Sunday, December 05, 2010

When A Support is Not A Support

Two months back, I was introduced to amazingly wonderful people from The Center for Creative Communication (CCC) in Shizuoka, Japan to join together with Bigbrosworkshop to this prestigious conference called the Asia Design Conference 2010, Shizuoka, Japan.

Si Juan, mayor of Shizuoka, Mr Zenkichi Kojima & me

Eric Chen, me, Larry & Jackson Tan in Malaysia showcase at CCC Japan

Me and Tomoa, Director of Creative Commons Japan

With +81 Magazine's director, Satoru Yamashita, me, Taka Nakanishi and her friend.

More photos of my Japan trip available here:

Joining us is our neighbor, Jackson Tan and his team (the black angels) from Singapore, Eric Chen & Larry from Taiwan, Daisung Kim from South Korea, Laurence from iDN, Hong Kong, Gino Woo (Woogi, whom we met back in 2009's KL Design Week) from Shanghai. This conference would be complete entirely if we have participants from Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand so that we can discuss and gain tremendous input from each S.E. Asian countries.

What is interesting about this conference is that each country showcase their excellent portfolios from and discuss about their current situation that is happening in their creative industry.

Like Korea, the government does not support their creative industry to provide funds or support, not like Singapore or Malaysia. In Singapore however, everyone seems pampered by their government's privileges towards the support in arts & design industry, while we, in Malaysia still struggle to find that support. By support does not mean the government itself, but the people, Malaysians.

The biggest concern in Malaysia is that the people still have the 3rd world mentality and aren't able to support any art-related events or design conference due to their 'budget constrain' and whine about how expensive our events are, when both government and private institution offers free access to seminars and conference. The only problem is that we, Malaysian doesn't even bother or care to attend or they could never accept any feedback or critic be it negative or constructive because they only want to hear what they want to hear.

I remember hosting a Creative Commons event where I provide them free access to the event, provided food but no one bother to care about it and show no physical support.

One of our 'genius' excuse or reasons:
  1. Students who can't afford to come to our event but have enough money to buy themselves an expensive gadget, expensive clothes 
  2. Professionals who can't spare time to even participate and some do provide statement that some tickets to local conference are too expensive, but they don't have problem paying RM300 for 3 jugs of beer instead of gaining great knowledge and education or simply ignorant to bother about our events.
  3. Double-standard. Those who aren't well known are being discriminated especially by the media. 
  4. Malaysians are so particular and 'scared' to go out because it will waste their money by paying for their petrol and parking just to attend an event. 
  5. The advertising cannot work together with the architecture industry because each and everyone thinks that they are too important that none can brush their ego's off to do something noble.

All of these reason are unbelievably ridiculous because they refuse to support such initiative and became ignorant to proclaim there's no local event or government is not doing things to support our creative industry. There's even a question if it's a Malay organized event or Chinese organized event. Everything had to be color on top of everything.

Other countries like Indonesia would be so happy and privilege to have these kind of event lining up in their city, while we Malaysians can never be grateful enough to even acknowledge, appreciate us and always put a stop to any group who have the passion to host or initiate an event or a design showcase. Everyone start to close doors instead of opening doors to opportunity in collaboration and networking to increase a greater skill-trading between other sector in the creative industry. Everything is too monotonous.

What we should learn is to show our support instead of whining and complaining things. When we don't move forward, we can never catch up other countries to be on par in terms of state-of-the-art technology and innovation, such as Japan and other countries, even the closest one to us, which is Singapore.

It's a shame that we can't even get any politician to endorse or support us, while here in Shizuoka Japan, even the mayor would come to our show and show appreciation to support us.

This is what went wrong with Malaysians. The attitude of "Who cares! What's In It For Me?". Because when you don't care, it's how we can never see progression to our creative economy.

We have tons and tons of talented creative individuals who make Malaysian proud, from Jimmy Choo to  Tan Eng Huat's wonderful talent in illustrating top comic studios from Marvel, DC, we have Milx, Aadi Salman, Mohammad Yazid, Heavymetal & Imaginex's wonderful creation of the Wars of The Worlds the Animation, Upin & Ipin or Saladin the 3D animated series, where most Malay muslim in this country is trying to go against this project that I would consider a noble effort made and it's to be proud of because it's 100% made by Chinese, Malays, Indians, Sabahan, Sarawakian and other Malaysians who then became a family along the process of this project, but others don't see it. They only see figures that overcloud their judgement.

It's a shame how we (or those who try to pitch this account before and lost to produce the animated series or did not get a job interview as animators would provoke others to hate) became so insecure and vulnerable to see Malaysian talent emerge and try to find any way to put us down to the ground and these negative conservative people shred our effort due to their temper-tantrum towards government and we creative people, became the victim.

My sister, Abby, just wrote an interesting article. I encourage you guys to read and to understand what's really going on with our country besides the lack of support that I have wrote in this blog.

'I'm Not Going Anywhere' - By Abby Latif:

Creative Gathering: Behance 2nd Meetup

Another great session with members of Behance Malaysia. Check out our video ;-)

No Art, No Fun

Can't even begin to explain eversince I going my new workplace, I didn't have the chance to put my hands down to work on any artwork except for this.

Retak Sri Antlantisakti

Ok, later ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Making An Art Worth Inspiring

I Am An Artist

About four months ago, i had express my intention via my Facebook and Twitter updates that I'm planning on leaving the creative world (cough, "retiring") to focus on my new interest in i) Law (Multimedia/Internet Act), ii) Museology and iii) Numismatics (sorry, not into that typical designer-move-to-photography). As mention in my previous blog post, I had been facing such a great roller-coaster ride by being in rock-bottom, from unstable business (unbelievable bad paymaster/fung fei kei cases), to battling my stomach Tumor that had affected my health, lost weight and to my paranoia of friends who gave remark on my appearance. 

