Monday, September 08, 2008

The Eid Mubarak Blues

Apparently this is face after getting a bad food poisonin' (a day before) this meet-up at Devi's Corner, Bangsar on the 7th of September. Photo by Halimi Saidi.

Despite of being drowsy yet creative and 'freelancing', I managed to catch up on some design books, read some articles about Malay history, watch latest Naruto & Bleach from Dattebayo, 'Fear Itself' and upcoming 'True Blood' starring Anna Paquin, and manage to watch two hillarious movies 'Love Guru' & 'Meet The Zohan'. I got all the love and support from my family and beloved friends so I was very composed the entire one month and a half though I thought I just woke up from a terrible nightmare, seriously.

A part from that, I had a great time this month, even manage to berbuka puasa with my dearest Gjie Aziz, Fynaz, Lin, Suzie, Prakash, Jolene, Abby, Eddie, Melissa Saila and her mum, the legendary actress Mariani (imagine meeting Julie Andrews ;-). The next week, I had my yumcha session with another dearest friends, Oya and Halimi. We actually end up discussing politics and 'sensasi selebriti!'.

Had a great photo shoot with the theme '
Men & Baju Melayu' by Mr. Crewcut again, this time I felt more easy working with Mr. K. I can't wait for the final result. Eventually I met another model that night, Hamdi. Very funny guy.

Was also invited to Jay Lim's pre-launch of Miss Hua Exhibition last weekend and I will be going to Penang to give a talk in Han Chiang College, Penang from 18-20 and will be staying over at Nony's place in Ayer Hitam. Hope the weather is good for photography. Can't wait!

What's Cookin?

I guess my forte for cooking is always the beautiful green vege's. I love vege but I ain't vegetarian though. Recipe is below. Anyway, I got so freaked out after the food poison so I'm eating more fresh green. My next menu will be fresh cabbages, kelp noodle with dried tofu and carrots. Yum!

Let's cook Muid's style:

Step 1:

Prepare yourself a big frying pan or kuali. Letak satu piring teh (50-100ml) of olive oil or cooking oil, prepare half tea spoon of salt, slices of Garlic and Onion. Heat em up, wait for few minutes till the oil boils, then masuk one bit by one bit.

Step 2:

Put some baby Shrimp or Slices of chicken meat, stir it all together, but make sure you don't overcook.

Step 3
Cherry Tomato, Long Peas (yang sudah dihiris), Mushroom, Baby Corn & Broccoli, mix and toss em up, and voila! Jangan lupa ambil gambar pakai lens 50mm :P

My mum says add some corn flour to make it moisty or soy sauce (kicap), it's an option only lah, so I don't like to put those option sebab nanti tahan lama.

Neu Photography

When it comes to our local independence day, I always wanted to utilized the best time to go out rather than just sit at home because I want to make it as memorialize as I can. Well, so far, all of my Merdeka celebration had been so memorable that I still could not forget how me and my sister Abby almost got drowned at Santubong Beach, Sarawak in 1993 because we went out chasing those Mudskipper until we realized we swam too far. *sigh* (*keluhan*)

The photos above was taken at the Bukit Setapak area on our way to our sister's place where she lives very close to Anwar Ibrahim's residence. Since that day, we know The Annexe of Central Market had Arts For Grabs, I really wanted to go there but I end up at KLCC instead, having tea with my family at Little Penang Cafe after the whole family went to watch Susuk with my sister's family.

Shafina sent us an sms earlier to hang out at a place called Pink Sage. Me and my sister went there after we went to my sister's place (Aniq). Pink Sage has great menu of yummilicious food, drink and cakes. We had our breakfast set with pancakes.

After sending back our parents to the carpark, me and Abby went to see Gjie & Fynaz at Great Eastern Mall, Ampang and we hang out at O'Brian sandwich. Had a good Merdeka outing.

World Photo Walk: Selected Shots

As usual, any other weekend is the best time to make use of my camera. KLickr once again made photowalk a worthwhile. We had our early warm up before the real photo walk starts. With us is Asha, Kamarul (my UiTM college mate), Abby, Effa, Nagen, Syiqin, Shafina, Ripi and me.

Nagen looking bluish Jedi on a rainy day

The reversed Mr. Cricket

The pathway of survival

We had an earlier meet-up Flickr group had a great success with our
29th monthly meetup, dated 23 August 2008 with great photography walk at Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, thanks to all who made it. I had such a great time and meet great new friends. I was also model for that day (perasan).

Photos by Prakash Daniel (DMP Collective)

The day after, we (me, Abby, Prakash, Jolene, Shafina, Nagen & Ripi) went to Yuritei Japanese restaurant near KLPac, Sentul, to celebrate our dearest friend, Syiqin who came all the way from Penang. Since I was financialy 'ill' , I found a great alternative, praise the Al-Mighty God for inspiring me with this left hand with talent. I manage to give Syiqin a great gift for her, in a form of sketches. Alhamdulillah.

This is Syiqin :-)

This is Syiqin, illustrated, framed in nice IKEA white frame.

Aperture Workshop with Jen Siow:

Aperture Workshop: Linda
Model: Linda

Aperture 2
is one of my favorite Photo editing software in Mac. Aperture is affortable compare to Adobe Lightroom, however, I always love to use both application to suit my photos. Tai of EcazStudio invited me to come to this workshop organized by Click! & GoLive at Uptown, Damansara Utama. I paid RM150 for this class and all participant received free iPod Shuffle (1GB). Let see, education and tips by renown and noted legend, Jen Siow, free food, good friends around (Halimi, Musri, Tze Meng, TK, Jinny Wong), free model shooting spree and free iPod, it's way more worth than spending on a Nike shoe (whoops!).

I didn't expect we had a shooting session as I thought it was just a sit-and-hear kinda seminar. The organizer brought us with two cute models at TTDI park and I must say, I manage to get some good shot and explore more of what I can do with photography. Having said that, I still love towards my passion in illustration and design. Ta-da to dat! ;-)


Meantime updating my creative portfolio and CV, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends a happy Eid Mubarak!

dancing with my teddiebear with affection