Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm Not Myself

I’m not myself’ describe me for not be able to:
  1. Work my magic on creativity, which means more design and artworks (two artwork is not good enough at the age of three decade).
  2. I failed to submit my work (CI) which I suppose to deliver like 3 weeks ago and still slowly working on it due to lack of experience. Means more hardwork!
  3. Being caught up with different ‘interest’ of industry (Hint: NGO, UNICEF)
  4. Too overwhelmed and concerned by the keyword ‘new media’
  5. Was not able to reply email on time due to misplace of brain cells (brain needs defragmentation)
  6. Was not able to scan my sketches that I did in 2 weeks, two of ‘em on plane to Singapore.
I’m not myself lately. I lost those words that give me the motivation to be at a place where I am able to stand tall. I was completely transparent somehow. No, this is not another post to gain sympathy or try to sound as if I’m pathetic. Having said that, there are two Malaysian Kancil Award designer @ recipients who are currently been talking about me and very ‘irritated’ by me due to my personal note from my Facebook. Kadang-kala these jantan perangai cam Pariz Hilton kutuk lahanat mulut kalah perempuan. Anyway, it's okay, it's a privilege for people like them to use that reputation who definitely have the right to 'kutuk small-small' underdog designer like me. It’s good to know there’s people like this, because it makes me want to boost my creative and become hardworking even more.

I learned too much only these three weeks. I read more book than I used to. I met people who are really serious about helping the industry grow and at the opposite side, I also meet people who want to save mother nature and let others know the negative impact of global warming. I felt with so much guilt because I had to throw away those cigarettes, but in the same time, I just need to smoke my lungs off.

Today (4th of August), I was even frustrated because I was not able to carry by readings in my Qiraati class with my Ustaz. I can see how frustrated he was with me for not be able to read fluently. Lepas solat Asar nak praktis balik.

Illustration: Joggin' on nice Monday evening

I was out jogging for few minutes before Mahgrib. As usual with my jogging sneakers (yang sedap) and iPod to keep me going little bit bouncin' with Madlib 'in the air'. Just on my way back after ‘tawaf' (a round in the housing area and park, reaching up 7.30 PM), I came across something extra-ordinary. It was so beautiful yet astonishing.. (it's so National Geographic). I stand for few minutes, gasping and starring at the sky. At first I thought it was just flock of birds trying to get back to their nests but it was otherwise.

There was thousands of termite swarmer (kekatu) on the air, and with them, are countless flock of birds from sparrows, Swift (mostly from the passerine species), crows and surprisingly, bats! Now this is no Dark Night ya’all. This is real one yang ‘comel lotey’ (cute). I was so excited to see how these flying beings feed themselves somehow stand unite despite different species and groups. I guess every living things have balance and harmony.

Learning the big deal of Corporate Identity Guidelines.

I was 'terrified' with the whole thing. I was given an assignment to come up with CI for my previous company to work on New Media CI guidelines because when I got my hands of others example of CI, it seems like the one I’m working with doesn’t gel with anything. It doesn’t relate to anything, because the last two weeks, I’m seeing ignorance in each department, neglecting what is CI and brand guide, thus showing more of personal execution among them (there were to much inconsistency), which I found very disturbing. I don’t know how people can adapt branding and guidelines and ignore the importance of it. Brand guide is set to give a better apprentice, but I guess people are very anti-visual. I don't know why we are going so way back to RTM.

One of industrial professional come to me and told me: “Muid, do you know to do a Corporate Identity, most company charge at RM25,000?” I couldn’t figure out more. Now I have to look at my communication brief what is required (if I got one).

Now, I have three upcoming talks (from USM, to UiTM Perak and 'A Journey to Nanyang: Dance with the Flowers' exhibition in Penang), meantime preparing for upcoming Kuala Lumpur Design Week (KLDW) :) Join our group in facebook to keep yourself updated with KLDW.

Here's my collaboration with the talented Mr. Fariz Hanapiah (my part is on the illustration) for Astro's GAIA drama series (Season 2) directed by Nizam Zakaria.

(If you can see this, click here to view the video). The compression of Vimeo is way to great compared to


There’s a possibility that I will be ‘closing’ this blog as I want my web audience to focus on my work. I will transfer most of my personal post in facebook notes (by invitation only!) as I’m working on my portfolio revamp to keep the consistency of my website flawless and RSS ‘feed-able’. So this blog will be on archive, and most industrial topic and related creative venture will be posted in Digital Malaya instead.

New Media Policy & Practice Mini Summit in Conjunction of International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA2008)

I was invited last two weeks ago (23-27 July) to attend this wonderful event (with workshop). Besides that, I manage to present my work at Pecha Kucha @ TheaterWorks, Singapore. It has definitely open up my mind to another perspective about Malaysia’s industry especially in New Media Education. Thanks to Asia-Europe Foundation for the great hostility for providing me the accommodation, transportation, ‘makan-makan’ and continuous support not forgetting new friendship and alliance especially to meet people like Rob van Kranenburg, Katelijn (so adorable), Adam Somlai-Fisher (amazing Flash/ActionScript writer/Designer), Floor Van Spaendonck (Facebook buddies), Atteqa, Sally Jane Norman and others. I gain more knowledge sharing and information of today’s modern practice of New Media, and of course, to find out what exactly is the Helsinki Agenda. There's just too much things to learn, and I wish a lot of my fellow Malaysian designer can join me here :(

Sally's sister, me & Floor

Me & Adam

More interesting moment to add; I met (again), my buddy Roopesh even we had great discussion together with Prayas Abjinav for late night snack in my hotel room. Roopesh had also given me a tour for his 'Relocation' exhibition in Singapore Management University (SMU), features work of Hasnul J. Saidon (till now I never meet this lad). I will write about full details of what I’ve learn in Digital Malaya article soon, insya’Allah.

Singapore, a place for food and vacation, not for work:

My favorite coffee house in Singapore, TCC and this is the super-delicious Cream of Fennel with Smoke Salmon Soup. Yummy!

Lovin the J.Co donuts. How come they don't have it here in Malaysia?

Having said that, I miss the lovely chicken rice at Chee Meng at Jalan Bukit Bintang opposite Low Yatt!

Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta Media Arts Festival

Apparently I had been given a slot to present my new media work and study case in the ongoing Cellbuttons #2 at the Yogyakarta Media Arts Festival where I will be going around 18-20 August (Insya’Allah). I still couldn't figure out why some called Yogya and some called Jogja. I'm going to make a short vacation by visiting the beautiful temples because I was delighted by Kieran's photoworks during his trip few weeks ago with his buddies.

Atilia’s Ranjau Launch & Sunrise Jazz Festival

Me, Kieran, Atilia & Becky @ Bangkok Jazz

Thanks Fizar for giving this opportunity to promote Digital Malaya Project at the launch of Atilia’s MTV ‘Ranjau’. The event had been a great success with the great support of everyone and I’m very thankful to be a part of it. I also would like to congrats my friend, Noryn Aziz and his lovable dear manager, Abg Sam Kassim, for bringing glorious victory and made Malaysia proud. Let’s have another seafood dinner guys!

The Incredible Elvira & Hunny Madu.

my pal, Dennis Lau

I was there last week (2nd August) to support my friend Hunny Madu and Phunk Mob (too awesome!), but I was so amazed that the local talented singer call Elvira who had actually sang one of my most favorite number by Mary J. Blige, ‘The Love I Never Had’.


Abby & Prakash

Prakash, MC, MC's friend, Mika (Sona) & Abby

Eventually, everything went to what I expected, relaxed but balancing work and play.