Three months later, I believe God had listen to my do'a and prayers and gave me with so much bless and love. Besides that I put on weight from 53kg to now, 58kg, I almost regular activities from my weekly 15km run, and wake up to the morning beautiful sunshine, either driving heading toward the Kuala Lumpur city or train ride, working as a blue-collar as a 'marketer' in a bank (Yep, probably comes as much of a surprise), I can never shred this artistic blood of mine away. Good Karma kicks in, like Paul Arden said, 'Don't look for next opportunity. The one you have in hand is the opportunity.' So I took on a new challenge facing a different working pattern and new working environment. Alhamdulillah, things are working just (fundamentally) fine. Work is work, stress is everywhere but you'll cope with it because you had been working for a decade in this industry, so whats to nag about? 

So then came along another opportunity as I was chosen as Ambassador from my country by Behance Network, one of top creative networking circle that was awarded by numerous companies, publication offline and online, from "10 Most Creative Small Business Companies" by FAST COMP@NY, to Computer Arts UK, Mashable and others.

Introducing the 18 Behance Ambassador. Visit the rest of Behance Ambassador here

Our first Behance Malaysia Meetup @ Artista Cafe, Tropicana Mall, PJ
So for those who like to hang out with us, gain experience, learn new tips or advices, have creative discussion and hands-on creative collaboration projects, register a Behance profile and join our group here. Our next meet-up will be at Wondermilk Cafe, 13th November 2010

‘When It Can't Be Done, Do It. If You Don't Do It, It Doesn't Exist ’, Paul Arden

Galeri Petronas and Petronas's Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra had took a giant leap in bringing new things around their table. I got a call from the wonderful people of Galeri Petronas inviting me to join an interesting project called the 'Painted Notes', a collaboration with the mighty talented and world-class musicians of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Of course, I couldn't say yes right away because I'm working, as I'm no longer running my own business. After I got approved by my awesome superiors and management of my agency, I start to mobilizing my ideas and plans to make it happen. I was introduce by this amazing Malaysian Conductor named Harish Shankar who now resides in Germany. I even manage to get great advice from my friend, Milx who I met a night before the performance.

For the first time in Malaysia, and for the first time by Fine Artist (Khairul Azmir a.k.a MeMe) and Digital Artist (me), we both set history to become the first to collaborate with musicians in this prestigious Dewan Philharmonik Petronas doing a live (real-time) artwork. I was honored, awe and bless. I'm so grateful to our Lord al-Mighty Allah. I thank Galeri Petronas and applaud them for giving us, Digital Artists platform to let Malaysians learn what is Digital Art and the processes of it's creation. Thanks to those who came, i couldn't be more happier and flattered by your warm support. Check out the video of our performance. 

Land of The Rising Sun

Bigbrosworkshop had selected us to be a part in another prestigious exhibition, this time it's in Japan! Called INSIGHT, this exhibition promises everyone internationally how Malaysian talents really got what it takes to inspire with their artworks, including Kenji, Stephen Lau, Driva Lo, Luk, Chun Woei, Najib Tumiran (a.k.a Artech), Fariz Hanapiah, among others, and me!

I will be showcasing my work in two different city in Japan; Shizuoka & Tokyo, from 26th October til 4th. I haven't been travelling for so long. In my own expense, I felt it's the best opportunity to showcase my work in a different location with different culture and different creative view. 

I just hope I have enough energy to divide myself with work and 'vacation'. I just look forward to experience Japanese culture including getting myself a copy of Naruto Shippuuden's Manga! Ittadakimas!

Thank you for reading, may you find your positive energy, have a great day and God bless.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Malaysian Designer Survival Kit (What You Need To Know)

Warning: Heavy written content, it would sound narrow but it's a real fact that many need to aware when dealing with either the client or designer. This article is not suitable for lazy designers who don't like to read.


Getting a job here as a designer can be very easy, because the fact is that Malaysian designers are mostly UNDERPAID. While most think we, designers are glamorous, stylish at work, go out to party, only little aware the circumstances that creative people have to go through to make one single design work for them and sell to their clients. They work under constant pressure. Above all, many local designers are clueless about their future plans and direction. This is because they are blinded by fame or popularity, getting quantity of fans rather to keep improving their skills and gain as much experiences. Before we start the basic survival kit, let's see what's our current concern among designers, client and our country itself.

What others deceive designers and freelancers?

  1. Produce Killer Portfolio. 
  2. Gain more clients. If you have Nike or Adidas in your list, you are already a mega-star designer but most don't know that these 'branded' clients are the worst paymasters. 
  3. Open studio so you'll be a cool design entrepreneur. But you forgot about the DBKL/MBSA regulation and rules about signage that would destroy your 'brand' with 'studio pengiklanan' 
  4. They teach you techniques & skills. Learn HTML5, etc but they don't teach you about copyright and Intellectual Property. (They don't tell you to watermark your work) 
  5. Most designers put awesome branded clients in their portfolio to impress people, BUT not all aware that these designers work under agencies. Again, it's agencies/companies portfolio and copyright, you are the designer and never pitch for the account in your own effort. The CEO, MD, the CD, Account Directors and managers are the ones who pitch and got the project for the company. Do not simply claim other people's credits that you don't get it under your own belt. You work with a dedicated creative team. So make it a teamwork-effort and credit them if you wish to showcase your portfolio.

