Sunday, December 09, 2012

Let's Legally Download: The Best of Malaysian Music on iTunes Store

If any of my friend would ask, who are the among Malaysian artist I currently listen to, besides going to local record store to purchase CD or buy from online? I have lots, since some of them are my friends who I had the privilege to work with or met:

Here are my recommended albums available from iTunes Store, and guys, show some love to them by supporting our local Music:

The rest I could not find on iTunes store (Malaysia) are highly talented Yuna, Sister of Malaysian Jazz, Atilia Haron and Queen of R&B, Liza Aziz. Listen to 'Tak Rela' on YouTube. Also couldn't find Noryn Aziz on iTunes :(. Even my favorite neo-soul local jazz band, Bassment Syndicate is not on iTunes and looking forward to see their album in here soon. Check out their music:

Now, enjoy online shopping, downloading and listening.
- Muid Latif