Monday, December 26, 2005

This Time, Next Year

The smell of fresh toast is in the air, on a nice Monday morning triggers my mood today, a day after Christmas. I decided to make myself a nice black coffee while figuring out where is the Monday newspaper. I had a back-ache. I can still feel it. Now don’t get me wrong, but this ache is due to my massive dance performance for Perez’s shooting on our new upcoming experimental video for end of this year celebration, called Arty Party at Gallery Izu on the 31st of December. It has been our rare work so far, and I believe everyone thought and expect the same thing, the same way they did for my previous exhibition earlier this month called ‘7’, the exhibition dated on the 7th of December. I spent almost 5 hours working on my animated artwork combining illustration and animation in Flash ™ application and blast it out onto a screen, exhibiting together with Aneem, Squirtgun, Jaesern, Rashidin Amri, Hazim, Seng Kit in the Digital Art section and among other artist master that day. Next weekend, I will be collaborating once again with SWS team for a graffiti piece for New Year celebration. Besides that, I’m also launching Digital Malaya (DMP) 2006 and still got some more stuff to finish on the content. God knows how complicated to run this portal, a one-man-show. I’m also doing few Flash practices to increase my skill set. I hope it will be a part of my positive-next year resolution :). Anyway, besides getting myself crazy over widget development (really cool stuff, like Mac OS dashboard for Windows), I’m currently sorting out my portfolio into categories so that you guys can see my work according to the category, which is more organized and easy for archiving.

Take a peek at:

Working on sum video clip, as some heard, I will be working with Perez back to back on a very raw video clip, which officially premier at Arty Party event on new year eve at Galleriizu. If you have the time, come and join us. Thousand appreciation also goes out to the PWA committee members for inviting me to be the final judges for the 8th Philippine Web Awards. I had gain so much info from most participant's website :)

King & Queen of the day

The all new family potrait

Finally, my sister had recently tied a knot on the 16th of December. I took leave from Thursday the 15th, to help my family prepare the wedding. It’s not easy task for all of us, but it all paid of with an endless smile of my papi, mami and of course my sister, Aniq.

Abah & my sister Aniq with her friend Nawal

Happy Shining People; Malik & Aniq

Malik & Aniq, also seen in the picture is Abby and Mum (in Red)

Thanks to all who had helped us. Well, my friend Amir did his part on designing the pelamin (bride’s backdrop/stage). But my big thanks goes out to my aunty from my father side, who had continuously help us from the beginning. We love you!

As usual ladies & gentlemen, none of any local Malay wedding comes out quite well. What I mean is that there’s always a living thief inside the house taking the opportunity to steal stuff, like my mum gold necklace (which cost a price of a laptop) and not forgetting my precious digital camera. Surprisingly, it’s our own relative and this sucks. So the message is, please take care of your belongings because you never know what’s going to happen. Even you thought the person you can trust or person you could not expect to run their fingers over your belonging might be a disaster. ;-)

Guests arrived in front of our house.

Welcoming guests, Aniq, Mum & Malik.

Time for snappy, Aniq, mum, Malik & me.

As for the reception, we got it all at KLGCC in nearby Sri Hartamas. I was there for the sake of family and Aniq, if it wasn’t for them, I won’t be attending that event. I actually don’t like hotel function. I guess my dad had been bringing us to hotel dinner too much in our teen days. Although generally it doesn’t perturb me, somehow it annoys me = ‘TARAF’ (which means level of class or hierarchy). I don’t like to mix with people who like to differentiate people with their class of society or life. It’s not right. I’m glad our father thought us to be rich in education, rather than being rich of materialism and blow too much of your own horn. Nevertheless, if they thought there are living on top of the world, they should be reminded that their ‘six feet under’ is no different from the rest of us, it’s fresh soil. Get it right.

> For more coverage, visit Abby’s blog.

As for me, I’m glad this year some of my aims already been fulfill and hope to continue to stay more positive and get this bloody emotional self of mine the less possible. I would like to start a new resolution next year. I covet to do more good substance in my life. I want to give more positive attitude. I want to do more charity, I want to do more art, I want to increase my creativity and I want to travel!

So I’m taking this opportunity to wish all of you visitors, a happy new year and God bless everyone with love, luck, health and prosperity. I would like to sincerely apologize to each party for things I might said to hurt you or to create a confusion fact whenever I wrote in this blog. It’s human nature. No one is perfect ;-)

I believe this will be my last post, to wrap up my blog for this year, and will start a freshly blend new one, next year.

Wishing a blissful New Year, stay positive and be happy!

* all new finger-dancing away....

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Survial thingy

Keeping a job means survival. It also means do whatever it takes to earn for a living. A person would have to choose either to be in the right direction or the wrong and of course, in between. For example, being in positive direction means is to become a teacher and to have a negative career means selling drugs. In Thailand, prostitution is a legal career.

However, we need to clarify ourselves, what is the purpose of our career and what will the direction be in the future? It almost comes to whatever it takes to earn for living. I was amazed, disgusted and feel for what happen concerning the video my friend pass to me via email, showing how badly raccoons slaughtered while they are still breathing. All because of cosmetic demands, such beloved noble creature such as raccoon, become victim of human. I told my colleague that if I ever see the guy who slaughtered the raccoons, I’m going to ‘kill’ him. However, my friend told me that killing won’t solve anything, as he is also need to earn for living, which he has a point.

Sometimes, never that I thought to see anything around that bothers me other than my family, friends and work. Yes, there are sometimes that I would go and pay a visit to old folks home in Taman Melawati or attend charity or AIDS volunteering program but after seeing the horrible video, there are those out there who face much worst than I am, so I am thankful for that.

I know that we spent almost two years back then in Geelong, Victoria buying few kangaroo skin for home decorations. Without realizing today, my home has now seems to be free from any of that. I don’t see any kangaroo skin or sheep’s skin lying on the floor in our living room. If I do see it in future, I would kept it in our store (Je ne peux pas le brûler ou bien ma mère serait folle à moi!). I’m glad to use Body Shop range as it’s free from animal-test. I think we need to think and act intellectually about it. From this moment on, I would like to ensure that neither me or my friends or anyone around me should wear any animal skin if possible especially fur. If there's a way we can do it, we can start by spreading this awareness. Killing precious creatures is not the best way to go especially the contribution is for cosmetic. So you ladies, just make sure you don't..

You can request for the video, if you have the courage to see it. Just a precaution, make sure you had your lunch or you’re not munching anything in front of this blog in your computer. Terrible things might happen. You might loose your mood or appetite to eat.

Chances Are:

This picture, which I like, was taken by my dear friend who is now in South France. Gabby, thanks! (Click for hi-res). Skali tengok cam bertapa la pulak! cheh..

'Wish I wasn't, in love with you, so u can un-hurt me'. I always listen to this song sang by Heather Headley. It's nice. To you, my love, there are times we can forget things but the love we have wasn't just love, it was a life. This is the chance for both of us to prove to ourselves that we can make it, till the end. I'm lost without you again, and not to be able to see you again, it would be helpless. But stronger I get, and learn from my mistake, as well as yours, all it takes for us to communicate with each other, that what keeps the day upon us full of sunshine. Never walk out of my life again.

* another spin...

Monday, November 28, 2005

From Paris with luv

Saturday was awesome. If it wasn't for Riz, I won't be able to experience the most funkies chillout club with Dimitri From Paris at Luna on a VIP pass :P. Hanging out with bunch of creative people from Leo Burnett (and Arc) and few from MFX, Luna was one of the probably best club I've been (for a long, long time) located on the top floor of Pan Global building, next to KL Tower.

I never thought of laying on the semi-sofa nearby the pool watching people having fun while listening to great music, especially when Dimitri From Paris was around. Wish I have the whole list of tracks that night. Thanks Riz!

Sunday? Three open house. I eat so much! From Riz's open house to Yunus (my collegue) and to my sister's (Abby) friend Zizie's open house, it was definately a 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. Yummilicious.

* two night of dance!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Art Exhibition @ Gema Rimba

Excited and nervous at the same time, I finally join the free-designer exhibition, this time with my juniours who's more successful, famous and artistic than me which includes my pet brother Saiful Razman and dearly sister Rina Shukor, along other

Art Show (Synopsis)
This group exhibition is the first in what is to become an annual Gemarimba Gallery event, where the gallery opens its doors to exciting young talents and established artists, with art works priced at below RM1000, done to make art more accessible to all.

Open House will feature some 60 works from 28 artists, showcasing everything from jewellery works by Terry Law to sculptures by Goh Chiu Kuan and even paintings by Suzlee Ibrahim, just to name a few.