What you should know about the designers here:

  1. They have an amazing skills and techniques and they are able to adapt a lot of design style. 
  2. Asian designers are so talented but they also love to copycat other design style, hence no personal style or identity created. Everyone wants to be somebody they adore, not want to be for who they are. 
  3. Don't like to step out of their shell to learn other field (Graphic Designer to Flash or Print, DTP, 3D, Architecture, Photography, etc) 
  4. They make commercial work too personal, and once their design had been rejected, they whine like a baby. (Business IS business, attach NO emotional/personal feeling to work. Unless you work with clients who required emotional intelligence) 
  5. They do what they like, NOT what the client want (Remember the 'Missing Cat' Design Poster case?) 
  6. Our designers have a big problem in communication skills; none can understand a brief or misunderstood them. 
  7. Ignorant to understand the current economic situation in this small industry 
  8. Lavish spending on unnecessary possession or things that does not contribute to future investment 
  9. Too greedy in project ownership, NO teamwork or team effort (it's always 'I' instead of 'We'). An Art Director or CD usually like to take full credit instead of appreciating their team's effort. (I had experience this myself back in those days). 
  10. Mostly don't bother about design competition, creative gathering, design conference, exhibition and claim there's no support from the small industry. If they do attend one design conference, its a big deal for them. When a person won a competition, everyone would anticipate on post-mortem such as 'yeah, he should've not won the 1st prize because the artwork doesn't make sense', or 'that conference sucks'. 
  11. Usually the ones in the advertising would barely participate in creative conferences; because they are too busy with datelines or just being 'double standard' to mix around with the underdog (non-famous) designers/creative individuals. 
  12. Most Malaysian designers refuse to accept constructive criticism. They just like to hear what they want to hear. They love compliment and felt threaten and hostile when someone show them a weak spot. 
  13. Other countries recognize our talent more than the local due to less awareness & appreciation 
  14. Malaysian designers are mostly insecure about others achievement & success. They just couldn't get enough of what they posses. Then someone put one initiative, they just felt unsupportive and always look out for weaknesses. 
  15. Most of the designers here don't have an organized portfolio nor a website 
  16. Instead of learning, they spend too much time on social networking sites that does not improvise their skill 
  17. They bother nobody except for themselves & expect others to treat them as superstars (or taikor) = DIVA 
  18. Above all, most of them are underpaid 

What you should know about Malaysian clients:

  1. Huge gap of understanding art and design process (thinking). They thought designers use wizard or plugin to create work in seconds. 
  2. Most client who appointed vendor entrusted them to develop creative campaign, but because they, client, don't understand the nature of creative process, they are either left behind or not aware about it. Hence, vendors could take advantage of timeline and charges. There are clients who pay RM5k to produce amazing TVC but there's also a client who pays RM50,000 for a TVC but produce lousy-crappy ad even far worst than montages. 
  3. There are some amazing clients you can brag about, who understand design process and respect creativity and it's price tag. But you don't get that everyday. 
  4. Clients would thought design is easy to execute and cheap. They don't question if they spend RM5,000 to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag but question if designers quote them RM500 for a mock design. 
  5. Everyone thought design worth below RM1,000 and for a logo design, they think building their corporate identity or brand cost only RM100. That's why their brand are so cheap. 
  6. Malaysian clients have this attitude of 'no, i have some design sense, let me put some ideas into it' instead of trusting designers capability & ability to provide a solution. 
  7. They felt they needed to be too superior and vendors or people like us should worship them due to their megalomaniac attitude. 
  8. Most of creative campaign are injected with personal agenda; politics or just to impress boss to get promoted 
  9. They don't understand a lot of things, especially when it comes to technology and backend. They thought technology is too simple & too easy that they thought purchasing a dedicated hosting is cheap. 
  10. Most local client fear of putting an upfront payment to designers so that they can flee/run away from paying when their stakeholders cancelled the project. 
  11. It's all about 3rd party engagement. Usually the case of government contractors sub-con. to small/ SME companies to cut down the cost and profit to their own pocket. 
  12. The 'Ask For Quotation' clients. Usually in any large company/agency, finance department will require 3 quotation from vendors (us). Usually they just ask for quotation to be submitted to them, but the project had never been awarded. I encourage those who ask for quotation, we charge them RM100 because costing require research & time to do it. We're not Xerox copy machine who can produce according to your demand. 
  13. Malaysian clients love the idea of putting entertainment element in their work 'to sell'. They think young/teen people would love it but eventually, us, adult who have profession are the actual one who will buy their product. 
  14. Clients are mostly conscious about the regulation in Malaysia's censorship. It makes our creative process a hassle. Last time, Government agencies are forbid to wear anything that resemble to rival political parties, such as Green, Sky Blue, Red, or have imagery of rocket, rounded shape, moon and such. 

What you don't know about what the Government and other groups is doing:

  1. Government DO give out grants and funding for creative entrepreneurs. MOSTI and along other government agencies give out creative grant each year. But most Malaysian don't bother and ALWAYS blame government for not doing enough. Actually, it is us who are not doing enough to improve ourselves because we don't want to take responsible and always have someone to blame. 
  2. We, non-profit organisation or individual collective, design associations throw free conference, free seminars, invited top notch speakers from all over the world. We put 3 days creative conference for just RM300 but still people whine about it, but they don't whine if they spend RM300-500 for a bottle of liquor/whiskey/beer and then get drunk & barf on their way back home. 
  3. There's a lot of art bazaars, it takes two place to give the best example; Arts for Grabs at The Annexe Central Market, and Bazaar Seni in National Art Gallery. In fact, each year we have events like Urbanscapes. But Malaysian make ticket a big deal. They still can't afford to pay RM35 for a ticket. Everything want for free. We are not talking about students who can't afford. Professional who thinks the tickets are expensive are just cheapskate. 
  4. NGO host a lot of art events and call up volunteers. We see volunteers came all the way from Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom BUT Malaysian don't bother to offer their expertise to contribute in helping the orphanage or youth to give impact in that creative awareness. 
  5. Government host a lot of open-tenders and pitch but the first thing Malaysians would think of is assuming about the 'ah, tak dapat sebab kita bukan Melayu'. Apparently those non-bumi who tried get awarded with many projects. Please, it's so last decade to put racial-barriers and assuming things with such prejudice. If you don't trust your talent and capability, stop doing what you dream to do and do other things besides creative. 
  6. There's a lot of collective groups and associations formed up to help give designers and creative people platform to promote their works and other types.
(The list to be add more upon feedback and comments)

So what are the basic survival kit?

