Monday, April 30, 2012

9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards

After two years of 'bertapa', or has it not been re-hibernating? The 9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA) came back with a BIG BANG! Kapoww! (forgive me, what I meant there wasn't no tear gas thrown at us, obviously). Set in 1920's glamourous-themed night, the roaring '20's definitely something to roar about. 

I witness one of the most out of the box, an extraordinary creative and innovative award show ever to date. It was truly unexpected and one of the kind. What can you say if you have someone brilliantly hardworking and dearly that I known of, Ida Nerina and Ngai Yuen, their team had made all things possible, smoothly. Even spotted Pat Ibrahim as a referee in the boxer ring, my dance guru who choreographed the entertaining dance performances. Let's not forget the ever miss fabulously Shelah! roaring the crowd as the emcee of the night accompanied by magnificent music conducted by the ever talented and notable, Nish Tham. And who can forget Jo Kukathas as Yang Berhormat (YB) paired with the ever lovely Carmen Soo? Swell! Jo is definitely a national treasure as what describe by our friend Pete Teo. While everyone reveal who's the winner in their upcoming articles and blogs, I kept my eyes on 9BCAA overall creative experience, and to know one of the designers behind BOH Cameronian Arts Awards who designed the programme book is none other than Fazrul Reza (Spotted on Behance Network) and the creative studio that made those stunning visual are the super creative people of Bright Lights At Midnight (BLAM) who's been helping out with BCAA visual branding in the past.

What captured me was more than a night of celebration, it was an important night of how our arts industry is moving forward with the support from each and everyone, regardless if you're indirectly involved or not. I would agree on what Ngai Yuen said in The Star newspaper a week before the night of the show, "It spurs the growth of the industry and something as good as this should never be stopped". Indeed, we should never uphold neither arts or creative condescendingly in any way because art allows people to nurture and grow progressively. It allows each and every one of us to spearhead the joy of visualize through writing, crafting motions and emotion that inspire people and contribute to our local creative economic growth. 

Ayam Fared, who won the best director in a theatre for 'Short Eyes' said something very remarkable that night. Couldn't catch his exact quote but sounded like, "Best gratitude comes with an award but best appreciation comes from the heart". Congratulations to all nominated and those who won. [Proceed to list of winners here]

I leave it up to my sister, Abby Latif and other dear writers to reveal their great experience on the night of the 9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards dated 29th April 2012.

It was great catching up with all of my friends from the arts industry. Kakiseni, thank you for paying the tribute to my idol, the late Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal. Couldn't be more happier. Perhaps, the 10th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards can introduce new category, 'The Visual Art Awards' for those who had been excellently working on visual promotion in the art/theater scene, who knows ;-)

Rest well, and I'm very proud of you all.

Us, Muid Latif, Abby Latif & Rizal Effendie
Muid Latif, Abby Latif & Rizal Effendie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Spacemen Interview: Muid Latif

The lovely people of The Spacemen had recently interviewed me for their design portal. This will be my ever exclusive interview which features my knowledge sharing and milestone as a graphic artist.

Feel free to checkout this interview [here] or click the photo above, shot by Joshua Clay. Thank you to the Spacemen for your love, support and appreciation.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!