Other participating artists are Abd Latiff Padzali, Abu Bakar Idris, Angie Seah, Baktiar Naim Jaafar, Filib Schurmann, Hasanul Isyraf, Juita Jaafar Manap, M. Bakir Baharom, M. Fazli Othman, M. Firdaus Shah A. Karim, M. Radzi Ismail, M. Razif M. Rathi, M. Sarip Abd Rahman, M. Suhaimi Ahmad, Maggie Tan, Muid Latif, Niki Cheong, Norhaslinda Nordin, Nurul Aida, Rina Abd Shukor, Saiful Razman, Salmah Ali, Sharaad, Wan Mohd Zulkifli Wan Yaakob and Yazila Yaman.

Map to GemaRimba

Sun 27 Nov - Mon 26 Dec 2005

Gemarimba Gallery
B-8, Taman Tunku Apartments,
Taman Tunku, Bukit Tunku, 50480,
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603- 6201 3505

Tues - Sun: 11.30am - 8pm;
Mon: By Appointment Only

Admission: FREE

For futher information, you can visit the link provided below :)

Thanks guys! Oh..and credit goes to Rizal & Suzanne for helping me out with the canvas.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's A Designer's Life! (Part 4)

It seems obvious what we have seen in today’s design community. Either we aware or not, besides plagiarism, there are more things that reflects the growth of the local wired culture. I’ve been in communities for years, but recently, we are able to see a lot of new young and emerging designers put priority not on their works, rather their appearance (face, name and glamour). So how can we see passion in designers today?

Are we vain?
Can we entitle ourselves designers or celebrity? There are so many ‘celebrities wannabe’ out there who don’t understand the definition of DESIGNER and CELEBRITIES. Why do I relate to celebrities? One of the few example, there are few individuals who likes to approach to online communities, portal, medias and press carrying the title 'designer' but none of that particular person show how strong his/her ideas & concept. Hmm.. talk about getting famous for nothing? It's like you join a reality-show (for example, Malaysian Idol and such) to gain popularity, being featured his/her face in TV shows, newspapers and magazines without realizing the fact that his/her album only sell less than 15,000 unit? That's what's going on in both industry. We want to be so popular as whatsoever we want to call ourselves but we don't care to emerge, improve and grow from our work, taking on step ahead further. I mean, I had that problem once, but when I mix with different crowd, you will get to see and experience more. You learn more, you gain more creative. You take risk to explore and try out new things. I start out using Photoshop, now I love to use Illustrator which I thought I can never use any of the tools. I never thought doing graffiti can be so much 'fun', where I discovered how to differentiate thick and thin lines, working out a throwup in dark and that feeling when you felt like someone is watching you ;-). I began to carry my sketch book everytime I went out of the house. Like Shieko (one of my mentor) said, keep drawing, you will master it. So what do I have to say when I refer to celebrities? Joshua Davis. WWFT (Mike Cina & Young). There are more! This people have passion as an artist/designer/ideas/and achieve themselves as a star.

Designers invent, recreate, design, Celebrities live for what their put their effort on – work, and taking the advantage of it to gain more business, but we locals seeing it as popularity, not to work hard and smart to get more income in our lives. Why do we see so many young designers out there emphasizing on their name so much, yet we see less work, which doesn’t assemble with the quality of work they do. So, are they to into themselves?

Not revamping, not facelift but recycling your ancient work
I came across many websites especially the local designers. This is by no means to put their self-esteem away, but rather to take this so-called issue for positive act and finally to find a solution. When I browse their website or portfolio, what I can see is only a huge label of names (example ‘AZMIL MUSTAFA’) which however showcase such a small amount of work. It is more tragic to see the work that they had showcased is from their very own college work, which happens to be way back years ago. Do we ever came across our mind that there are web visitors out there who has been following our works and progress? The answer is yes. Like art, an artist MUST NOT recycle back their artwork. They are hurting their collectors and buyers.

A lot who claim to be web designers could not even figure out how layout works. Why? Don’t use a blogger template or some other templates to layout your portfolio. It’s not a professional way to do it. If you want to be smart, there is a way and we called it ‘creative modification’. This is because YOU are building your brand through a website; you want to sell your own idea, NOT from other people’s idea or work. If you said you don’t have the time to build your website or a portfolio, there’s always time. We designers also should read more, do more research and be mature in our creative thinking. Don’t ever be in one circle of community, mix and communicate because communication is important, and it’s the key to all of us, designers.

* more to write ;)

Monday, November 21, 2005

another obstacle, another day...

Private Graf Session with ARTVST, Shieko and our ultimate DELTA!
Private Graf Session with ARTVST, Shieko and our ultimate DELTA!

So so many stuff to update, so little time. You guys can visit my fotopages for updates on iDN trip to Singapore. I'm working on so many stuff including upcoming art exhibition at Gema Rimba in Damansara on the 26th of November. Moga ada rezeki
lah hendaknya....

For my friends who came to my open house (part 1), thanks for coming. Riz Ainuddin, BJ, Ika, Rahim & Family, you guys are most unexpected guest ever! Many thanks!

Muid @ Bangkok
Click to see this pic in hi-res, from Bangkok with luv

Reschedule my time
Yes, been having trouble sleeping so I'm currently trying to get back to the system. Multivitamins, Tongkat Ali and Ginseng will be my pet for timebeing.

Other than that, reading more books and I had started back my water color sesion. Need a lot of improvement on this. Let see how my new direction goes.


Google seems to be getting busy day by day, with much success. Now you can
post classifieds and ads at Google Base!

Ok, I'm pretty much of a Windows user now but Tiger has never been better. With better UI, Microsoft will be releasing Windows Vista soon. To support or not?

We all know Favorite Website Awards (FWA) features stunning website across the gallaxy, now revamp with funkylicious front+backend. Way to go guys!

Have u guys seen V for Vendetta starring Natalie Portman? She's wicked!

For futher updates on the Malaysian Kancil Awards 2005, check out Riz's bloggie.

*looking back at my past to find out what really accure..what I do wrong. Another new resolution for me to upgrade myself for a better 'Muid'.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Farewell Ramadan, Welcome Syawal

Now that Ramadhan is over, there will be no more of money- saving for me and this month will be ‘an expensive’ month as I had almost spent my money for Raya (Eid Aidilfitri) preparation. Starting with car service, Raya ‘shopping’ (I hate that word) with nice t-shirts and clothes. Then I bought Adidas shoe (here we go again), ‘belanja’ (bought) Abby a pair of really nice MNG shoe, then The Body Shop line (yes, I’m getting old and need some skin-care as describe by my physician). I bought more supplement multivitamins and last but not least, I bought more of ‘barang dapur’ (grocery). I never thought buying grocery can be so expensive these days (well, actually depend on what you need), for RM60 spent on ‘lite’ food (which can only last 3-4 days) is really expensive, but to think that I usually top-up or reload my prepaid mobile with RM60 twice a month, I think it’s worth lah.

We had recently went back to Ipoh & Batu Gajah, Perak with my family back to our hometown. Thought of having an open house, but I forgot that this entire week, I will be in Singapore for iDN DesignEdge conferrence. I will be continuing my DMP revamp for the entire month. I don’t want to talk a lot on office work, God knows why. More than 50 mocks produced in just one month. To me, it's a great practice.

For 'other' side of the story of my Raya, kindly proceed to my sister's blog.

Self-improvement (again)

I’m converting myself
as a 'vegetarian' starting this month, as a result of Gaby (My French dearest friend) taught me how to make French Salad. I’m making and eating as much salad as I can (I once hate anything green on my food) and eat less ‘red meat’ as possible. I like the Arabian Salad at Food Court, KLCC. It’s nice. Talk about KLCC, last Saturday we had our breakfast (Iftar) at KLCC. The usual cast are SWS (with Ewas, finally!), Rooty & Zul, Perez & Emma, Yadd, Iki & SamWise. And I just had visited Sona / Mika's Open House in PJ with such nice makan-makan, along all his mat salleh uncles and aunty speaking French. Haha...

I bought few books and magazines, including ‘Learning French Audio CD’ which currently ‘invaded’ my iPod (besides the marvelous Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Kelly Price, Melly Goeslow and Adibah Noor). Walking everyday now and then with ‘Berlitz: Rush Hour Express French’. It’s really effective and will buy Japanese & Italian soon. Oui! As ya’all* know, Apple is facing another lawsuit from it’s consumer for iPod Nano, so I’m not planning to buy new iPod anytime soon. If ONLY I have extra budget, I would rather just buy the new iPod video (where I can enjoy watching Samurai Champloo Season 2 on-the-move) which I might be getting it somewhere in December or January next year together with the nicely-designed Seiko Chronograph watch which I had been eyeing for the last two weeks (and I know it’s the watch I can afford to buy*).