  1. HAVE at least a diploma or a degree in selected field. If you don't, make sure you're a hard-work-self-taught-designer to impress them with your experience and let your work speak it's volume, not your appearance. If you only depend on PMR and SPM, you have small chance to work based on the employment rates, there are many jobless Malaysians own diploma and degree and if you don't have similar traits, you're unlikely to be hired. Remember, Malaysia standard working requirements is all about qualification. Unless you are lucky and have huge talent in producing creative works. 
  2. Learn as much knowledge and skills possible from the internet to gain wide technique, skills and knowledge. Visit, Photoshop tutorials, etc. 
  3. Make sure you get headhunted if you're good. If you're not good, improve your skills and portfolio to get recognise. Hanging out with famous designers does not secure your establishment. 
  4. Learn your rights. Most company don't cover your insurance because they want to run away from it, especially EPF and income tax responsibilities. Learn about Employers Act 1955 
  5. Forecast at least a 5-year career milestone on how you want to achieve yourself. Always have long term goals. 
  6. Make sure your insurance is covered in a company so that if any health problem occurs, you have an insurance. 
  7. Attend creative functions and events to keep yourself notable and mix around to trade experiences 
  8. Never, ever go to design forum (those phpBB). 99% Design forum have full negative influence that allows you to be insecure and prejudice for your environment. I seen so many designers from forum who could not settle for less. These people are kids and like to inject 'weird' idea to provoke people to hate due to career failure or fail to gain fame or profit-making. 
  9. Seek career advices from experience people, not from certain lecturers* or your colleague. 
  10. Have pride in your work: respect your ability to create wonders, even if you felt inferior. Be motivated and don't question or doubt yourself. When you love yourself and love your work, people will also love you. 
  11. Trust your instinct and be firm in your decision. Don't get influence easily by others when it comes to decision-making. 

How to get a free online portfolio?

Register at . Check out (see how short this URL was given!) to see how you can sort out your portfolio, get constructive feedback and study on the statistic of people's view to their favourite style of work that you had published online. From there, you will learn and continue develop other greater style for a greater creative impact.

Hope this article helps and profit your knowledge for positivity.

* Notice: (updated 24/1/2017), certain lecturers means they have no industrial background and experiences but merely academic studies based on survey conducted and does not perform actual task as a designer.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kre8tivity in Worldcup 2010: Typeface designs for #Ger #Uru

The past two months had been one of my most memorable event, the FIFA Worldcup. Germany, Spain & Uruguay are my best favorite team and each match they play was epical and very entertaining.

As a designer, I intrigued and fascinated by the creativity in worldcup; Jersey design and typeface! One of my favorite typeface design is by Paul Barnes, who created Crepello & Olembe for Puma Pace, while awesome Brazilian Designer, Yomar Augusto with such powerful & solid font called 'Unity' for Adidas.

For those who like to checkout these historical typeface Guru: Paul Barnes and Yomar Augusto.

The featured typeface 'Unity' in this article is copyright to Yomar Augusto & Adidas.

If you're interested in purchasing your favorite team's jersey, check out


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E³: Explore. Experiment. Evolve.

E³: Explore. Experiment. Evolve video is a creative processes I had developed in conjuction of my exhibition held at the Penang State Art Gallery from 17th - 30th June 2010.

This video process shows you step by step (in high-level/general showcase) of how we can be inspired by one subject matter to explore through art manipulation and stylization, experimenting it's content with artwork arrangement and layout, and evovle, by finalizing in artwork for shows and merchandise. Check out my video posted in or via my facebook page at

RT: @JoshuaDavis ROCKING !!! always have loved your style and colors Muid !

RT: @DrewEuropeo My dear!! If I inspire you, well you inspire me back! I love your recent experiments they are just sooo rich! Please don't get tired of doing the things you love to do, they're just amazing man :) muuahhzzz lots of love!!

RT: @netdivermag
E3 = Explore + Experiment + Evolve. Creative processes that my friend Muid Latif - @mrmoed - shared. Can apply to? Everything.

Thanks to my guru's; Joshua Davis, Drew Europeo & Carole Guevin of Netdiver who spent their time to watch my video.

God bless all of you who enjoy watching my video podcast. Do share with your friends, especially lectures, students and others who love art & design. =)


p/s: Apologize for my English pronunciation, the US English was intended. I would love to do a Manglish but most won't understand my local humor. LOL ;-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Freelance World

by Muid Latif, Edited by Angelia Ong

Many magazines or online portals encourage young, creative individuals to go freelance. According to these publications and others, freelancing is considered as the latest creative career trend, but they fail to enlighten us about the challenges that we would have to go through in order to survive, especially during the current global economic turmoil.

What they do teach us are merely short term advice and knowledge-sharing. They persuade creative individuals (such as designers, photographers, film-makers, etc) that with a killer portfolio or certain skill sets, you can win awards to get recognized, and expand your clientele beyond belief. Unfortunately, not all have these kinds of privileges due to lack of motivation, moral support and a comfortable environment that surrounds them.

