Monday, November 13, 2006

Intro: What is CINTA?

Lately, I have been expressing my feelings towards relationship in this blog. It’s about how I felt, what I thought and how can I go along with it. Sometimes we can predict if a relationship going to work or not. If we believe the relationship that we have will turn out negative, it will turn out negative, but if you intend to put it as a positive influence and challenge in your life, it will definitely work. Others might run away from relationship because that person cannot admit their defeat, their lust and guilty for betraying someone they love and proclaim 'the one'.

Love is a profound feeling of tender affection for, or intense attraction to, another. People in love are often considered to have "good" interpersonal chemistry. Love is described as a deep, ineffable feeling shared in passionate or intimate interpersonal relationships. Love is an important factor in intimate relationships. An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship with a great deal of physical and/or emotional intimacy. So, where do you stand in your relationship? Who do you really love?

A Relationship tests our knowledge, our morality, about how to care, our faith and belief, our trust, our loyalty, our passion and our will. To some, they or a person would take affection for granted. They cannot solve the missing puzzle because at first, they don’t know what love really mean. Love isn't just about sacrifice. It’s about walking through the fire by understanding not just how we feel but to be able to take the risk towards loving others, how we worship someone, how to respect someone, how to value ourselves and how well we can fight the challenge that comes in our way with confidence and let confusion put aside. If we lost our foundation of love, we end up loosing our determination to believe that person truly for you and had help change your life and inspire, that move you in a special way. Instead, you will bound to make other options and another party to rely on (as a rebound 'friend', to use but hurt that person in silence.

For those who refuse to take control and didn’t take the guts to fight for it, they will always run away from their problem, blame and put anger to their loves one, ending up being narrow and became primitive. That person will be clouded by desire, ego and lust, and furthermore, too perfect to admit about themselves, and wouldn’t allow him or herself to have a change of principle of life. Why? Because they don’t really know what is beyond love. That person doesn’t realize that actually love is not expressed by word, but it’s how we think of someone. Is she or he important in your life or you wanting them to fulfill your selfish dreams of becoming a person who you are not meant to be?

CINTA, a movie by directed by Kabir Bhatia. This movie shows five (5) different perspective of love story, by different characters and situation in Kuala Lumpur, lead by talented, very talented Malaysian actor and actress. Now, I don’t want to talk about the depth of each character, nor the storyline, as it had explain in their website.

Pierre Andre, Me (Muid Latif), Ally Iskandar & Dhojee (Thanks SM!)

On the 10th of November, I got the privilege to watch the movie premier together with my sister, Nurol ‘Abby’ Latif among other bloggers from Malaysia. Now, Kabir Bhatia is not just a typical director to be look upon. Based on his impressive experience in film industry, this movie is really different from any other typical Malay movie I have seen. Every transition of the scene is very smooth. I have no more to say regarding their amazing cinematography. It might be too commercial but I really like it. It shows that the director is able to take the risk of taking an advert-based style of shot, adapt to this movie and move it forward. The result? It’s totally brilliant. There are some special scene I like, where Rashidi Ishak (the actor who plays Harris) was all by himself in his room at night, or when Pierre Andre was having trouble adjusting his place at his office. The casts delivered well in each of their role. 'Orked', as usual being herself. I find hard to accept that I like her sense of humor in that movie ;). I love the little girl who is the daughter of Harris, probably considered as Malaysian version of Dakota Fanning. Rashidi give a remarkable role. Que Haidar, wow!, Eizlan Yussof give most great facial expression while I’m surprised to see Baizura in that film, as I also had worked with her as an invited guest in an episode of Mamee Slyrup! Menjana Impian in TV9.

Besides seeing small tiny 'error' of some scene or frame frozen up (delayed, like webcam, i.e, barber shop scene), the ONLY thing that might disappoint me is the soundtrack. I would prefer not to see local artists singing covers of other bands/artists. As if some Malaysian music producers only good at taking samples of other works of different producers and claim to release ‘a new style’. Tapi itu tak mengapa, rezeki artist masing-masing. It’s nothing wrong rite fellas? If you watch Ellie Parker starring Naomi Watts, the movie offers such great soundtrack. If we were to put aside on our confidence on what we think that the music must contains mainstream artists in order to sell the movie, I think that if Kabir Bhatia or any of his crew read my views, perhaps we can try to make it more different, if we really want to make this movie very different. I got a bit sore when I heard some of the tracks, because it could have been better. Like ‘Janji Joni’, Gezz, the tracks are excellent. Very original! I would like to take this opportunity for you people out there, to experience a different perspective of Malaysian film industry and support them as much as possible. All the best to CINTA casts and crew to make this movie as success as possible because we surely need to see more of this, in the coming future.

Someone told me I have to find the meaning of how to let go. There are things we can't force and expect someone to love us, however we can help them to change. But if it's hard to change, we must find other solution or try to take it positive, move forward and forgive them even though it may hard to forget.

- Written by Muid Latif

At Abby's convocation on the 12th of November. More pics here.

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