Friday, January 26, 2007

_workupdate: obourious

Among the upcoming series for my (ml) portfolio revamp (which I'm expecting to be launch on my birthday), this will be my first official public work exhibited via online. Colors are studied carefully to give very yummilicious paddlepop-alike warm to cool tones. More to come! Check out the study case.

Basically the final work I did uses single jellyfish image (the one
I had illustrated and trace in Illustrator). Then I create multiple
layers and repeat all the jellyfish into different positions and colors.

Obourius, by Muid Latif. (cc) licensced under creativecommons.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to my dearest friend, a well-known Malaysian blogger who had been so nice to interview me on this blog. Thanks Budiey! Check out the interview in (Malay language) here.

More of Massive Territory Jakarta pictures!

Thanks to my dearest buddies from Special thanks to Juan, Godote, Yoel, Godot, Ira, Bellamy, Boy Avianto, Rangerbastards, Yay! Mardedi, Budi, Harry (Congrats man!), Satya Gumilang, Evelyn/Irene, (Guys, you're my family now..), Tei & Aiko of FuriFuri (you're crazycool!), Scien & Klorr (123Klan), guys, you had once again inspired me and thanks for being such friendly crazy friends. I hope Klorr is getting better now. Love & Respect! Joshua Davis, it was an honor having you around and taking you to places with Shieko. I enjoy going with you guys at the Dark Caves in Batu Caves. That was awesome! You guide me to be myself, always and forever my sifu, tatoo man! haha. Ari & Thalia, most greatest creative couple, finally! I get to meet you guys in person. Holla to the digital orientialist! The rest, Sanyen (of if interactive), thanks for the long chat, and the rest of the guys, u rockk!

Music Review: Something for soul

This is my first post on music review. I cannot separate myself from music. I'm a person who love any music as long it is nice to hear. As long it has something I can hear and think about, or simply move my feed. From Grandaddy to Nujabes, to Jazzanova, to Butterfingers, Jamiroquai, Coldplay (a bit gay don't u think?!?), O.A.G, Mary J. Blige and to DangerDoom, Sound Providers, all of them inspired me in so many ways.


This band is brilliantly awesome. They have such noteable album that drive your soul to another dimension (no, no cracks included). I got introduced by Sore way back when I bought Janji Joni soundtrack back in August 2006. I never regret buying anything from them, and looking forward to hear more of them among other Indonesian bands...

To Support or NOT support local music Industry

I would never see how awful Malaysian music industry for being such naive in putting expensive price in a cd that only can sell for like what, 25,000 - 45,000 units? And more over, the quality of the music doesn't sound promising except if we got hands like Roslan Aziz, Audrew, Azlan Abu Hassan, Ahmad Izham Omar, Johan Nawawi, Jari, Liza Aziz, M.Nasir, Adibah Noor, Ajai, Pacai, Pete Teo, and few good ones (Well, I like what KRU did one the early 90's with the music they made. These days, their work is so last decade, well, coming from me who has been a fan of their work back in 90's) but, having said that, they did great on Cicakman lah.. no doubt. Back to the story, One song will take 5-10,000 ringgit, but the sales of a local album? If EMI doesn't 'cruelly' charge a CD more than RM44+, I would have buy most of their album. But funny they don't appreciate the value of = Low Price, High Demands, and High Sales. Why did I even talk about this? Because I spent RM150 last week, and I bought 10 CD's from various artists from Indonesia. In Indonesia, the artists have own their fanbase and sales, giving them the privilege to earn more than our local artist. Why? Because they produced more outstanding music composition compared to ours. They put a CD price from RM15-35 Ringgit and I'm telling you, if it wasn't for Melly Goeslow and Glenn, I wouldn't even think of buying Siti Nurhaliza's Transkripsi. You don't even find the local CD patterned with database when you load it in iTunes to convert it into your iPod. You have to punch in the title of the tracks individually for artists and songs, not like the Indonesians artist (CD). It's a shame that RIA / RIM is doing nothing about this. Let the indie labels councour the marketing, promotions and sales. I mean I see a lot of artist really work hard, no doubt, like Amy Mastura, Dayang Nurfaizah, Adibah Noor. Well, at least I'm seeing presence of local artists in MySpace to put the effort of promoting their music, themselves! (These includes OAG, Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura, Nicky and others). And I'm glad to purchase album from Music Canteen. Or else I wont be able to have the chance to listen to Dave Andrew's band. Still, I give support because 60% of them are my friends, although there are some local artists being very fcuktup snobbish people when I met them in-person (to name few, Ruff Edge. I remember Cat pushed me off the dance floor in the club called Orange, back in those days, cause I was dancing 'very good' on the dance floor. Ladies and gentlemen, it's call enjoying the music, not show-off okay!!). So, to support or not support? We have the power, so we can figure it out.

Roll out!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Massive, Scientific Excellence of Creativitiy

Imagine a world without time... Imagine, if we weren't able to fly? Imagine all the impossible thing that then become possible... with the gift of knowledge, given by our Al-Mighty, we are given the chance to use His exquisite creativity to invent world's most important evolution of inventions that now lies in front of our eyes. We are able to know the time with our hand watch or in our iPod, we can identify the direction of kiblah, look at maps based on Google Earth, and other fascinating discovery of science, astronomy, geography, arts, maths, architecture and medical and inventions. It's an amazing journey of what I was able to discover and I am so grateful to be apart of this exhibition, and it's still running till February, this year in Hall 1, KLCC Convention Centre. Click here for more info (Bahasa Melayu).

It's Massive!

Another great gift that happen to me is to finally meet my greatest guru of all time, Joshua Davis, during Massive Territory Conference here in Kuala Lumpur dated from 12-15th of January 2007. I'm writing an article for Territory Magazine volume 7, so you guys can check out our photo journey on the future publication, but meantime, get yourself a copy of Territory Design Magazine Vol 6! It's out now, and features DMP MekarMara in CD-ROM and also few of my artworks. Yeay!

Let's not forget, the photos!! [Click here!]

I Believe It's Magic!

Shot by Hasnul Hadi, MDeC. More photos here!

(Blog will be updated..too much things to write, and trying to simplify as many topics as possible). To A____, welcome back to my heart. I believe it's magic. Don't forget, things are not going to be the same, you and I.

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