However, they don’t share the harsh reality of what a freelancer have to go through. It is never mentioned what you can do when a client refuses to hire you for superficial reasons, such as ethnicity, political agendas and so. It would be beneficial if these articles would talk about how your business will change once you’ve reached a certain age or parenthood comes a-calling.

As a matter of fact, many freelancers are not equipped with basic knowledge about long term business survival. Just ‘looking good for clients’ is stressed upon, as opposed to ensuring that you also have a solid foundation. The industry does not arm us with knowledge on the following: protecting ourselves, both from legal and copyright standpoints, how to protect our creative work, ensuring payment is on time and our work doesn’t get stolen before payment is made, how to manage projects using a proper management system, how to organize our accounts, managing our taxes and most importantly, how to develop client relationships to gain repeat business. Some would expect to be spoon-feed when you can explore and learn many things from the web and through readings.

With all that is happening in the world today, how can we ensure a promising future? What if a natural disaster strikes us without a sign? Your life is pretty much ‘doomed’ when your workstation washed by a flood or earthquake. How much of your “assets” would you have lost? Do you think that the client would care to acknowledge and understand the situation that you are currently facing? Absolutely not.

What are the measures that can be taken to ensure the security of our work and in turn ensure our future remains less chaotic. That is why we need to take the above perspectives seriously. We need to care about things that evolve around us and we cannot allow ignorance to destroy our very own careers.

As of today, many freelancers who step into this creative industry are mostly fresh graduates who have had zero experience in this industry and the only thing going for them now is talent and skills. Those two attributes are not enough to ensure that a professional and pleasant attitude will be provided by them towards a client. This may have an adverse effect as then people may become reluctant to hire freelancers or small scale design business.

All they lack is guidance and mentor support. Colleges or art schools do not teach their students about fostering good relationships, about discipline, about working ethics, about how to write documents such as project briefs, contact reports, or following up with clients feedback and requests, and most importantly, they have no clue how to quote an appropriate figure for their efforts and work. That is why a lot of freelancers these days does not have decent time management and are always swamped with projects and this only hampers the growth of the creative industry.

For example, we have art directors or designers who have permanent jobs in an agency, yet still go out to do freelance while there are freelancers who are struggling to compete. Sometimes this greed forces these freelancers to lower their prices, just to compete against those who already have a fully paid day job. Sadly, some freelancers dropped their creative rates so much so to design a logo for just $50 dollars or $300 for a website, or worse still do things for free. This is killing the market. Clients would go for the cheaper alternative or failing which, badger you over your professional rates, based on their “market research”.

Is this how a healthy creative industry is supposed to work? What about the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) companies out there? They also have to find ways to financially support their project managers, copywriters, designers, programmers, accountants and others. Should we allow ourselves to affect the balance of the creative economy?


Monday, April 26, 2010

As We Borrow This Body from Heaven

My years of being a designer had definitely destroyed my biological clock. As a result, most of us, including myself had became unstable; emotionally and health.

Conditionally we are aging slowly and unconditionally, our passion still runs in our blood stream that allow us to do more stuff than we ever expected. We are frequently experiencing insomnia and our mind keep distributing ideas and creativity more than just a normal person due to our excellent gift of visualizing things through our mind.

This ability, to this day I would say it's rather impressive and each day i began to felt thankful and grateful that God allow me to use this body that I borrowed from Heaven.

Long ago I had talked about "Creative Breakdown", but now, i'm not sure if i'm experiencing the same thing this time of the day. I cannot define why in mind I wanted to do many things but my body just keep lagging.

So tell me, does our age makes our creativity drain out or we are just in denial of not to perform due to our unorganized time and efficiency?

What's A Daily Life of Mine?

Make toast in the morning, make up bed, shower, laundry, wash dishes, send kids, watch news/TV, read magazine and off to work. At night, I will normally spend time to engage contacts through social networking to release some stress and later resume back work. I will normally sleep in the office if i'm too lazy. But I don't even know if the word lazy ever existed in my dictionary because it seems a lot of tasks keeps consuming my time and energy that I won't be able to focus entirely at work.

For now, I have:
  • Judging for CUTOUT Magazine Cover Design Competition & Talk at Dasein Art College
  • Finish Atilia's Indah Album Art Cover & Perintis Website
  • Send Taman Tamadun Islam revise updates to GreenMelon
  • My lyrical dance performance for World Dance Day at MAPKL, Solaris Dutamas on the 30th
  • Kuala Lumpur Design Week on 1st week of May,
  • Digital Malaya Project Showcase & Talk at Petronas Gallery on 22nd May
  • Solo/Group Exhibition in Penang Art Museum June 2010

There's so many things I left out, so much things to do, even in this very stage I'm looking for creative interns to work with us at Digital Nusantara. *Sigh*. I don't even know if I do have a Personal Assistant (PA) when I did remember hiring one under my company. Am I just too unfocused to do anything? Or I just have to stop, retired without money (only depend on EPF retirement) or I work in a different corporate environment. God knows.

Some 'refreshment' impromptu dance video for my upcoming public performance at MAP KL, Solaris Dutamas this 30th April in conjunction of World Dance Day!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Engagement of Mutuality Through Toleration

Drama, don't we all love drama in relationship? Everyone loves to show affection to one another during the short month relationship.

Then we start to show our true colors. There's arguments, question trust & doubts, why there's lack of attention, how it takes two to tango and etcetera. Because of these short-temper tantrum, we forget about being grateful and appreciate for the past things that both did to make relationship works. We expect things to much that we disvalue our ethics and our principe to believe in love without expectation, thus, everything falls apart and we start pointing fingers without blaming ourselves first.

