin' the new feature of Photoshop CS6: Adaptive Wide Angle 

As a digital artist, I was eager to find out if this new feature only applies to photographs, and to my surprise, it works almost in any interface according to our justification. I used my watercolor to straighten it's interface to make it more symmetrical, and I'm overwhelmed how efficient this feature had helped me to work more faster.

Image: I had import my own water color artwork. Notice the guide line, it's not straighten.

Image: Next, I open up 'Adaptive Wide Angle' tool from my FILTER Tool

Image: From here on, it will launch to a pop-up window where user can adjust either automatically, or using manually in perspective, fish eye lens and etcetera. 

Image: This is the result after the adjustment using the awesome Adaptive Wide Angle tool. It's so fast and easy, like stealing candy from a baby (kiddin'). No serious, I would.

Hello, you 3D!

It get's better with fluid 3D text composition within Photoshop CS6 Extended. In the past, I usually do 3D text in Adobe Illustrator, or in XARA 3D (Windows), but now Photoshop CS6 makes any creative creation more prominent. Honestly, I was blown away by how light this feature runs on my Macbook without worrying about my hardware performance. It made me in tears (I know, so much drama....)

So, what are you waiting for? Download a trial today, and upgrade to Adobe CS6 to experience another level of infinity in creativity! 

Thank you for reading, and have a blast working on your new artworks or design using Adobe CS6. Don't forget to tweet or mention to me via twitter or my facebook page to share your work in progress (WIP) or creations.


Contact local official Adobe reseller:

Mr. Zuhairi
Progressive Sdn. Bhd.


Monday, April 30, 2012

9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards

After two years of 'bertapa', or has it not been re-hibernating? The 9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA) came back with a BIG BANG! Kapoww! (forgive me, what I meant there wasn't no tear gas thrown at us, obviously). Set in 1920's glamourous-themed night, the roaring '20's definitely something to roar about. 

I witness one of the most out of the box, an extraordinary creative and innovative award show ever to date. It was truly unexpected and one of the kind. What can you say if you have someone brilliantly hardworking and dearly that I known of, Ida Nerina and Ngai Yuen, their team had made all things possible, smoothly. Even spotted Pat Ibrahim as a referee in the boxer ring, my dance guru who choreographed the entertaining dance performances. Let's not forget the ever miss fabulously Shelah! roaring the crowd as the emcee of the night accompanied by magnificent music conducted by the ever talented and notable, Nish Tham. And who can forget Jo Kukathas as Yang Berhormat (YB) paired with the ever lovely Carmen Soo? Swell! Jo is definitely a national treasure as what describe by our friend Pete Teo. While everyone reveal who's the winner in their upcoming articles and blogs, I kept my eyes on 9BCAA overall creative experience, and to know one of the designers behind BOH Cameronian Arts Awards who designed the programme book is none other than Fazrul Reza (Spotted on Behance Network) and the creative studio that made those stunning visual are the super creative people of Bright Lights At Midnight (BLAM) who's been helping out with BCAA visual branding in the past.

What captured me was more than a night of celebration, it was an important night of how our arts industry is moving forward with the support from each and everyone, regardless if you're indirectly involved or not. I would agree on what Ngai Yuen said in The Star newspaper a week before the night of the show, "It spurs the growth of the industry and something as good as this should never be stopped". Indeed, we should never uphold neither arts or creative condescendingly in any way because art allows people to nurture and grow progressively. It allows each and every one of us to spearhead the joy of visualize through writing, crafting motions and emotion that inspire people and contribute to our local creative economic growth. 

Ayam Fared, who won the best director in a theatre for 'Short Eyes' said something very remarkable that night. Couldn't catch his exact quote but sounded like, "Best gratitude comes with an award but best appreciation comes from the heart". Congratulations to all nominated and those who won. [Proceed to list of winners here]

I leave it up to my sister, Abby Latif and other dear writers to reveal their great experience on the night of the 9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards dated 29th April 2012.

It was great catching up with all of my friends from the arts industry. Kakiseni, thank you for paying the tribute to my idol, the late Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal. Couldn't be more happier. Perhaps, the 10th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards can introduce new category, 'The Visual Art Awards' for those who had been excellently working on visual promotion in the art/theater scene, who knows ;-)

Rest well, and I'm very proud of you all.

Us, Muid Latif, Abby Latif & Rizal Effendie
Muid Latif, Abby Latif & Rizal Effendie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Spacemen Interview: Muid Latif

The lovely people of The Spacemen had recently interviewed me for their design portal. This will be my ever exclusive interview which features my knowledge sharing and milestone as a graphic artist.

Feel free to checkout this interview [here] or click the photo above, shot by Joshua Clay. Thank you to the Spacemen for your love, support and appreciation.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Weekend To Remember

I remembered the last big birthday gathering I had was when I turned 27 at Galeriiizu at Wisma UOA and followed by a surprise celebration on my 29th birthday at Lazat Cooking House in a housing area in Petaling Jaya after I prepared my home-made dinner, Mushroom Enoki Bean Sprout called the 'Enoki Nusantara Samba'. Ever since that, I never plan on celebrating anything big, just a small number of close friends and usually with my family. 

