Monday, January 28, 2008

Creative Exploration, Transformers and Life Updates

Neu Work Updates

It’s been a very incredible month for me. I would like to wrap-up my January with amazing stuff in my latest entry. I would like to thank everyone who had been so helpful and supportive. My prop goes to friends of Flickr group ‘KLickrs’, Facebook and in real life who I couldn’t done it without your best advices and warm greetings.

Featured Interview this year!

I had the opportunity to be featured in two great art & design portal which is NOISE from Australia and After5Motion, a design portal run by my friend Vivian.
Check out interview one; NOISE Artist Interview and interview two; After5Motion I was also invited to several upcoming exhibitions.

I will be participating in
‘GET MOOOVING MOVABLE ART 2008’, 2nd March, 2008 at Palate Palette, Kuala Lumpur. I was also request from Mr. Jay Lim to do a dance performance for that night, so those who’s curious to know how I move my freestyle dance, can come to our event!

A.R.T 2008, Shah Alam

My first serious involvement with the Sifoo Design Community together with ‘
Layar Tanchap’ and ‘Click-A-Child’ (charity). I will announce the update for this event soon, meantime I’m coordinating few stuff in terms of design with the team headed by Imran Ijabar. I hope I am able to commit this task. I really want to help them as much as possible.

Photography & Creative Collaboration

Besides my great photo shooting activities with my Flickr KLickr group, I managed to create two (2) artwork during
Thaipusam. Both of my digital work is a collaboration between notable photographers like Johan Sopie (which I had published earlier in my blog), K:REW, Syahrin Aziz. I would like to complete this into 7 images and later I will start with collective collaboration with fellow local and international designers. This is the year I need to start back my creative works after last year lest effort in contributing towards the scene.

I was invited by a very, very good friend of mine,
K:REW at his studio to work on his new year team. He mentioned; “Oh what a treat it is to be working with Muid. Not only is he mad, he's brilliantly mad. I'm such a fan of his work and what he stands for. We need more people like him. Period”. Truly honored and appreciate for such valuable testimonial from him. Feel free to check out his great shot of me in his set, HeadSpace. So much to thanks K, I’m speechless!

By the way, I just submitted a photo entry to
JPG magazine and would like to kindly ask you guys to vote for my photos to be published for the upcoming issue. Your vote counts!

Vote here:

Life Updates

I would like to feature my latest entry of my fresh new poetry of 2008 for the upcoming Moetry: Volume One (Illustrated PDF book).

Berarak Bersama

Copyright © 2008 Muid Latif.

Disetiap sudut masa dan ruang kau mendamaikanku,

Gemilang jiwaku dibawa persona dirimu,

Membangkitkan semangat daya dan juang,

Untuk terus aku maju langkah ke alam semesta.

Kaulah aturan sumberku,

Yang memberi seribu kekuatan merentasi aral,

Agar kau dan aku terus berarak mekar,

Selagi masa berada di ruangan bima sakti.

Rescue Me

Copyright © 2008 Muid Latif.

From this crowded surroundings I seek you,

I saw you stood still but could not reach you.
I came to know my devastating truth so I broke down.

Went out of my mind that I could no longer breathe,

The hope that I found before was fading away,

Then people became fear of me and shred my door.

I became a cold sculpture surrounded by deep water,

an art piece nice to set eyes on but fear to touch,
my heart was wrecked without soul.

All of a sudden someone tosses me a penny,

With a wish I reminisce beautiful years I once had,

I felt affectionate but only for a moment.

Will someone rescue me from such devastation?
Will a fairy grand me my wish to be able to live again?

Will I ever be free again?

Am I A Substance?
Copyright © 2008 Muid Latif.

Lately I felt in fear and apprehension,

As the bitter breeze batters me,

A part of me begin to fall.

A reckless heart wails with agony,
For what this heart yet feel is nonentity,

My endurance weakens and became blurry.

Absurd it may sound but I’m blunt,
Through an ambiguous mind,

Integrity begins to wonder.

The reality seems to be unbalance,

For a soul condense faraway distance.

Set in a parallel creating solitary.

