Sunday, May 29, 2005

My heart speaks:

Was that brown eyes that caught my heart?
Was the smile mesmerizing my mind?
The elongated conversation we both had,
Was tremendous as we get closer every moment,
Your kiss was so sweet, tender caressing this lip,
Makes me fall deep in ecstasy,

Could it be another fiction, like a movie?
Should I neglect my heart and pass the life,
That I thought I could have give a little more space,
Of promising future for both of us?
Or I deem to find the truth?
Or forever gone before I can see the light

I never wrote a peom for so long and this week has been one of the best journey in my life so far, to discover myself even more. I got twisted too :P Well, it's just me. Learning to discover more of my other side. 'Alter-ego' huh?

* let's dance

Friday, May 27, 2005

DMP Dine Out

Abby, Perez & Me

DMP decide to throw dinner a.k.a. DMP Dining out at Pizza Hut & Starbucks, Damansara City Centre on Thursday night, a celebration plus gathering for active Digital Malaya Project (DMP) contributors and collective members, which recently support and participated on College Talk on the 21st of May and two major exhibition in Penang, Beautiful Junk 2005 on 11th of June with international digital artists like Inksurge, Joshua Davis, VektorJunkie, iBlog, TheClickProject and many cool artists, even Pete Teo, Qings & Kueen will be there to support the event.

Faizal (blur) in black T, Shieko (white T), Webman (Red T)

I will also join ArtYours / Wondermilk exhibition this July together with Shieko and I assume other DMP Collective will be joining us.

Besides loosing weight due to swimming and regular jogging, I lost my appetite to eat. I’m not sure why but I think I need to get ‘fat’ again. Now that I got few freelancers to keep me busy, I hope to attend Adobe seminar this June.

* put that black shoe and dance

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Morning Raspberry, Caramel and coffee

My body weakens, the skies was too beautiful to perceive from my window. I fell back, with my useless body to this comfy quilt, and soft pillows, one for me to hug and one for my neck to rest ease. The smell of the burning aromatherapy still lingers in my room and my computer still awake, with ‘Caramel’ by Suzanne Vega, playing in my room. It was the joyful week I bear. I was falling in love with the fact that I had successfully turn those who was unfamiliar with the world they’re about to face as a young fresh designer to ‘I’m ready and up to the challenge’. Yes indeed.

My Reflection, My Soul to lead to your example

The only thing I would not allow myself to get into, is to be label as attitude-person. It’s really freakin’ me out. And I’ve becoming one of ‘them’. It’s a disease I cannot afford to stop unless I myself transform to another person. I change if people don’t change. And I tell, to people to change if their friends can’t. And that’s exactly what I had told the students of Poly-tech MARA College, Ipoh, Perak, last Saturday, 21st May. The talk was about how to face the reality in your early careers, but most of the students was too excited with our DMP demoreel (which was done by Perez).

Artech, friend, me & Yadd

That’s Yadd at our Q&A Session. Really hot session!

I would like to thank the management of Poly-Tech for treating us such a special guest, and the press and all the dear, beloved student. Most of all, my deep thanks goes to “Art-tec” (Aiman, you are so talented and creative!) for recommending us to be the guest speaker for the event. It was an honour and was a great opportunity. We would like to do more! Yadd and Perez, I believe my perception towards you, especially Perez was wrong. I am now understand deeply how serious you are in helping my career and as a friend, despite to know you are a gross person! Haha…just kidding baby. I call you baby cause you are so like my brother. Yadd, thanks for driving my car, I was too exhausted. More pics will be up soon, so do drop by my blog as frequent as you can around this week.

The students. Listening or .....?

The students (with Yadd at the front row standing)

‘Geram’ (Hulk) Mode!
It seems that my article in Utusan has not release, just as I expected. Either I have to wait for it as a patient man or forget about it. I was thinking more on forget about it. Less pain, better to f*uck it out. Yah! Two website development this week, two cheques need to be cleared. I hope new opportunities will be coming in. That's a yay!

Abby in black suit. T-Shirt by Radioactive.

Neu photography work by me, model; my sister Abby :P

Coolhomepages is the greatest design portal of all time besides CWD & Netdiver. I have been a fan for 5 years.... and now, I had finally made it! Yes, my portfolio website now finally listed in their directory and it has been a great privillage for me. So happy!

* not my last dance.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

Quick snappy from Riz

Children are the young generation, future of the world. We all love kids, they are adorable, the key that keeps us together (but not in Michael Jackson way of course!). So, yesterday, Sunday 15th of May was indeed a splendid, beautiful day for me, Abby, Riz, Sham and Azril, to be a part of the volunteer team for the Malaysian AIDS CouncilTake Remember into Action’ Day, which was held at Grand Season Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir & Me.

It was my first volunteering work. I got the opportunity to meet up people who are AIDS positive, but unlikely, they have the mindset far beyond normal human being, much positive from the one I’ve met. They are so open minded, very forgiving and very understanding. It hold up the tears inside to know few, like the nice man I met, Phillips, who have a wife and a lovely daughter, who is fighting HIV, and yet still live as a normal human being. It took me one step further to hear and share their lives and experience, from what they have gone through, forever earn my respect towards them.

Abby and a small Angel.