Me and my dearest friend Prakash Daniel

Best of friends from left: Adi, my sis' Abby Latif, Prakash Daniel, Salmi Omar, me, Azzad & Haslina Ghazali.

On Friday, 24th February which fall under my 33th Birthday, I sent an impromptu invitation to my close friends and colleague to attend my small birthday gathering at The Bee PUBLIKA and we had a great time with presents from Prakash, Azhar, Haslina & Salmi.

Behance Malaysia 2nd Group Exhibition / 6th Behance Malaysia Meetup

26th February was our official date of Behance Malaysia 2nd Group Exhibition 'finale' at Galeri Shah Alam. I was overwhelmed by the turnout was more than I expected, and as usual, great catching up session with all of them including walk-in guests to our exhibition. I also had a chat with Nikki, my former Editor from Art Malaysia magazine mentioned that our Behance exhibition will be featured in the magazine soon. Hoorey!

Since last week, if you (Malaysians) notice, our weather was constantly cloudy in the afternoon so as I would predict a heavy rain in the late afternoon. Right after the Behance Meetup in the gallery, I announce to all member's that I'm going to treat them for a lunch at fast food restaurant, KFC to celebrate our exhibition's closing and enjoying a great gathering session. 

We walk on the sideways from the gallery to KFC of Wisma PKNS Shah Alam. Mind you it was raining, and everyone at least got wet. I was soaking wet because I want to make sure all behance members who walk with me arrive to KFC entrance safely despite the heavy rain.

So after I saw everyone sit down on the table, I know that I felt relief as they all have their seats and I went out to the nearest ATM machine to take out some money because I want to buy them lunch. Then out of the blue there is this one adorable kid came out of nowhere and start pressing the ATM machine button while I was entering my menu selection. Dear Lord, kids these days are so rascal! haha.

Then I went back inside KFC, called my sister Abby, Prakash Daniel and my dear friend, Iskandar Ibrahim to accompany me to the counter to place the order because I lost count of how many people were there at the table, and I was friggin cold due to wet from the rain we were caught earlier.

Now, little that I know it was more than just a gathering and lunch treat. Without my knowledge, the Behance members (probably headed by Zid or Zam Nayan, or Debbie or Haslina Ghazali, or Prakash (I actually have no idea!) who had actually carefully, planned a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY for me, which I would never in million years thought of. And of course I wouldn't have any thoughts of it because I was too focus on my concern about the logistic of the crowd to the gallery, how we going to pack all of our artwork back later, how to send the members back to town, and what not. I got my mind focus elsewhere.

It was when I was about to reach to their table, and there you go, a delicious cheese cake appeared with a Behance Logo spelled 'Bé' Happy Birthday Muid. I swear at that point of time, honestly, I was so stunned and surprised and it's definitely overwhelming for me. Come on lah, who wouldn't thought, kan? 

They just made my day today. Even when Haslina passed the birthday card, I almost shred to tears because I always have this paranoia of being in-denial of friends getting distance from me due to my moody and emotional character, because I do remember I lost few best friends because they gave up on me because especially few years back when my career wasn't doing so good, and I had a tumor (which now recovered thankfully!). But you know, here they are, even as I grow old, I am surrounded by people who showered me with love and hope. Everyone was there, all the people who I had known for years, who was once a stranger became my friends, and from friends who became a part of my family. 

It was overwhelming, magical and truly a bless. It's not just Behance that I saw, it was a force of support, from people who believe in themselves and people who appreciate the things we do, despite if its individual or teamwork, we not only build a community, we build a family. It's enough for me to achieve something, and it's a gift from them, and I love them so much and I want to thank each and everyone who had been there for me, for the better or worst of me.

God bless all of you. Forevermore.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Designer Workout Plan