Some Nobility

I met
Azmil Mustapha, one of Malaysia notable actor who played Ali Setan back in the 80’s and been seeing him around in early 2001 when I did my practical in RTM. He came to MDeC last week, Friday the 25th to share his experience and journey of his migration to Syria. Salahudin, one of great Muslim warrior was buried in Syria. In his knowledge sharing session, there’s such amazing story that I heard from him including how different the Muslim practice their religion compared to Malaysian Muslim. From his experience, ours are very conservative and selective. We always have to define within different (4) Mazhab (School of thoughts), even perform their solat according to different coordinates. He told us when one of the Imam from Masjid Al-Haram to our national mosque, many things happened. In Syria, Muslim live in peace with Christians and the Muslim is not conservative as the Malaysian Muslim. Over there, everything heart for Allah and doesn’t have to be particular about which group you are from. Other Mazhab can get along with one another and respect each other.

Ours are slightly different. I was surprised to find out how complex the Malaysian Muslims practice their ways. Somehow I do find it is very discriminating to the same kind. No wonder they cannot get a long with each other. Well, to prove further, I remember having a solat in TTDI Mosque, there is this one guy sitting next to me with such great reciting and later perform solat.
And you know what happen? After his ‘doa’, he just ‘blastoff out’ of the mosque without shaking hands with people next to him which include me and a pakcik next to him. Some of the Muslim in this country is not strong in terms of living harmony as we see, all are corrupted with such prejudice mind, because we all answer the same ‘amin’ after the Imam, but we never turn to our next person to give greetings or not even to smile. It’s pathetic. It’s like, "oh, I only solat for Allah, but to h**l with everyone around me”.

Update (25/2): Thanks to Mr. Aziph Mustapha for dropping by. I would like to share his input on my recent blog:

1. You have a right to your opinion, but to assume what a brother Muslim is thinking in his heart may be too much. He may have a myriad of different reasons for rushing out of the Mosque, and we must respect his right and keep good faith or think positive thoughts (husnu-zon) about what others are doing. Assume the best, not the worst of him.

2. Though greeting the person to the left and to the right of us after prayer is widely practised here, it did not come from authentic sunnah of the Prophet SAW. The authentic sunnah is to greet one another when first meeting, not at the end of the prayer. Since I am not a scholar, allow me to quote one:

a. "We do not know of a single Companion or Righteous Salaf, may Allaah be pleased with them all, that they used to shake hands with those on their left and right and give the tidings of the prayer being accepted after completing the prayer. If any one of them would have done this then it would have reached us, even it be via a weak isnaad and the People of Knowledge would have quoted it those who delved into every ocean and explored their deepest depths and derived from them many rules and regulations and did not neglect a single aspect of the Sunnah." ['Tamaam al-Kalaam fee Bid`iyyah al-Musaafaha ba`d as-Salaam' [pp. 24-25] and 'al-Masjid fee al-Islaam' [pg. 225]. - from

Thanks for allowing me to understand more about sunnah in greeting. This surely clarify my perception on what I had mentioned earlier. For more information on Syria, visit Wikipedia here.

Happy Birthday Mama Yatie!

We celebrated mum’s 51th birthday yesterday in Sri Petaling Driving Range Seafood Restaurant. Kak Yong (my eldest sister) brought Häagen-Dazs® Ice-cream Cake
Together with a very nice present. We always go there for casual dinner due to their famous and amazing Butter Prawn. The best so far in any Chinese Restaurant.

Waiting for more orders..

Check out our video:

Our family dinner / celebration video taken from my Samsung Blackjack (Much gracias Av).

Transformers Fever

My Transformers Collections

Escaping from all my work stress and to fulfill my satisfaction of my childhood days, I finally regain my consciousness to rebuild back the collection I have. I had recently added few Auto-bots in the family including Grimlock, Jetfire, Rachet and both version of Jazz from the Transformers Movie including a pirated but amazing Transformers Powermaster Double Dealer (which I bought for RM19.90 in Selayang Mall) and the latest G1 Rachet and Ironhide (thanks to Wilson for selling this in eBay!), plus Metroplex! Yeay!