I see all around me and most of them inspired me through their commitment. I myself cannot commit to such responsibility because I have a curse for it. The things I've done in the past, I have to admit it's been horrifying and each time I look back and evaluate, i felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself for being to obnoxious and paranoid, hence I am the one who actually broke my trust; to trust myself and let it flow the way it is, mainly because I am desperate to disallow myself to be confined with solitary. But I learn that I should scrap my habit of impressing a person to much about my ability and capability, because at the end of the day, when a person really like you, they will like you entirely for who you are, without you having to go and make yourself appeal and constantly crave for attention that you are a worthy person. Sometimes you are making yourself transparent and let others felt uncomfortable by your personality. It make you look dumb (yes I was talking about me too you know, haha).

But I like to change. I like to experiment myself, not in Lindsay Lohan way! If a person that i'm involved with can't change, I have to change. I have to find ways so that others will be inspired.

If not things wont work out, eventually it will end up in a horrible breakup. We don't want that do we? We don't want to be hated. We want to be loved and admired before and after. I learn that when we impressed a person that we like or when we started a relationship, it should be beautiful at the end.

But like I said, since most of us love drama, we love to brag or tell people that we've gone through hell. It's embarrassing the first thing when we fell in love, 'we cross ocean for you' and when we broke up 'let the shark consume your evil heart'. (I'm reminding myself as I've been through this situation before).

Then I met my best friend Vic. We had a long discussion about life, love and relationship and I would agree with her about forgiving and forget. We all heard about 'Forgive But Not Forgotten'. That 'wise quote' actually shouldn't be used because it shape ourselves to set a little hatred and revenge.

So one night, I had my prayer and I made my doa to God that I forgive everyone who had hurt me and had damaged my emotion to love. Believe me, after that prayers, my heart became lighter and i stop thinking about some past of mine that is so painful. It seems to go away.

I even had a chat with my long online friend who had become close friend, Rizal, about my personality expressed through social networking. Most of feedback I received; How furious I am, how negative I was when I put my status message. I do realize that it made me such vulnerable person and somehow kept repeating over and over again. But I am glad that I am aware of it and felt that I want to change. At least i'm not in denial! LOL Well, in a way I'm glad to have some friends who are honest to help spot my weakness so I am more self conscious and will make myself improve to become a better person.

Life can be so simple if you make it simple. I hope I can achieve that from time to time. God willing :-)

Have a nice day to all and everyone. Peace be upon you.

Here's something beautiful from Alanis Morissette's 'Hand In My Pocket'

I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five

I feel drunk but I'm sober
I'm young and I'm underpaid
I'm tired but I'm working, yeah
I care but I'm restless
I'm here but I'm really gone
I'm wrong and I'm sorry baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be quite alright
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is flicking a cigarette

And what it all comes down to
Is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving the peace sign

I'm free but I'm focused
I'm green but I'm wise
I'm hard but I'm friendly baby
I'm sad but I'm laughing
I'm brave but I'm chickenshit
I'm sick but I'm pretty baby

And what it all boils down to
Is that no one's really got it figured out just yet
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is playing the piano

And what it all comes down to my friends
Is that everything's just fine fine fine
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is hailing a taxi cab


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sampah Masyarakat

I like to talk about my definition of 'sampah masyarakat' (a trash). I just witness two person close in life who are worthless, useless people, and may this post will give you an insight about human behavior and their ignorance.

Ecstasy, Viagra, Poppers is a huge 'drug' trend among Malaysian, especially clubbers who enjoy trance and rave music; particularly among gay/lesbian community and the entertainment industry. There's even more types of drugs I can list here, but let's just stick to the 'normal' ones.

I foresee that a person who have a career but yet uses substance for 'fun' which includes sex activities to be filthy and disgraceful. Sadly, more of those who took ecstasy came from a good family, or have proper education and profession. Well, some are jobless and became gigolo or male sex worker, male sex masseurs; just to earn a living. I thought it's pathetic. Seriously. No pride and dignity for selling your soul away just for the sake of substance or materialism. There's no value to your life for doing this.

There are so many side effects to this, and three important signs you can see in a person character; temper-tantrum (very bad temper), skeptical and physically, eyes turned yellowish. I witness this with my own eyes and I seriously loose my respect towards them. As the matter of fact, I never respect them because they are the one who choose to live a life so useless.

Shame on you! You are definitely deserved to be call a useless, worthless trash, or in Malay, 'sampah masyarakat'!

There's always a better solution when dealing a personal problem. That's why it's important to choose the right friends around who will provide continuous support & motivation for you. Faith is also the key of your belief to ensure you find your serenity & peace.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Do You Define Your Life?

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Each person
is bound to look at things in different perspective and this pretty much depends on family background, education, culture, religion and other factors that contribute to who they are today. A person who choose to confine themselves with solitary and think that the world is unfair, is actually one of the reason why civilization stop to grow with positive minds due to the attitude of 'don't bother what's around me'. Pretty much sad to see such negative upbringing with low self esteem, inferior complex, being obnoxious and prejudice over many things.

In the past and presence, I met few individuals who inspire and some who pretty much confine to their own realm. Much as I want to believe they have gone through tough times in their lives dealing with their problems, I see that there was no social engagement and interaction to help them fit themselves and create a circle of positive community, at least among their friends.

As a result, they hurt a lot of people by being too upfront about their problem, when you compare with what's going on in the world today, I shall say this does not benefit anything. There are people out there each day die of cancer, die of poverty, die due to racism and prejudism. People out there are struggling trying to live a better life, to pray for a longer life, while some choose to take risk to shorten their life by doing unhealthy things (smoke, drugs, sex, etc)

I for once, have problems of my own, it was crucial compared to those who think the world is going to end, but what I'm truly grateful. Whenever I'm lost, I have friends to help hold my shoulders and said 'it's going to be okay'.