*In American-African tone / expression

The Magic Mind

I already began my research on Islamic Rug design and ceramic design for my new artworks for 2006. You guys might wanna check out few great new book releases at the Gift shop of Islamic Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, I got an upcoming art show this 28th of November where I will showcase my web installation series (digital print on canvas) and my new mix media artwork for sale. Another side income I have to make in order to help my family (especially my sister Aniq who’s getting married this December). I hope I will participate and submit more works to magazines such as Juice, KLue, Play (Singapore) and Territory 5. Everytime I hang out with Orkibal, Shieko, almost the entire SWS team, I felt very inspired and envy, that they all can do great characters and can come up with brilliant ideas. I love hanging out with them, you'll get more creative and think out of the box. Can't wait to see the ARTVST team in Singapore. Which remind me to call up Suzane of Izu Gallery to assist me on canvas.

The new look for Raya / End Year 2005

I’m now back in my botak (bald) look, I want to keep it this way lah. It’s been so hard to manage a hair, plus I get to save my money on ‘Minyak Rambut’, Hair Gel and stuff).

Have you try the personally test?

I was given the opportunity to become the Final Judges (for the 2nd time) for the Philippines 6th Web Awards along other top super guru’s such as Joshua Davis, Carole Guevin, Drew Europeo and the rest, so I found out one great community portal which have this interesting personality test. I got 6 points and it’s worth trying. Anyway, you guys can start voting for cool & great websites over PWA official site.


About My Blog

First of all, I don’t really like writing this, but I need to justify myself in my own blog. I’m just seeing a lot of true colors of people lately. Sometimes it can be quite offensive to talk about people. I just want to make this blog as a part of my virtual place to meditate and express myself. However, there has been few temper tantrum visitors who express ‘negative comments’ about my attitude or my personal life. This blog had been created to express myself what I feel to write and what I like to have because I own this. Critics I most welcome is that I love to accept anyone giving me motivation, tips, improving my writing (especially my spellings and grammar mistakes).

So, having said that, I decided to remove my ‘Shoutbox’. It’s useless to see such person ‘abuse’ technologu. You see, bangsa lain bagi ucapan ‘Salam Raya’ (Like Caryn, Chris Goh, & My dear friends like Godot, Deheart, Awan and the rest. Yang Melayu tu tak habis-habis khianat bangsa sendiri. Never ending ‘Your Wrong, I’m Right battle’ la kan. Sometimes I don’t even know why the waste their time reading my blog if they found my blog is annoying to them, why they keep coming back? Look, there are thousand of creative out there made it well and of course, much more successful than I am, and I’m glad to learn from them and be a part of them, I got lots of things to catch up and still learning. I have the privilege to become someone who had inspired the new generation of designers. So if you said my work is not important, honey, believe me, it’s really important. Most important is that for you to keep up with me either my life is like cats and dogs or sunny days; I’m all good and fine. I get paid for what I do and a part from that; I channel my experience to the new generation for the better future careers. At least, it all paid of as few did email me and thank for giving them something to share. So to these haters, doesn’t mean you work in some big agency or some big production house, doesn’t mean you can talk cock like you’re the 10 years of expert, action speaks louder than words, dude. If you have the balls (or pusshy), prove not only to me, but to the youngsters out there that you’re not f*cking scared to channel and share your knowledge and experience to others. Tak elok kedekut ilmu. Another thing, pick on your own size la kan. For example, jangan la you drive Hyundai ke, Kia or Toyota ke, nak berlumba dengan Proton Saga or Perodua Kancil kan? Itu namanya looser.

Anyway, I’m not really mad, just want to let some of you visitors know what’s going on. From today on, I will talk more about sharing ideas & experiences. Banyak sikit pahala dari dengar/layan orang yang dah tentu tak tenteram hidup menyakitkan hati aku nih. Hampeh.

Now, this blog is officially under >disclaimer<.


Monday, October 31, 2005

Salam Lebaran

Bermulanya detik aku menarikan jari jari membentuk sebuah karya. Sudah sekian lama aku tidak menyentuh kain kanvas. Agar kali ini, adalah datangnya rezeki dari seorang seniman, yang sudah lama terpendam didalam sanubari.

Angin mengusap pohon-pohon palma di horizon rumahku, tinggal lagi beberapa hari menjelang Syawal. Dan kali ini aku berhajat untuk mengucapkan Salam Lebaran buat semua sahabatku, musuhku, dan tak kira dimana jua berada. Moga-moga kalian berwaspada, dan senantiasa mengingati orang tercinta diwaktu kalian pulang ke kampung halaman.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Focusing on the right decision

We wonder and think about how complex it would be when it comes on choosing the right decision on what we plan to have in our life. However, what we never consider for the first five second is what we really want and what we need. It comes a time our mind was too clouded with temptation that drives us, at the end, taking the wrong step and decision. Then there’s ‘I should have bought this instead of this one’.

Last week, I had numerous of ‘possessions’ over few items I plan on buying and I couldn’t decide what I really want and needed. First, it was the Adidas shoe (Nice black half-shell toe), then it was the portable MP3 player (iPod Video), then the mobile phone (Sony Ericsson), followed by the idea of getting a watch (Seiko) after having a work-breakdown-mood in my room. My mind got so messed up, I got so stressed so I decided to go for some mind-relaxing time at Berjaya Time Square for almost two hours. As I got there, I passed by few store and abruptly remember what happen three days before in KLCC where my officemate bought an Adidas jacket & t-shirt worth over RM1,000.
So, I was thinking, am I really up to that level of enthusiasm? What is it with me? Why do I have to buy lifestyle culture and since when I start to care what people think of how I look? I guess I have to refuse. I drove back home and passed by the houses and seen all these kids and family walking along the sidewalks and living a normal life. They was never bothered of brand (But surprisingly they are so crazy over local reality shows like Akademi Fantasia).
I think it’s time for me to focus on my decision and think about long term. I don’t need to buy it just because people ask you or encourage you to buy it. I really can’t hope for that ‘magic card’ I still carry around in my wallet. It scares me. So, this upcoming Raya, I’m getting a mobile phone (Sony Ericsson) because I’ve been borrowing my little brother’s mobile phone for over two month. It’s something that I feel I really need. Anyway, since I’m going to Singapore next month for iDN, it’s an opportunity to get myself an iPod Nano in Singapore. And why is that? Apple Malaysia charges more than RM200 for Nano (here, it’s RM969) compared to the price in Singapore which is around RM750. I will still have to sell out my iPod Shuffle (there are few interested individual who I’m counting on). I think of it this way; buy the most necessary stuff I want and need slowly without having to get everything on the plate. Gosh, why does everything have to be this month anyway?

Two Saturday Evenings (Caution, my blog uses foul language)

The last two weeks I had was such an amiable journey. The month of Ramadhan has always been an interesting month. In actual fact, I had obtained new things, new perspective in idea development, creativity and above all, the bona fide truth that somewhat I never considerate in my life.

On the evening of 15th of October, Shieko, Orkibal, Sona, Drew (Apek), Tha-B and his girlfriend and I spend our Ramadhan breakfast at McDonald’s Awan Besar (along KESAS highway In Selangor-Kuala Lumpur). The clouds were in ‘sour times’. But that doesn’t stop us from our usual monthly gathering (now added weekly!). We had plenty of delicious ‘Grilled Chicken Fold over’, ‘McChicken’ and other lip-smacking meals from McDonalds (It was the great Ramadhan buffet, where you only pay RM18 Ringgit for countless of meals).

We spent times talking about our art works, creative issues, endless jokes and of course, controversial topics related to the “Malaysia Graffiti scene”. As some of you would figure, there has been a major ‘plagiarism’ made by a local ‘artist’ who fought against Asia’s renown street from Singapore. I found this case was very pitiful. Next!

Now, on the 22nd of October (which is last Saturday), there had been another great ‘buka puasa session’ (gathering) for our Ramadhan breakfast (or in Arab, we call it as ‘Iftar’, thanks Bayah!) at Restoran Selera Kampung nearby Sogo, Kuala Lumpur. This time, the crowd is much larger. We we’re invited by COA (Children of Art) for this occasion (correct me if I’m wrong). Besides COA, The ordinary guys to be seen on the gathering is non-other than Shieko, Orkibal, Rooty, Afro Meow, Mr. Arul, Akira, Zul & his friend. We had such a great time, with jokes and hear a lot of unexpected stories, gossips and stuff. I guess it’s all paid off after working earlier that day. There’s always hard work, and pleasure at the end of the day.

