Monday, May 05, 2014

May the Fifth Be With You

So this is definitely not about the celebration of Star Wars for fans but I got an interesting story to share. Since this is my ever blog post in 2014, I would expect to write something about me or my works. Not this time.

I just came back from a very, very late dinner in a Mamak restaurant nearby after I finished work in the office and went for few laps in the pool.

An interesting event occur while I was eating my delicious Mee Goreng Mamak. I sat near a table with full of youngsters using this similar bahasa pasar. From the tone, they seems to be a group of 'mat rempit' because the language they use are very inappropriate and utterly vulgar. Since they talk loud, I don't need to ear drop instead was distracted by their stories about 'awek' or the new term for cute girls, 'gegirl'. So they were talking about their admiration over those pretty ladies, an adorable Siamese cat came around their table and saw them feeding the cat. A guy (from the same table) went rushing to 7-Eleven just 2 mins away and came back to feed the cat with a Friskies food pack (perhaps this cost around RM2 or so). Another friend of him said, "Baik lah kau kasi makan kucing", then this guy (let's call him the Friskies guy) replied "Takkan aku nak bagi kucing ni makan tulang ayam ni, lagipun dia tak kerja, bukan ada duit pun". (Translation: "You're too kind to feed the cat", "I don't think it's nice that I feed the cat only with chicken bone. Anyway this cat is jobless and does not have any income")

I was in awe. It was very remarkable and eye-opening.

Immediately I vision this ray of light coming from the sky as if I got knocked in the head. This even change the whole perception of these group of boys. If they were those 'mat rempit' gangs, I have this interesting hypothesis that conclude to:

1. They have a good heart despite their 'criminal-like' activities

2. They mixed with the wrong crowd and only if they were put in a different shoe and influence, they could be a better person
3. The moral support for them exist, perhaps through the affection from family and loved ones
4. They were darn bored. If they were given the opportunity to have a better self-esteem, they could hit a great career ahead
5. They need a good father or brother-figure to guide them to a better path and enrich themselves with better education.

I hope in future to come, God give them a chance and 'rezeki' to make them be a better person in our society. Perhaps it's about time our culture foster young generation to be a better, motivated person that could sustain our culture's reputation in the most positive way.