By Muid Latif
  1. SLEEP EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Nothing beat stress from sleeping. A good sleep gives you a good charge the next day. If you have problem sleeping such as insomnia, drink chamomile tea or just relax your mind by resting on the bed. Don't worry what to do the next day, just get a good sleep!
  2. EAT HEALTHILY. Have a good diet; eat more vegetables, eat fruits, eat less fat food and drink lots, and lots of water. Avoid taking too much raw food as it will welcome you to unwanted sickness such as diarrhea. And always eat on time and least one hour and a half before you go to sleep.
  3. GET INTO THE MOOD. Find things that you like to do best and work on it, creatively. Arrange your workspace with colorful pin-ups, postcards and quotes. Music is one of the best influences to help you while working on your creative production, or simply from driving to work or a long journey back home. Don't text or tweet while driving. If you’re depressed, take a deep breath, vanquish all those negativity and refresh yourself. It’s no use holding back your negative thoughts anger and grudges.
  4. DO A LOT OF SKETCHES. Change ideas into visual mind maps. Always bring your sketchbook or moleskin. Draw whatever you have in your mind and what you feel. But don't plagiarize other people's work and claim it yours, commercially. Be graceful, truthful and realistic.
  5. EXERCISE REGULARLY. For me, running really helps. Always stretch yourself (fingers, arms, neck, back, etc) for 5-10 minute after finish doing your assignment at your workstation. Go to the gym or do yoga or a swim, keep your physical and heart healthy.
  6. READ MORE. Read more design books and creative articles that can increase your understanding in developing creative ideas. When you read, you have solid and good research or subject matter to begin with. Paul Arden is a good start! Even better if you can get a copy of 'Making Ideas Happen' by Scott Belsky. There are great magazines such as Computer Arts, GOOD magazine, iDN, Monocle, Wallpaper, CUTOUT magazine and others.
  7. BE FINANCIALLY STABLE. Cut the credit cards, eliminate the debts and spend minimal on entertainment & lifestyle. Avoid delaying any bills. Forget spending recklessly on things such as buying designer's toys, sneakers and outfits. Put 20-40% out of your salary to your savings account. Set a long-term financial plan wisely with your budget in a spreadsheet so you can track on all your expense in past, present and future. Remember, happy people usually have enough financial support in their account. If you’re about to run out of saving, work for more!
  8. THE GOOD SON/DAUGHTER ATTITUDE. Bring your parents or family for an outing to express your appreciation for what they have done to you in the past. Getting yourself closer to your loved ones makes you become more than just a good being, it shape yourself a better person with accountability and responsibility. If you’re far away, call them to say hi. If you had trouble in the past communicating with your parents, this is the time you make up to them. Don't expect anything in return, what matters is that you remember them.
  9. HANG OUT WITH GOOD FRIENDS. Choosing a right friend will make you learn a lot of things about yourself, even to identify your weakness or your great potential from their view. Accept criticism to make you become a better person. Like Paul Arden said, 'Do Not Seek Praise, Seek Criticism'. ;-)
  10. SMILE. Don’t fake it or don’t smile in a weird freaky way but a simple smile. Smile makes you feel positive and it will bring others to be positive too. People who have obnoxious most likely to be a negative person will end loosing friends and imprint bad impression. Smile makes you happy, and happy makes you a contented person.
  11. TRAVEL. Take a vacation and go to interesting places that doesn't reflect your daily routine or the same environment. Switch off your mobile, don’t check your emails. Take a nature walk, snorkeling or spa. Pamper yourself. It helps a lot.
  12. DO CHARITY. Donate your old clothes to the donation drop-in box or visit the youth community centre or old folks home. Put 5-10% of your business profit and contribute to the poor or NGO's. Do good things in life. Don't be calculative when you donate. Don't put a penny or a dollar. Put more, pay it forward. It brings your a better person.
  13. SEEK FORGIVENESS. Always be considerate to yourself and others. Drop that designer-diva attitude. Bring compassion to your life and your career. Be professional. Make people admire you and your charisma; don't force people to respect you by being fierce. Respect is earned and always be thankful for what you got.
  14. READ THE NEWS! Keep yourself updated with the surroundings. Read New York Times, Good Magazine or even design portals like Behance Network, Drawn, Computer Arts Blog or FWA to get you inspired. It's not necessarily to hook yourself up the entire day with Facebook or Twitter as it could sometimes demotivate you, especially with negative expression from obnoxious and temper-tantrum individuals that would influence and distract you.
  15. LIVE TO LEARN. Life is always about learning new things and making mistakes. Do lots of trials and errors to strengthen your work. Always expose yourself to new knowledge and design techniques, styles and what not. Develop your own unique trademark or brand that people can identify your creative work. Always think of quality over quantity. Always think long term goals to your creative productions. Most of all, accept advices and criticism. Do portfolios review among your peers or friends from the industry to see how you can improve the way you produce your creative work. Be multi-discipline.

Muid Latif is a Creative Practitioner based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also an ambassador to Behance Malaysia, writer for Art Malaysia and CUTOUT magazine, also the founder of art collective group, Digital Malaya Project. Visit to learn more about his work.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Progressive Two "Ooh!" Double One

Can't express how contented i've been throughout this year. It starts with so many obstacle and ends with well wishes, support and encouragement from family and friends, i was able to strengthen myself to be much better than i used to be. 2011 had embark another progressive career and life milestone for me, including better position in my financial management.

A lot of unexpected encounters and it has been a privilege to the Lord Al-Mighty had shown and given me the path.

I'm not going to going to explain further in details but if some of you followed my twitter post and facebook updates, i am so blessed to have such an amazing life, after my years of fall and struggles. I only can say one thing, alhamdulillah (grateful).

I'm not going to put any expectation throughout 2012 but what i can promise you that there will be more exciting and refreshing new creative work line up, including my first ever solo exhibition.  

Talking about career milestone during my presentation at TEDxMMU. Photo courtesy of TEDxMMU

Lunch break after I had presented my talk. Photo courtesy of TEDxMMU

Meantime, feel free to visit my photo album of my recent trip to Tanah Aina, Raub, Pahang and Bali, Indonesia

Thank you to everyone, and have a joyful, prosperous new year with more positive energy, affections and smile!