The meeting didn’t just finish there. We continue our giggles and sketching-session in A&W Restaurant, just 3 shops away from the place we left. Since it’s getting late, we wrap up with cigarettes and read few ‘wisdom visuals’ from the magazine PLAY brought by Orkibal. I went back with Orkibal by LRT Star. Anyway, the black-dressed girl who sits besides me was really ‘inspiring’ in the train. We got of the same station and left Orkibal to another station. Wonder if I ever bump into her?

Illustrated by Shieko, colored by Muid.
Illustrated by Shieko, colored by Muid.

By the way, have you guys watched Final Fantasy? It’s just breath-taking. What can I say, it’s just blow your mind away. I’m waiting for Samurai Champloo (season two) which I believe to be will release by end of this year. So much to see, yet so little time.

My recent sketch of Papa Afro & interpretation of Miss Rooty’s character
My recent sketch of Papa Afro & interpretation of Miss Rooty’s character (Jangan marah Anna!)

Where Shall Thou Art ‘Twelve Years’ from now?

I’ve been taught arts for over seven years (including at my high school, form 4 & form 5). I mean, I had the privilege learning arts under the wings Prof. Ramlan Abdullah, Prof. Zakaria Ali, Prof. Tajuddin, Yussof Ghani, Shukri, Jailani Abu Hassan, Prof. Zuraika, Dr. Muliyadi, Prof. Ponirin Amin (Gosh, so many Professors) and other great masters in local arts scene, but seldom claim myself as an Artist, yet prefer to be called myself a Designer. As the matter of fact, I love being a designer. I never argue or have the impudence to protect my work with arts and philosophy or terms because it’s sometimes deceiving. I like to talk and discuss on real facts, what has influenced my artwork which I frequently relate to culture and experience, not by wisdom or quote of artists. I just feel that it there only to support in terms of documentation or writing a thesis. I prefer not to use art education or education as a weapon to attack people’s artwork or to protect myself. (Well, some people I’ve met like to abuse education and use it as a weapon). I hope some of you be able to avoid this kind of inaccuracy and strive to stay positive when accepting muddle that you had created.

Today I’ve undeniably learn something really exceptional. I feel that art comes not only by reading but most important by practicing. Only by practical, an artist can reflect themselves in their artwork, not just by saying or criticism. Always see, look, explore, think, generate and create an action. Write down our ideas and inspiration visually, because that’s where real arts come into us. Not just by reading books and expect that we can create an artwork out of it. What do you guys think? Comments are welcome.

To The one I once called ‘lover’

Love was never gone, but only hidden; I break the silence for the past seven years until the word ‘adequate’ retort. I don’t fancy you any longer. You were never meant to lighten up my life. The truth was you only care to indignant people around you, which you are good at, Just another moon river; you are a falsehood, a heart breaker.

Tatkala hidup amat sukar bila ku renungkan kembali kisah yang indah dibawah yang pernah membahagiakan diriku. Hari berganti hari, kita masih naïf terhadap suatu kepastian yang akhirnya membawa diri kita kepada ketewasan jiwa. Kini yang ku lihat hanya serpihan rohani yang lusuh, memakan diri dan masa. Namun. aku tetap mengambil jarum kehidupan dan menjahitkan kembali satu persatu hati dan jiwaku agar pada suatu hari ada datangnya cinta yang tulus ikhlas dari insan yang benar-benar menghargai dan memahami erti ikatan tanpa dihimpit keraguan dan kesangsian.

* what a feeling…the aroma of fresh morning breeze coming from the window in this room makes me so feel so tranquil.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Those Hectic Days

I’ve never been busy my entire life. But for the past two weeks has truly challenged me of who I am, as a creative thinker. I’d produced twenty design mocks for 4 days. There’s a lot of things happened for the past two weeks after my return from Bangkok. Currently I’m reading ‘Trading Up’ by Candace Bushnell. Don’t be surprised! It’s great. Never felt better after reading the slow ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell. I think ‘The Tipping Point’ is much better.

iDN Design Edge 2005

I had the privillage to go with my creative team to DesignEdge this November. I'm meeting up my friends like Killergerbil, ARTVST, Roger Tan, Bigbros workshop, Junkflea, and other Indonesia designers. COA, 84Cube and other great Malaysian designers. It's the gathering for creative! yeay!

Kini Hanya Buaian Mimpi

Bila mimpi pudar,
Jiwaku lusuh pergi dari tirai kamar,
Cinta yang dulu kutemui berpisah semula,
Memakan masa mengantikan hari-hari hitam,
Namun cahaya kini tinggal pudar,
Yang kubawa hanya titisan air mata,
biarpun azam agar terus mekar,
aku masih mencari cebisan hatiku yang terluka.

Soulguy, finally! been waiting for this for so long. Thanks for writing such a beautiful song. 'Fantasi Sebuah Cinta' by Adibah Noor is something extra-ordinary unique, promosing work I ever heard from you. Cheers bro!

Adibah, thanks for the lovely conversation. It was a great honour to finally talk to you. Hope I can contribute my creativity in your future production years to come.
"Sememangnya Adibah Noor teristimewa" - Sultan Muzaffar.

To my friends, those two are my brilliant respectful friends and wish you guys to find ways and opportunity to buy Adibah Noor's 'Yang Teristimewa' album, which is available at major record stores such as Tower Records for RM20. Let's support real talented artist and not wasted on Akademi Fantasia (sorry ya SM, harap tak ambil hati).

* jalan yang masih jauh.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This House Is Not A Home

The smell of the fresh midnight breeze filled in the vicinity of our house’s front yard. The moon seems to be glowing each moment and the atmosphere was so scenic. So silence it was, now and then but this time it was dissimilar.

As I enter the door, standing right in front of me is the living room. I was stunned. With such tranquility transformation of interior design, our living room was redecorated with a mixture of oriental & British look-and-feel spreading up the space in our house. I adore it. I guess Mama sure have that Ramadan spirit going on a.k.a. early bird special.

Now, let’s wind back exactly what happened on the 28th of September to 2nd of October. I will elucidate what exactly happened to me. It wasn’t just the luxurious journey, but it was the wonderful escapade I had experienced with my beloved company (trip) in Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand. The four days three nights was one hack of a ride of adventurously fun expedition & of course, such an anti-stress vacation, not forgetting, we had experience really bizarre situations and moments. Hint, have you seen James Bond VISA ad which also features Zhang Zi Yi taking their ride with Tuk Tuk? (Thailand term for Taxi)

After two weeks I had joined back my previous company (where I had been working in the year 2001), my AE (Account Executive) informed me that I have the opportunity to; and has given me such an exclusive privilege to join the company’s trip to Bangkok, Thailand. It wasn’t my first time in Thailand, but what matters to me was it was a fully sponsored trip. I was so excited because I was able to get the chance to know my entire colleague personally and to have more good times with them. It was nice.

Day 1:
I woke up at 4 am. I couldn’t get much sleep. I charged my iPod and had already put my bag pack in the living room. Right about 5:50 a.m., My dad sent me off to Bandar Tasik Selatan’s KLIA Express. 10 minutes before the train arrival, I just freaked out that I left my iPod in my room. I got really frustrated. It’s like ‘mati bini’. Once arrived at KLIA, we went to have our breakfast at McD’s after receiving brief from Alex, one of our tour guides. 8:40 a.m., we went off to Bangkok.

We arrived around 10:50 a.m. and off to Pattaya. Once there, we went to check-in at Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya and half an hour later, we went to massage centre. We spent 2 hours there, and it was pleasant. The massager kept on squeezing my ass, for a freaking long time. I felt ackward. Right after the massaging session was done, I went to ask the guys if their massager did the same thing, and they got it too. The whole group was ‘re-freshed’ ala F5. Can or not? We had our dinner at night in some Thai restaurant. I still trippin' over for not bringing my iPod. Son of a b***&!

Day 2:
We had a nice breakfast. The team got out to land ourselves at the pool side. And yes, I got thrown in the pool by bloody Soffian, Yunus and Shukri. Damn it. We played water polo and went to the Spa. It was soooooooo nice to get ourselves into hot steamy shower (no really, real steamy shower), sauna (with the girls too), Jacuzzi and the freezing cold i-dunno-what-to-say-either-it’s-a-tub-or-pool thing, but it was freezing like koyunalawallayaya!