I had recently been discovered with tumor (which is curable, insyaAllah) in my body but I did not make a huge fuzz about it. I have to take a lot of medication daily in order to sustain myself. Each day, I opt to project a better person out of me by doing so many things, so many wonderful things. I became more productive ever since I discovered my health problem. But that doesn't mean I have to give up. Sedangkan Iblis tak berhenti (don't give up) untuk membinasakan dan menjatuhkan umat manusia. Think about that!

For example, if you just came from a horrible relationship, doesn't mean you have to punish yourself and reject the affection and love from people that surrounds you. That shows how ungrateful you are, and when you have that kind of attitude, that's how karma takes place. KARMA happens when you neglect or ignore others that care for you, and when one day you crave for attention, and when give attention to someone and they don't respond to it, this is where you should look back and define your contribution in the past. When you do bad things to people, you can NEVER achieve happiness in life. never.

Remember, the law of balance is so fair, you have no idea that you actually rejected people because they won't be able to satisfy you. That's when you become a failure in engaging relationship, after meeting one person to the other because in the first place, you treated those who cared for you POORLY and u give them no attention, not even concern. You don't bother because you're practically 'done' with them.

When you treat people without care, when you neglected people who believe in you, than you had actually contract yourself of loosing your soul. What is left is just lust and temporary 'happiness' that does not benefit your own self. In fact, what you're about to do is harm yourself and others. What happen when you're 35 years old and your friends start leaving you because you don't want to change your character, your attitude? I believe some don't, and some turn into cold heart. God have mercy on them.

Start Believing, Fight For It.

Self-acceptance is important in life, it helps to shape you to be a positive person with persona and passion to inspire people. When you remove that border, that territory of yours, you starts to experience more wonderful things in life, more than you can imagine! (From left, two important love of friendship, Amin & Ashvina.)

We have to 'Pay It Forward' and can't expect good things in life to come as rapid so we can satisfied ourselves. We must do positive things in life in order to reach happiness. We have to start to LISTEN to advices. We must listen to the voices of those who are concern about you. We must also care.

So for those who choose to confine themselves, think about what are you doing to affect others. They give so much light and vibe for you, to cheer you up. At least appreciate this very moment or you will eventually end up in solitary and become hopeless.

Don't waste your precious life over the things you can't fulfill. Nothing, nothing is perfect in this world, to begin with. Be strong, have faith, have belief, start caring, start being grateful and start to learn how to appreciate things that surround you. You actually have friends who cares for you, so never push them away, never.

If you can't be a good person for your self, at least do it for the sake of your love for person that you care the most. If you ran out of option, it's never wrong to love God, because God had been given us affections more than we can ever imagine.

Pray for the ones who's you've lost. Let their soul be happy in heaven. Don't let them despair where you start loosing control over yourself. Each day, I pray for the one I've lost. I miss the late Kak Yasmin Ahmad, and I never miss a prayer and al-Fatiha for her. I want her to know that I'm justifying my life better, and want to be a lovable person who continue to inspire others. That's how she made that impact towards my life. May you rest in peace.

If you can't understand my points in this entry, then WATCH THIS VIDEO. It's a must!

There's always up and down in life, we can eventually shape ourselves better if we want to start living our life the right way. You have no idea how joyful it may be when we open our hearts and take opportunities to bring better prosper in life.


Friday, February 26, 2010

As I Look Into Your Eyes: The Sweetest Day

Interlude: There Is Love

Rumi draw our hearts with

"Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.
The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.
Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,
The heart that is not in love will fail the test."

The first post (considered!) will talk about affection. Kasih sayang, as I mention in my twitter give an ultimate connection from heart to soul. It deepens with tender and beyond emotions. It's a bond.

How I felt:

When the sweet glance of my true love caught my eyes, Like alchemy, it transformed my copper-like soul. I searched for Him with a thousand hands, He stretched out His arms and clutched my feet
- Rumi

People: Wonderful Friends

I gave love to people, and like others who knows me personally, I share love to people equally thus I created many bonds with people. I believe in spiritual love, a love that was not force to be apply in form of substance and discriminative. It's about giving and sharing love despite gender and age. When you are able to give love, others will love you more. It creates a better communication and alliance. It's not just about being friendly anymore, it's about self-aware and constant appreciation for the people and environment that had been contributed for a better motivation in one person, in this story, for me.

Life, as it is, has been great. It's blessed to be imperfect. Being a perfectionist makes you anal, ignorant, arrogant and self-centered because I was once that very person, it made me become sophisticated which does not welcome warm in person that surrounded me but more of getting hypocrisy from them. But the more imperfect you become, the more humble and 'rendah hati' you will be, and it helps you a lot to shape yourself better.

Sometimes, it's good to make fool out of yourself, become a clown, loose control, let temper loose you and get respond from people. When they give you advices, bark at you, you then able to spot your weakness, and you will become conscious more than you could possibly imagine.

31 Years of Life

Recently I celebrated my birthday. A week before I was down, God what a show I had pulled. It seems everyone start to talk about it, how I break loose. But God is Al Mighty, The Wise. When we ask for signs in our prayers, it will eventually show. It's the great power from the Above. Alhamdulillah.

31 is just a number, but what matters is how I decide to change my pattern of behavior, my ethics and to give more contribution in anyway. I hope this year I can explore more positive side of me, do more good deeds, help people a lot, experience more mount climbing and nature walks, spend more time with family rather to anti-social. Time is precious and I like to use it as much as I can.

I would like to thank everyone who showed up at my very-unexpected-birthday-dinner. I already told them that I don't want them to pull any surprises. I guess their love and friendship overtake my solitary-attitude of spending all by myself. LOL

Who turned up for the birthday dinner: Abby, Syiqin, Melissa, Radzi Aziz, YD Leong, Prakash, Eliza, Adi, Farah and Iskandar Ibrahim.