We all had such a wonderful time, not forgetting, playing balloons with kids, helping them paintings, decorate crafts and lotsa stuff. Yeah, to most people this is not a big thing but for me, personally, I really gain new experience. On the same occasion, I met a very nice young man, who is also one of uprising local actor, Ako Mustapha. More review from my sister, Abby here.

Mr. Phillips & Wife, Abby & Ako

Abby, Ako & Me

I had such a great time and thanks to everyone involve, Sham, thank you for the offer and thanks to Mona & Surian for the gifts and allow us to be a part of the team. More photos can be found here! (Thanks Riz!)

Gosh.. still having a fever. So weak :P But nice emails and feedback I had recieved from friends all around the world, regarding my portfolio launch. Those who haven't visit my portfolio, kindly feel free yourself to browse at (I welcome your feedback and comments. Thanks ya'All.)

Listening to:
01. George Michael & Deon Estus - Heaven Help Me
02. Bonnie Raitts - Black Velvet
03. Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me
04. Melly Goslow - Tak Mau Putus
05. Al Green - Let's Stay Together
06. John Legend - Ordinary People
07. Jill Scott - Can't Explain (42Nd Street Happenstance)
08. Incubus - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Song)
09. Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Love
10. Samurai Champloo - Aruarian Dance

* not yet the last dance.

Morning Blues

Re-post the 10th May blog, due to bloody blogger f*ckup error.

On a fresh morning breezy air today, I decided to go out for a jogging. So, I went jogging almost the entire camp. (So much of energy huh?) On my way back, I ‘bump’ into one of my ex-junior back in High School, with his troop shouted ‘Lari Abang Muid, Lari” (means "Run Muid, Run"), gosh, it sounded so embarrassing, now that almost all of the lieutenants there know who I am. I thought to be as unknown as I can in this camp. After I return home, I took a shower and went out. So while driving, I listen to this amazing songs sang by an Indonesian genius recording artist, Melly Goslow with the track ‘Tak Mau Putus’ (means ‘Don’t wanna breakup’), taken from her debut CD / OST ‘Tentang Dia’. In fact talk about the movie, it’s fabulous. Everyone was so into it. You can check out the review from my sister’s blog. (I got no time to write the review, so please don’t hate me).

Recently my mother’s Kembara got hit by a bloody wild boar at 3 am in the morning, that thing abruptly crossed the road out of nowhere and rammed into the slow drivin’ Kembara which I drove. In case you were wondering, where on God name those wild boar came from, this army camp also have few small forest and the lived there. It’s like a mini zoo here. So, what’s the purpose of going out in the early freaking morning? Well, I went to get some nice donuts and a battery for my self photo-shooting session in my room.

Recent self-experimental shot using a low profile digital camera (more pics)

Last weekend was funky-cool. I went out with my friends (Boys night out), with Riz, Azril, Juin, Alfred, Farrah and Jane Doe at Alexis, Ampang. The band was truly awesome, playing great slow tempo and up-tempo jazz music, and they came all the way from Australia (as if this information helps! Haha). The next day, I went for an audition (Host) at Sri Pentas, TV3 for a program called ‘Rexona No Sweat Dance Challenge’. I didn’t do well cause I was distracted, well I guess since my parent went of to Thailand and Philippines makes me worried about them and house. Anyway, I met nice people there, like actress Catriona Ross and model, Sabrina Hassan. I even met my junior, Fariha, where I use to work with her on a local TV Game Show back in those days. We had such a great discussion about film industry and lotsa stuff. Today I have to go to Uptown to submit my work to Wondermilk for this June’s art exhibition.

I finally managed to get my domain, up at (mt) media temple hosting. They had recently upgrade the server to 2GB space and give me the privillage to host few other clients site in the same (ss) server. Yay! Thanks to Nik Fariz (CTO) and (mt) family for the kind assistant. You guys rawk!

That’s all folks! Yay!

* yo! Is that my last dance?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Now that Is What I Called Dream (Not Music)!

I would like to tell you guys that I had a weird dream in the past thirty (30) minutes not long ago. I don’t know what the hell happen but it was 4:30 a.m, Thursday 5th of May, the exact time that make me awake due to a very weird dream.
I dream I was having this exquisite, delicious taste of "Cendol Pulut Sg. Besi" man! I never had such cream! I can’t believe that I even left out my favorite Salmon Make Sushi, McDonald's new delicious Chicken Pita Roll or even a Hawaiian Pizza in it! Hello!

Now, "Cendol", define as Malaysian desert which contains (ingredient) of green "Pandan" flavored noodle, mix with blended ice with coconut milk and "Caramel" (brown colored syrup made from palm sugar) served with red beans or Pulut rice (compressed cold rice, like sushi) in a small bowl. The taste is sweet and delicious. Yum… If you foreigners ever come visit Kuala Lumpur, don’t forget to taste ‘Cendol’ :)Now I have to spend my entire early morning looking miserable with my half-mask gone, looking shocked and amazed and trying to make a hot tea and planning to watch a DVD. I couldn't sleep.

It’s a freakin sign for me to have cendol this very afternoon. I couldn’t think anything else. I’m going to be a volunteer for AIDS Event helping out the kids and stuff this 15 May, some kind of charity work which I am happy to do, together along with my friend Riz & Shamser. My sister might be join this event. Any other day, I’m as usual, with my daily "creative crisis" but having a new domain for my portfolio site! Yay!

* Not my last dance.