We checked out of Hard Rock Hotel at 12:30 p.m. but 30 minutes before that, I managed to buy few t-shirt, Bermuda pants and a wallet in their shop (I thought I told Yunus NOT to use my credit card, then there goes my ‘swipping’ session again, bugger!).

Soon after, we went to Gem Gallery at Pattaya. The place is wholly immense and we had a small train ride ala Petrosains at KLCC. I bought a small number of beautiful bracelets for my family (which they all including mum). I also bought myself a blink-blink. Nice earings, nigga-style!
Then it’s time for us to chow and push off to Bangkok. The journey took us 2 hours. Me & Soffian mostly spent time looking at cool Toyota Hilux & Fortuner. Dem nice.

Me at Amari Waterfront Hotel Lobby

We reach in Bangkok and check-in to AMARI Waterfront Hotel (such a beauuuutiful hotel, period!). After that we went of to Chaktuchak, one of Bangkok famous shopping bazaar. Once we reached there, we sip ourselves into the passage of shops and human. The weather was so freaking hot, it melted my body and my pants and God know which other parts of the body lah… and everyone else there. Hate it, but we have no alternative. Funny that I remember Soffian (our cool IT specialist) gave us this bright idea to walk back in our Hotel I bought plenty of t-shirts and clothes. One is the great Mongolian + Nepalian top (mostly can be found in British India) which I think they (Malaysia) sell it for more than RM300 Ringgit. I got it in Chaktuchak (like Central Market) for a very nice price.

Night time?
We had a slumber party! Best siout. And FYI, I don’t get drunk. I’m happily alive and well. I even had a small performance. I don’t know what happen but I know it was Day 3 when I woke up.

Day 3:
This is where I decided not to elaborate too much of my stuff so you readers don’t get annoyed with my long post ya… checkout the pictures uploaded via my fotopages.

Me at Amari Waterfront Hotel Lobby

I will take some of Yunus quote from his blog and let ya’all decide to drop by his nicely written blog or not, if you don’t visit, I will hate ya’all forever sebab you guys tak interested to know what happen with us at Bangkok :P Whatever it it, it was surely fun.

Selamat Berpuasa!
Tomorrow will be the 1st day of Puasa and I’m still in the office perah-hing my creative juice to work on few projects. Since it’s Ramadan, I’m sure everyone is very dried-up.

It seems that there’s so countless ‘phenomenon’ I face this month. Dawn from my relationship which I had built in such a short term (believe me, long distance relationship never work) to work (where our company gain two awards last week, yeay!), to my dearest friends and family and of course, all around me.

The Breaking Up Season

This is definitely a fact. You can see it anywhere, it happens, period. It’s a disaster but also an escapade of commitment and responsibility to certain of us.

Sometimes we thought love really exist in this world, it could be true, but it's a lie and it only appears as a disquise. No matter what happen and it's a never-ending battle. You can blame him or her, creating that men versus women. Now check this out, guys would think women just for sex, women just think guys can only make them happy by buying things, this or that (materialistic).

As far as I experience, my last relationship was the worst thing that can happen in my life. Such a big sacrifice I had made, to build up an honest, genuine love but it end up with few words from my lover, 'let's just be friend'. My heart just collapse to see such cheap love is. It's so easy to end up, after building it for a while for absolute ambigious reason. Whatever it is, it really taught me well what is life. I don't blame anyone if they hate the world 'love' cause I already know what it means. It means nothing.

I found few cases as well relating to my issue, for instant, I have my friend Zamdee telling me about divorce. Now talking about divorce, my dear friend which I prefer to call her 'Heart' also now a single mum, after building a marrige empire which doesn't last long. It's even worst to found out (suprisingly!) my best friend Yunus also broke up with his girl after building such a great relationship for more than 4 years. You see, the same case goes to my friend Alfred, where the girl decide to choose 1% of the guy where Alfred got the 99& love and key factor to the relationship. Yes, Yunus was in that situation too. It's pathetic to see why women can be so blind, mind and heart.

I finally come to a conclusion:
I feel I don't need to get married.

If I'm wrong, there's always an alternative:
If so, I would look for a contract wife for an amount of year where both party agrees. Or another alternative, going to freaking fu*king long procedure of adopting a son or a daughter. There's another 'acuh-tak-acuh' promise I made with my cousin if we both can't find our partners, we marry each other even though it could be a disaster. Or else, you can always pet a cat or a dog and watch them die 5 more year and buy a new one. Viola!

An escapisim to emo and distress!

Personally, I bought two precious item for my Raya (whatever term) which is Adidas All Odd (It's all caused by my friend Yunus had poisoned me to get one of those, and Sony’s Fontopia superb earphones for my iPod. Nyze! I will definately get Adidas Mexico next month. Let see if the Lomo deal with my friend will work. What else to buy... a car? Will know next year then. Bloody Rafidah!

* last dance. The walk begins.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel

Disini berakhirnya epilogku

Berlapis-lapis ku ungkapkan kata – kata hikmah,
Yang mempersonakan jiwaku berbicara tentang cinta,
Dijiwa hanya Tuhan sahaja yang Maha mengetahui,
Betapa indahnya Cinta mencorak hatiku ini.

Namun, cinta belayar pergi, berlabuh takkan pulang,
Kini ku sedar apa erti kekosongan,
Kini ku sedar apa erti pilu, menghempas hatiku ini,
Walaubagaimana sekalipun ku kutip mencantum semula,
Retak dan parutnya masih terpahat.

Ku tahu ianya tanda kebijaksanaan yang Maha Esa,
Yang sentiasa menguji diriku ini,
Menguji mana sebenarnya,
Yang panas dan mana yang sejuk.

Masa singkat selama empat purnama,
Akhirnya ku tewas, kabur dan menyelubungi muka jiwaku,
Menutup hikayat yang pernah ku ingin rampaikan dan sampaikan,
Walaupun ku sedar suatu masa ia akan mekar semula,
Ku hanya serahkan segalanya pada kehendakNya.

Warna Kehidupan

Pelangi menerangi indah di ruang angkasa di petang yang sayu. Titisan langit selama dua jam tadi di iringi alunan melodi yang menemaniku, melangkah menjejaki jalan-jalan yang dimandikan titisan langit, menaiki ‘motokar beluncas’ menuju pulang ke rumah. Ada ketika aku ketawa kecil walaupun hatiku sayu akibat kecuaianku dalam mempercayai diriku, namun aku patut menerima padah akibat membeli pekej Cinta. Nampaknya ia tiada penghujung kerna hatiku menutup sudah semakin hari menutup istilah itu dan tidak mahu mengundang ia kembali. Dalam minda dan hatiku cuma inginkan lebih ketenangan, lebih kesabaran, lebih ketabahan dan kekuatan agarku boleh meneruskan corak seharianku. Kini, aku kembali ke Persatuan Luka Hati, kembali ke dunia individualisma, dunia hanya satu.

It's officially insecure, no heart that cares and leaving me in pain.
I guess this is how I should say.

Green Eyes - Erykah Badu
(Click here to download the song)

My eyes are green
Cause I eat a lot of vegetables
It don't have nothing to do with your new friend

I don't care, I swear
I'm too thru with you I am
You don't mean nothing to me
So go ahead and be with your friend

My eyes are green
Cause I eat a lot of vegetables
It don't have nothing to do with your new friend

I'm insecure
But I can't help it
My mind says move on
My heart lags behind
But I don't love you any more
I'm so insecure
Never knew that love did this
Ooh, ooh

I can't remember the last time I felt this way
About somebody
You've done something to my mind
And I can't control it
But I don't love you any more
Yes I do, I think
Loving you is wrong baby
Ooh, ooh

I'm so confused
You tried to trick me yeah
Ooh, ooh, oh
Never knew that love could hurt like this
Never thought I would but I got dissed
Makes me feel so sad and hurt inside
Feel embarrased so I want to hide
Silly me I thought your love was true
Change my name to Silly E. Badu
Before I heal, it's gonna be a while
I know it's gonna be a while, chile

I hope it's not too late
Too late, too late, too late
Feeling insecure
Your love has got me sore
I don't want no more

Just make love to me
Just one more time and then you'll see
I can't believe I made a desparate plea
Believe me yeah, ye-ah, no, oh
You see I can't leave, it's too late
I can't leave, it's too late
Don't you know, I can't leave, it's too late
Can't go no where, no
It's too late
It's too late
It's too late
It's too late yeah
Come on babe

Don't you want be strong with me
You told me we could have a family
Want to run to me when you're down and low
But times get tough and there you go
Out the door, you wanna run again
Open your arms and you'll come back in
Wanna run cause you say your afraid, afraid

Never knew what a friendship was
Never knew how to really love
You can't be what I need you to
And I don't know why i fuck with you

I know our love will never be the same
But I can't stand the growing pains


Lost in dust. Forever.