And my big thanks to those who make their time to send wishes via sms, calls, facebook & twitter:

(According to time/post) Aniqah (Kak Yong, my eldest sister), Family members: Afiqah, who SMS me, sweet!), Amin, who practically waited til 12am to send sms greetings, very sweet of you!, Dilip, my new BFF (LOL), Toñi Yáñez (thanks for your constant love), Sandra Pijlman (thanks!), Azri (Ku_E), Fynaz & Gjie, Simon So, Suzanne Loh, Cicilia (Jogja), Dina Zaman (bless u, thanks!), Magnus Bob (thanks Magnus x0x0x), Vic Fuad, Arafath Ibrahim, Anwar (Congrats on your promotion bro. God bless u for a better life!), Vivian Toh!, Kharis (TSB), Amirul (Astro), Faheem! (besame mucho amigo!), Asha Harker, Judge, Rafai Rahman, Suzie B (thanks Sis), Navin (Suzie's friend), Angelia Ong, Ahmad Suhaimi, Mizie, Sofiyah (Malayrish), Nik Azwaa, Nurul Nadia LSD (love u too babe), Andy Widodo, Maria Chantelle Tucker (Orcagirl, thank you so very much. God bless), Saiful Nizam (Perintis), CLICK! Magazine Hornyih & Mr Ho, Nagendran (Nagen!), Fz Kamaruddin, Haryany Mohamad (Noni), Lyanna Johan, Sarini 'Mystique Maya' (thanks sweety, God bless u too)! & 2H (Hasnul Hadi & Hasnul Nadzrin), Ray Shanker (thanks for Lion King's videoclip), Ahmad Tarmizi (thanks for your wonderful sms), Afai, Pate Othman, Haslina Ghazali, Faiz Akhbar, Zetty J. Zetty, Viking Karwur, Iesta Johnny Tiptra (thanks man!), Mel, Elly Kamal (hugs back), Arez Ezman (tak jumpa fruit slushee!), Si Juan, Donna Dee, Salmi Omar, Faiz Firman, Jay Gasper, Fazed (Fine Arts, UiTM), Andrew C.H Hsien, June Moh, Sharifah Razlin Jamalullail, Raja Norashikin (Oya), Halimi Saidi (thanks to both of u dear darlings!), Sam Kassim (thanks Chumoks!), Ashvina Marie, Jason Lamar Wright, Belanda (Azizul Achasial), Azalia Suhaimi, Melor Hidayah, Khairil Mokhzani, Julien Grandclement (ODBO), Ralph Abdullah, Faizal Heesyam (Pai), Amir Luqman (bless ur heart, thanks dear!), Amir Muhammad, Kiru Arul (from MalaysianToday), Ahmad Yusri (Photographer), Khairina Kamaruddin, Dayana Zaman, Christelle Decle, Chunwoei (Urbancr3atures), Mo Hafiz, Michelle Lee, Fatin Nadia (thank you so much!), Matthias Gelber (thanks for dropping by Matt, if free, i can join ur group for another green day), Ashwin Ash, Kamal Kemlima (thanks sweety!), Hazlynda Kushairi, Ellie Tetriati, Laz Shamsudin (thanks man), Marcus Mclernon (gr8 to hear from u), Rizwan Nordin (Seth Cohen), Sandeep Joseph (Thanks Sandeep, dhanyavad!)

Special Thanks to:

Iskandar Ibrahim (who moved me with his twitter: '
The story unfolds after 7 yrs. It is an honor to know you and especially being my friend @moedlatif Happy birthday brother. God bless.'), thank you so much. You've been a great listener and a good friend ^_^

To Ida Nerina, God bless you and I will never forget how great you had inspire me. I wish u a great speedy recovery. x0x0x

Joshua Davis. Thanks for your wonderful visit and wishes, coming from you means a lot. God bless u and ur loving family.

Bibi K Poh. Your love and tremendous support had been a great pillar of friendship. Thank you for sharing your beautiful inner thoughts that constantly inspire me

Work: Digital Malaya & Digital Nusantara

CI: Digital Nusantara

I manage to team up with wonderful people, from my sister to close friends. That's how Digital Nusantara was born. It wasn't a company that I wanted to form. It was relationship that I learn to understand even more, responsibilities and objective to achieve. I always nag about not having much resources, and as growing older, you intend to forget things, and sometimes you miss tracking of time and things around you, so that's why I have the best Personal Assistant. You know who you are and hopefully you may help me better and become a greater friend.

I had put others aside, like Digital Malaya Project (DMP). It has been so passive but frankly, it's forever in my that I cannot just simply give up on. There's always incoming opportunities and offers, and it's been such a bless that people believe in us, and keep supporting us. As I sit back, I just realize this thesis I had created had become a portal, then turn e-zine then turn into a collective. 2010 marks our 10th Anniversary. It's been so long. I'm overwhelmed by the contributors. I wish I was rich so I can pay them in form of cash, but they, my members had been so compromising and understanding.

So to Abby Latif, Mohammad Yazid, Prakash Daniel, Fariz Hanapiah, Soh Ee Venn, Sue Anna Joe, Nadirah Zakaria, Haslina Ghazali, Thank you! And to Arafath Ibrahim, Adi Arfan and Faiz Akhbar, welcome to the family. We hope with this platform, we are able to give you more opportunities, more exposure and wings to fly to a better platform to spearhead your personal brand.

I discovered a lot of talented new emerging designers and artists, so do follow digitalmalaya's twitter at

Thank you for reading my long-ass post, well it's been 2-3 times a year, duh!

Salam and peace be upon you.

Still dancing the night away. only more structured and with grace.