Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After The Rain, The Sun Shine Again

Being Confident, Not Cocky, Facing Black Magic & Jealousy

This is how people fail to control their destiny of becoming someone, lost control over them, fulfill by jealousy, greed and desire to be their own God and forget that there’s a ticket in hell waiting for them. Stop and enoughlah all your dirty witch-crafting, hurting or 'kill' others because your life will end such misery, period. Remember, what goes around, comes around. Allah Maha Kuasa. You may do and sabotag bad things to people and you can get away with it, but people who are close to you that you ought to love will suffer do to your own doings.

Those who resent and irritated by my versatile ability and capability to be more than just a designer, it is how I had achieved in what I do, that put them in such competitive stage where they could not afford to handle. Their lost mind and heart could not bear to understand the reason why I stand for what I believe, to not just to support, but to bring changes so more people can become better than me, which I believe it is good, for a greater cause. I don’t even begin to understand some would personally attack me because their reservations over the things I do, that they fail to achieve like I do. Some of my recent enemies, who I help to shape their careers before, turn cold towards me. And they have the balls to say such discouraging things about me when they didn’t realize who got them the job and opportunity in the first place. Every time I bumped into them, I just couldn’t bare to see how disgraceful they are.

Question: how many still carry themselves as designer? Most of them move on to become a photographer without achieving their previous field. Some came easily by just doing cheap talk, paperwork but never ever execute and practise in the first place. I know they had move to another direction because they never put passion and heart in the first place, and frankly speaking, they fail at executing to the fullest to extend their own even skills because they fear their failure when they already fail at it.

In my case, a person would nag about my CV in Twitter without knowing me in person and only hear judgement and stories from those who threaten by my achievement, even sometimes a person spent such time to modify my Wikipedia page by putting ‘weird’ information in it, and at the end of the day, they have to face the fact they can’t get over me, because I'm important to their daily routine, and they could not move on in a positive state of mind. It’s a pure oxymoron that their employers paid them to stalk over my blog, websites and Wikipedia page to get frequent updated about my life. Even one individual got so envious over my 'small' toy collection.

Wow! I didn’t realize they 'worship' me too much, not to mention, they actually work for me by checking on me on regular routine! Cool huh? I don't even bother nak check on them, it's hilarious.

So to those who annoyed, irritate by me and my guts, don’t get to excited when I fall, because eventually I will come back with style more than you can imagine.

'Hikmah di Sebaliknya'

This is the reason that you need to have faith in God, because He put you up through so many obstacles in life. I remember after my prayers, I ask so that I can be strong to face challenges. Some that I fail, yet some I manage to see. Rezeki datang melimpah-limpah, berkat Yang Mulia, berkat kesabaran dan ketabahan kita. A big thank each day possible to God for giving this opportunity. I have no idea how good to be able to trust your destiny, the path that you choose and because in the closest existence, God truly loves you. It does not matter if you’re not Muslim, if you love Jesus or if you pray for Vishnu, religion is a must, because it makes you feel you existed for a reason, and for those who don’t have any religion, I gratefully felt sad for their lost to not be able to look into what is life.

To share, last week (16th October) after meeting up with my former employer who even gave me a present in a form of book entitle ‘Don’t Be Sad’, written by Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qami, made me in silent tears because the hard times that I have gone through.

After an incident that happen while I was driving back to Selayang from Cyberjaya, my car shifted on the other side of joint, drifted for four rounds on a highway. Imagine if there are cars coming all over in such heavy rain, I would not be writing here today. I came back in one piece. The power of faith is just enormously strong for me to know that God and Angels is always by your side, because He loves you so much after the challenge He had put your through, and for you to take on the challenge in such drastic positive measure.

So always remember, if you do the right things, God will give you the ray of light so that you can understand and start thankful each day. And I’m blessed with that. Alhamdulillah.

Being Stronger

The strength of my survival is because I’ve been blessed by God, literary, because I start to open up my heart, after being such a wild trash. I cannot do it with big help of family and frienda. Now that I have someone very important in my life, I continue to survive from learning how to stand on my feet again without help from the familiar faces. I struggled, learn and to cherish each moment I have. I see different perspective, the things I never care to bother all these years, and being in such wealth I forgot about what is a price tag and just buy and carry without thinking. Partly, I start to realize how much time and money I wasted, but I know that it’s not a thing or issue I should be regret, but instead looking on step ahead so that the next time I can do better.

Facebook has been the greatest therapy for me after getting my former religious advices from my Ustaz. I let things out completely, and then I start to realize how much love I received from countless of beautiful people who really take care and concern about the things I do, at my downfall. These beautiful supportive people had inspired me to learn more about life than just being on the top, but to try different shoe, in a different walks of life.

So my friends who read this, I love you dearly and thanks for being the light and guide and let me overcome my negativity.

How you present yourself

Being up and down, definitely more than just emotional roller coaster, three months had passed since I left my workplace in Cyberjaya, nevertheless would I think the sign of ‘SALADIN’ would forever stamp on my forehead, leaving a permanent mark wherever I go. Imagine strangers stop me by at Megamall of Midvalley asking about Saladin. I just realized I left Saladin team for almost two years.

The Good Things to come

Daily pressure, insomnia and sleepless mind exhausted with proposal, quotations and meetings, it had surely paid of after quite awhile. I’m currently working close with Malaysia AIDS Council to handle two projects, one is a graffiti illustration for upcoming World AIDS Day and another one is strictly confidential. Last weekend, I just contribute my effort to help the artist's backdrop for World Peace Festival 2008 in Stadium Bukit Jalil. Thanks to Kamal Sabran for inviting me to join the fellow talented visual artists.

Recently awarded by a contractor to engage interactive kiosk development for a national government body, I had drooling over the research and content of Malaysia History and origin. It’s probably one of the best masterpiece I am currently working with and a product to be proud of, dealing with the same team that delivered the Angkasawan Programme Interactive Kiosk. With few lines of incoming website development from various agencies, I even have the opportunity to work with upcoming recording artist to design their artwork album covers and one of my rare opportunity, to pitch a project for a well-known figure from Hollywood. Even if I won't be able to work with him, I just know that out there, someone truly appreciate what I do and the talent I have, it's awesome. Alhamdulillah.

My latest illustration 'Suraya' was also featured in KLue's October Issue of Pulse. Thanks Ai Leen for the small feature!

Next year, it would be a more hectic yet positive year for me, as I will be handling Kuala Lumpur Design Week together with strong team that brought you the previous Massive Territory Conference and MIDI Conference that feature international speakers like Karim Rashid, Joshua Davis and Niko Stumpo. It’s never a year for me to relax, but double the amount of work I did, and to create more ability in project and event management.

And I still proud of telling that I’m just a designer :-)