* almost the last dance...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

It’s Magic!

Wahai tangan yang diberi, tangan untuk menarikan kayu hikmat,
Wahai mata yang mampu melihat, mencari dan menerokai,
Wahai minda yang mampu mencipta, mencari dan melahirkan keindahan,
Wahai yang Maha Esa, berikanlah kami ilham dan kesabaran agar kami dapat berkarya.

Generating creativity and excellence in the past two weeks has been such a tremendous experience. To be able to work with highly talented team, most of all great leadership with full of positive mind-set and always, to be able to think outside the box.

Taken in a different perspective, it was a great ‘margin’ growth for me (in terms of my skillets), where I was able to create something far than I can expect in such a short period. Nevertheless, the people I work in this period of time has been such great company which I was once worked with them in 2001. Like Rashidin* said, ‘Baaaiiikkk punya!’ (means ‘verrryy good!’).

* Rashidin, is an ‘Otai’ (Master conceptualist) in XM as well as the whole creative team.

Now that I’m hanging out with Yunus, I’m gonna be injected with Adidas shoes and latest gears, which I find it verrry shagging baby, yeah! I’m finally buying a lomo camera from Faizal Reza. Wishing him the best of luck! (hope to be safe in his back-packing tour in Europe).

The Caring Dan,
Being such a great motivator, he’s a great company and always provides me with those FYI facts in instant (like hotspot lah…), yep, that’s my brother, Daniel. He has been ‘injecting’ me with positive way to stay healthy, In fact, he loves to give advices on food and he cooks great! Since I hang out with him, I managed to gain 2kg, with ‘upgraded’ parts of my body muscle grown as positive result of my workout, hoorey! Now, that Kanye West workout plan really works :P
He’s very much concern about me and very kind enough to send me off to work and call me up everyday just to check on my condition (due to my cold breakup).

I gotta tell ya’all how wonderful Ulu Yam is! Beautiful panorama view of the lake and the waterfall is just nyze! It’s refreshing and freakin’ chillin’. Me and Daniel went there last week and have our skin soak in the fresh water.

When it’s over
The hardest decision in my life has finally been made. There are no regrets, just like Robbie Williams sang in his song. I can’t afford to catch-up on this cold long distance relationship, it’s killing me, especially here in my heart, but it’s not the end of the world! I stayed positive, I’m much stronger. It’s about time I move on.

That's me, 2001 baby!

Moving On
Talk about moving on, I have the privillage to be one of the 8th Philippines Web Awards final judges (again, yeay!) with among the best judges around, from Inksurge, to Drew Europeo, to Carole of Netdiver, Joshua Davis and many great idols.

I got major revamp of my design skillset, I feel it and it's becoming more positive, although at some freaking time I can get uninspired and bloody-work-emo. But it's cool. I will be spending my time meeting my dearest friend Noni who's in KL now and will be at my brother's house this weekend to play PS2: Prince of Persia, Warrior Withn. Yeay!

Now, for laugh and giggle, listen me singing a verse of Anthony Hamilton's Since I've Seen You (here). Muid pandai nyanyi gak la.... kuang-kuang-kuang...

* wasn't my last dance at the club with Dan last week, yeay! wanna dance few more.

Friday, September 02, 2005

As Days Goes By (Part II)

Rangkapan Kata-kata untuk Kalian

Hatta, suatu ketika aku telah mengayakan kekhilafanku untuk menepati terma keegoan dan ketidakmatangan dalam erti kehidupan dan kerjayaku. Berulangkali aku bertindak terlalu emosional yang sedikit sebanyak memberi kesan seterusnya membentuk perwatakan pasif dan negatif yang senantiasa berbicara tentang perihal ketidaktenteram jiwa malah hasrat hati dalam menitik corak kerjayaku.

Namun, masa telah dihembus bayu bagaikan awan di langit yang biru. Aku mengerti akan warna kehidupan dan takdir yang perlu dinilai secara positif. Aku sedar akan iltizamku. Hari ini, aku memulakan langkah yang pesat untuk membentuk corak baru dalam lapangan kehidupanku, suatu pengajian yang baru yang mengalir seperti sungai , yang akan mengisi diriku dengan seribu satu ilmu. Hari ini juga, aku mahu mengubah persoalan kredibiliti aku sebagai seorang seniman dan juga ahli reka interaktif di suatu ‘daerah’ yang pernah membina kematangan dan pengalaman kerjayaku.

Aku kini percaya akan jari-jemariku dan permainan minda yang akan terus kekal kreatif yang akan membantu menyelesaikan permasalahan komunikasi visual. Aku ingin meneruskan destinasiku ini sebagai hamba yang mencipta, memberi dan menyumbang terhadap kemajuan budaya maya dan kehidupan rohani dan jasmani. Insya’Allah.


Back in those days!
Watching US Top 100 Billboard on Channel [V] yesterday reminded me of our dear Paula Malai Ali. This is the conversation I had with her on Channel [V] shootin'.

Paula Malai Ali & Muid Latif

Muid: Hey there, glad to see you here. (Abby was next to me)
Paula: Ouh, hello there.
Muid: I enjoy watching your show at Filusic in RTM Channel 2.
Paula: No, that's not me. That's my sister.
Muid: Oh.. you're Paula. Sorry, i thought you're Jenny :P
Paula: (Looked at me and go like 'deyme')

I had the worst conversation every with her :P. Well, after that I paid to see her once in Actors Studios and attend a charity benefit in KLCC (if I'm not mistaken). She musta-been like: 'duh.. Jenny is much famous than me?!? '

We start 'giggling' and Abby just 'knock' on my head off. We had our pictures taken with our dearest sweet Paula. Paula, if you happen to visit this blog again, girl, I'm really sorry girl. ;P


Love Tried To Save Me

These are my hands, but what can they give me?
These are my eyes, but they cannot see
These are my arms, but they don't know tenderness
And I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness
And loneliness has never been a stranger to me, but

Love tried to welcome me
But my soul drew back
Guilty of lust and sin
Love tried to take me in

These are my lips, but they whisper sorrow
This is my voice, but it's telling lies
I know how to laugh, but I don't know happiness
And I must confess, instead of spring, it's always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter, but still

Love tried to welcome me
But my soul drew back
I was covered with dust and sin
Love tried to take me in
Love tried to break me

And I must confess, instead of spring, it's always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter, but still.

Heart is one of the precious organs in our body. It’s funny how we are (Malay) translate it. It should be called ‘Jantung’, but instead, we call it liver (‘Hati’). I got shot by a cupid before, it was this year indeed. I felt so alive and contented. But I know somehow it will hurt me someday. But facing it has been the greatest challenge. Here’s what few of my dear friend advice me:

Abby: it’s up to you
Gaby: just forget about it sometimes, try not to think about it.
Daniel: It won’t last forever, no need to
Aniq: I have no single friends
Nonny: Yeah, right!
Shieko: Don’t worry
Perez: Dia busy kot. Give time :)
Awan: dalam hati ada perasaan. dalam perasaan lahirlah jiwa. dalam jiwa ada cinta, dalam cinta ada segala-galanya.
Azril: You want to meet up for a drink? we can talk about it..

A lot of them concern about me. Sometimes I got so emotional, afraid to let it go. When my heart is trying to keep love far from distance, somehow it won’t work. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the things we love the most. It’s a risk we must take. I remember reading ‘Tuesday with Morrie” and how the author describe about compassion and ‘buying’ thing. I just found out that I’m buying ‘love’ but I’m unsure about really happy of the ‘product’. Let’s just wait and see if my sayang would read this and see what my sayang thinks about it. Where are you? I miss u sayang. Please SMS me :)

Work updates
I've been intensively upgrade my skillset in flash & PHP, hence I had achieved much positive result. It's always been so good to be able to learn something new. This month I will be sorting out my portfolio and revamp 50% of (.ml - moedlatif) content and interactivity. I'm also currently upgrading DMP:2006 with new look-n-feel, it's going to be very fascanating as I had revamped the whole site and looking forwards for more content-improvement and much interactivity. In fact, I want to get back more traffic, since it's been passive for a year, because we, DMP Collective @ Did'jital Nu'santara have been actively participating in many local and South East Asia exhibitions and talk. Not to mention, I had a wonderful time at The One Academy (Final Year Multimedia student's) presentation and assesment. Nice meeting Jason from NagaDDB Malaysia. Thousand appreciation goes out to Sweii, for such a great company and the gift. Also, would like to thank DesignTaxi for credit-ing my name in their portal. It was nice meeting you guys!

