Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thank you!

My heart thanks to those who came to my birthday party, and those who couldn't make it but so nice to send me all the wonderful short mobile messages. U people rawk!

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Special thanks to Mr. Izu, Halim, Juan & Jacky for managing my party, and to all my friends who came, Abby & her friends, Fozz, Salmi, Faris, TJ, Boy & friend, Shieko & Perez (you two made my day although yang si sekor ni asyik lambat jer :P huhu..), Budiey! thanks man! Teong Hin (thanks for the book), Hasmi/Husmi (Innuendosway), Ibah, Josh Lim & Associate, Jay Lim & gf, Motionworks bunnies, Esqanita, Christian, Yan and friend, Sandra, Azlin & her sister, Aiman and friends, Rafil & Ann, 3 stooges, Trev, Wan & Halim, and the rest, love all of ya! Thanks for dropping by.

My colleague Sandra 'youtubed' me! (Thanks)

I never done any birthday party before, and this one is definitely fun! Guys, let me know when your birthday is coming up ok, we all forget sometimes.. | volume 6 released!

Finally, 4 months research, hectic on and off updates, and still fixing, i would like to introduce my viewers my latest updated version of my portfolio. This latest version give you more of my style in illustration, colors and of course, the presence of orientalism, all in Flash & XML. Looking forward to add more stuff into it, well hopefully.