I would like to congratulate both of my senior friend, Apai & Anajin for their new born baby. God bless you guys with all the best things in life :)

I heard about iDN DesignEdge2005 conference that will be in hold in Singapore this 11-13 November. I hope I can come there, and meet all of my Asian friends from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines & Australia. Hey, thanks to Illustration Mundo for featuring my illustration work.

* where is that dancefloor...?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Singa Menjelma Di Selatan Nusantara

The other side of the Country.

Almost 80% of the MRT user in Singapore carries portable music player, such as small cute thumbdrive MP3 player to Apple's iPod. In 7-11, they are selling it like selling curry puff, it's no longer a luxury. People are moving so fast and still, feel that humanity in each of them, (whatever I have said).

I met few yet most nicest people in town while I was at 'Temasek', namely Roger Tan, the owner of Shuffle Art, who brought me to so many nice places on the way to the opening exhibition of Design Taxi at Hills Creative Arts that night. Besides able to see and touch John Leigh of, Tokidoki, Basso & Brooke's artwork, I had the privillage to meet some of Singapore's finest creative such as Shaun & Irie of Neighbor, Creative Director of Hills Creative Art, Alex, FFurious Team, and friends like Regina, Gerald & Agnes of JunkFlea (Nice to see you guys again) and few others. A thousand appreciation goes out to you guys for having such good time and get to know you guys better in person. Mucho gracis amigos!

All Night...
Now, that's not all. E9's team; Irene, Henry, Vivian, Siew Ling, Agnes and Jason took me to a nice dinner at ThaiExpress in Singapore Plaza. It was a great opportunity to know them closer as they are so fun and cool to chill with. After dinner, I went to India Street to meet up my graffiti buddies, ARTVST. These guys are truely awesome and really find myself hanging out with comedians! To Lutfi @ KillerGerbil, thanks for introducing ARTVST. It was a great honour. Zack, thanks for sharing yor stuff with me, Zul / Lil Pink Devil, really 'lalok' one... so dem funny la!
So much fun and hope to see you guys again this September.

NotThatBalai 2005
Didjital Nusantara partlayin'

NotThatBalai 2005
Peter Hassan & Markiza (wife) performin' blues

NotThatBalai 2005
Perez posses for Shieko's illustration

NotThatBalai 2005
Aishah with her performing arts.

NotThatBalai? or going to another balai?
It was nice.. even thought I miss the opening ceremony on Friday night, I did came by the place on Saturday. The review was ok... but as usual, few 'confused' artless visitors still want to 'arrest' our commitment and effort. Whatever... at least I managed to catchup with COA, Art-tech, SWS, Orkibal, Perez, Rooty, Uncle Sam and few other nice fellaz. Aishah, your performance art was indeed American ;). It open my enthutiasm in art (especially installation!).
Well, apart of all, Shieko & Orkibal work's has been selected and published in New Straits Times & TheStar (click here to see)... and thanks for carrying Digital Malaya's Didjital Nusantara (again) to the press. Cheers!

Sekian lama sudah ku tidak melepaskan luahanku di jurnal ini dalam bahasa Melayu. Bukan tak inginkan, sebaliknya penguasaan bahasa ku terlalu klasik untuk mencatat segala rintihan harian dan kehidupan peribadiku di jurnal digital ini. Tapi, sejak menggulungkan getah lembut pada tetikus melayari jurnal digital si Awan, aku bersemangat untuk merelakan minda dan hatiku berpesta bahasa.


Ku harap perjalananmu di timur Nusantara,
dibekalkan doa tulus ikhlas oleh ananda,
dan ku harap moga Allah akan sentiasa disisimu,
melindungi dan menceriakanmu,
Mama, minta maaf diatas kekasaran ananda,
yang membuatkan hatimu terluka,
bukan kehendak dan nawaitul ananda untuk menjauhimu,
cuma titian masa dan komitmen ananda yang menjarakkan kita,
Pohon maafku wahai bonda.

To My Dearest Love

Miss you and love you so much. I am very fortunate to have you around and really glad you manage to get a job. Remember, never forget our relationship and love and don't let anyone take or steal our love. We've build to much and please don't loose this relationship we have. Be good and always keep your loyalty with me. I'm yours and you are mine.

This is for you; the title is Intralogi Cinta.

Intrologi Cinta

Mau kulepaskan dan sampaikan suara cintaku wahai kekasih,
ingin kugenggam nilai cinta dan kasihmu ini didalam sanubariku,
agar terus mekar dari terbitnya suria hingga tidurnya suria,
Mimpi-mimpi yang kulalui amat indah,
walaupun cinta kau kini nian jauh dihati,
amat ku rindukan mesra belaianmu,
walaupun ku tau dihati kau tetap mencintaiku
masa pantas berlalu, keluhan jiwaku ini menjerit memanggil kau,
Apa yang akan terjadi nanti wahai kekasih?
Hanya kita saja yang bisa tau segala-galanya.


* cinta takkan terlepas walau ditemui, masakan takkan kulupakan tarian kita dikala waktu kau bersamaku.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Smokin' Friday: Not That Balai...

Well, workin' is really an obligation, but when it comes to weekend, you have the entire two days to yourself, to do whatever you want, or maybe starting from Friday night.. This weekend, I have a choice; either I can take a hot shower, use body scrub, dip my leg in a bucket with hot water with rosy (rose) aromatherapy and sleep all day long. But the fact is right after finishing my work in the office on Friday night, I was rushing to meet up with Shieko, Perez, Orkibal, Sona and Drew who had recently got back from Australia. Well, I managed to arrived home around 9 pm and show my dad's company logo I had designed. Then I grab one spicy chicken which Abby bought from KFC and went of to pickup Orkibal and all of us went to Lost Generation Space at Jalan Permai, Taman Seputeh to setup our artworks.

More pics can be viewed at Shieko's fotopages.

We had graffiti on the wall of the nice house there, and had work continuously until Saturday evening. I was exhausted. We went to have our break at Burger King. I was so hungry I ate two cross potatoes, fries, one fish burger and one double cheese burger. At home, I ate my mum's laksa, which is so hot and nice....

Today, just finish doing an interactive piece for my first ever video installation for NotThatBalai exihibition. I just realized one thing that I'm happy to achieve, that is to do an interactive multimedia (Flash) with limited of time. Not like my final year back when I was in UiTM, I spent months and months just to do a normal piece of flash presantation, but since you are able to meet datelines regularly, you are able to develope a product so spontanously yet gives you the quality you desire. I guess it's all come to the effort and experience you have gain before plus with friends you hang out with...

I am very please to found out that my mentor, Hasnol J Saidon also will be featuring his work there. It's the year where I start back to become an artist, well, just for the weekend, and on weekdays, I never have the time to do my personal stuff such as art & digital designs... I was fully commited on my work and hope I can focus more. That's why I don't update for a loooooong time! But just now I manage to do a splash for DMP...and hope I can buy my weekend time with DMP and my artwork...

DMP new splash

I would also like to congratulate my dear friend, Riz Ainuddin & his wife, Raz, for their first daughter today. I'm so happy for him and his family and wish his family a blessful success and health.

Well, meeting up my friends tonight in Ampang for short yumcha, and will be a designer again, starting 9-6 pm till Friday. Yikes!


Never say 'I hope you still love me" because I told you before, no matter what happen, my heart stays forever with you. It has always been.. we are so far apart, but my life is so contented because I have you.
I love you so dearly... and hope you pray for our 'happiness' and always try to find the best way to keep us together. I miss you.

* waiting for you to dance with me again my love.....

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Versus: Art Communicates

Art defines as:
Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature.
1. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium.
2. The study of these activities.
3. The product of these activities; human works of beauty considered as a group.

High quality of conception or execution, as found in works of beauty; aesthetic value
Art communicates. It creates a relationship between an individual to another individual. We play our role as an artist to gather, communicate, assemble and inspire more artists, more talents, so we can create strong communities in the art industry.

However, people here in Malaysia abuses art. They try to set borders and limitations. Others who acclaim that they learn art and graduated overseas think different. I know few individual (artist) that shows their ‘art discrimination’ or ‘art racism’, who only select artist and individual who only graduated overseas to showcase or exhibit their work in an art gallery. It’s very obvious that ‘they’ wanted to form a different collective to dish out and put artist in hierarchy.

I am very concern about art education. It seems that our local education system would still think that art is redundant. That’s why we won’t able to see people around us who understand and appreciate art. And that is why our clients are born ‘artless’. For example, art education in America or western country is different. They (art educators) will teach kids in their kindergarten or junior not only to draw, but to understand art, how to see colors, learning the harmony of colors and even learning the history and the artists. In Malaysia, even if we have art education, art teachers who follow syllabus only teach student how to draw landscape drawing, portrait and simple subject matter which somehow doesn’t develop our art skills and our techniques.

Where thou art shall ‘stay’?
When I was a kid, long ago in our channel, we are able to see TV shows like Sesame Street, Art Attack, documentary of art, cartoons and illustrations that carries attention. I don’t see any local school have drawing competition anymore. I don’t see any school kids going in lakes or park in groups with their teacher to draw anymore.

Now, when I ask school kids on who are their favorite ARTIST, their answer was so simple; ‘Siti Nurhaliza’ or ‘Mawi’. I went berserk. That wasn’t the answer I seek for. I thought they would know who is Dato’ Lat, Ibrahim Hussein, Syed Ahmad Jamal, or at least Imuda (local comedian/actor who have crazy illustration works). I sighed, as to realize that the perception of ‘artist’ has changed forever. ‘Artists’ mean ‘recording artists’ to them, entertainers.

It’s one of the point why I wrote is post is because I see so many people are so judgmental and negative over Graffiti Art, which they consider as vandalism. It’s because they are not art-educated, neither in school or their family background. It sucks.

Study Case: Entertainment Industry
What Happened?

Let see what went wrong. Today, in Malaysia, is all about entertainment. It’s absolutely bullshit especially to see the Malays took it far to serious. Parents would rather spend their money to buy a VCD or DVD and let their kids watch uneducated movie such as ‘Sembilu” or “Cinta Fotokopi” which drives kids to negative mindset and turn them into love pigeons, who only cares about getting hookups with guys. Parents would spend hundreds of Ringgits buying ASTRO so that they can watch redundant program such as the lousy reality show, “Akademi Fantasia” who portrays local Malay (Muslim) untalented ‘pop-idols’ who spend their life doing useless activities, and doesn’t portray local ‘so-called-idols’ who doesn’t pray and full of fake dramas. It’s pathetic.
I still can’t figure out why it’s such a buzz to support untalented people who can barely sing well. Even the blind old man in Puduraya near Plaza Rakyat LRT Station (near the famous Kuala Lumpur bus station) can sing and play good music. Real music fades, popularity increases. It’s funny that all these recording artists in Malaysia actually didn’t do so well. They are so popular but their album sales are only less then 30,000 units. It’s a sick industry. Everyone can tell. And that is why Indonesian recording artists sells more albums rather then the local ones, because they are lack of quality, only try to be glamour which can only last a minute.

So what does our politician do? Do we really need to blame the government or we ourselves need to play the role in order to make sure our young generation understand and learn how to appreciate art? We will see.


It was indeed a blazing hot Saturday. After me, Daniel & Lekan (Dap) sent our dearest friend, Gaby & Cristelle (from France) at the KLIA airport, I went to sign on some documents and papers later with my papa at the Bank in Masjid Jamek. I reached home at 11:30 am and fetch my friend Azhar a.k.a Orkibal to join me for our UBU Graffiti session in Bangsar. Once we’ve arrived, we met Ghostfinger & Rooty.

In the Afternoon, I met the graffiti artist involved in the project on top of the roof of UBU/COA/MalaysiaKini building. We set our marks and all of us went to have our lunch at the Mamak (Indian-muslim) restaurant nearby.

With Beastie Boys playing loud on the roof top (thanks to Shieko for providing the CD), we started our graffiti with style, where Perez gets to shoot us an intro video using his expensive videocam, art directed by Shieko. The scene was like a Hotlink ad. Damn, it was hot. We were all dehydrated.

Joining me is Rooty, Tha-B, Ghostfingers, and the spectaculars like Orkibal from Artvts, SWS (Sembur With Style) Team; Shieko, Iwaz & Sona (Drew @ GhostOne is still in Australia), and last but not least is our fellow DMP member, Perez, with his first stencil of his logo ‘Perezoldschool’ :P We had so much fun and it was a successful event for us. The place we did our graffiti art (legal ya'all!) was at the rooftop near Putra Bangsar LRT Station. So you will get the chance to see our work behind the 7-11 store, of course at the roof top.

Checkout the graffiti pix at my fotopages:

Thousand of appreciation goes out to UBU for providing us the space, and to the great Graffiti artists involved. It was a great pleasure hanging out with you guys. Perez, sorry that we didn’t have the time to see your premier showcase of your video works later that night, but thanks for sponsoring us the 100Plus isotonic drink! Yeay! I hope you are feeling better now.

I would also like to thank everyone who came by and see our works, friends like Akira (, Rafil, Bell, Gerek & the gang, and the participants of the event.

Gaby & Cristelle
My new friends, which I forever enjoy your stay here in Malaysia. I will miss you guys and hope to see you guys in France in near future. There’s so much to talk about and catch up. Gaby, thanks for the wonderful words that hold the strength to let my love grow for my sayang. I never realize how much love is. It’s really in those loves songs. Lekan, thanks for introducing your crazy-cool buddies. Much love from me, baby.

Visit our photo album at:

To my Sayang,
I miss you so much. I’m sorry for all the things I’ve did to hurt you. I was being so self-centered which I shouldn’t have. I will let myself be more positive. Thanks to my friends who had supported me and carry many beautiful words and advice to keep me stay happy and alive. I love you. Loving you is amazing. I wish you upon success and prosperity back at Mauritius. Je viendrai pour vous mon amour..

* dancing with cans... that's right...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

As the days goes by....

Catching a bad fever is not what I have in mind. It’s been 3 days and I’m dying to eat nice food and do ‘normal’ things. I have to sleep early (in my term, 1am). I miss hot and spicy food. I felt so vegetarian right now (Abby, not Vegetable tau...)

Anyway, I’ve my mind is getting more hair-wired, apart of settling my previous debts due to my previous %uc&up company back in KLCC who still haven’t paid their employees for almost 2 months, they still owe me 1k. My parents said to forget about it and move on. It’s been tough, but thank God if it’s wasn’t for freelance, I might not be able to sit in front of the computer today. I make RM500-2000k per week, however, on 24th of June, I decided to work on a 9-6 basis job. At least, I have the chance to receive permanent and stable income.

I’m not sure what my life is heading, but I’m taking it positive. I’m now working with a Singapore based company which I found very remarkable. I still trying hard to fit in and trying to find ways to improve myself and learn more new things around.

My dearest and sweet love
The person who I misses most my dear Sayang. It’s been awhile, and challenges is getting more serious everyday. We are able to talk on the phone and SMS. Just that. I miss touching my sayang’s face and those beautiful kisses. Miss walking on the streets of KL with my sayang.. it’s been hard and my sayang always told me to be strong. I’m trying to balance myself. I pass numerous things but my heart, still carry and burden me with clueless emotion which somehow rampage to scream out loud. Dear God, I love you for showing me the sign to stay strong.


Exhibitions, yes. Graffiti, yes. Being a part of guest photographer for DailyMalaysia (Thanks Shafina!), last weekend I spent my time with my Singaporean Graffiti Artist, Killergerbil, Phuek, with them are their dearest love. Seing them makes me jealous and envy because I wish the love of my life is here with me. Anyway, it was also nice to see Orkibal, Rooty, Alfromeow, Shiekster, Sona or SWS, Tha-B & girlfriend. We had fun chatting, sketching and did few throwups in Sri Hartamas & Bangsar. Next week we will have a graffiti event in Bangsar, YES LEGAL one. Can’t wait to try out my new graffiti illustration on my new character, Papa Afro and a touch of oriental, like the one I did at Wondermilk, Uptown Damansara. Let see what happen next week.

A very good news

Thousand appreciation goes out to Carole Guevin of Netdiver. Getting my portfolio site in the portal has been a privilage, to be listed with the world's greatest artists, illustrators and creative minds. Yeay!

Heard Jamiroquai’s latest work? A-must! Now, adding in my jukebox is Café Del Mar Volume 12 and Anthony Hamilton. Sleeek! Oh, yeah! Went to Bon Odori last Saturday. It was wicked. Checkout the pictures here. Arigato!

* dancing in weakness, fever and stress….