Sunday, February 26, 2006

Birthday yada yada...

Grave in quality or manner (or some of us called it serious) is a very perilous term in my dictionary. I am a person with great of sense of humour and I like to be for who I am at all time I could have. I refuse to take away my personality, appearance and attitude I own, because I believe it had shaped who I am today. I prefer not to be a 'dull', passive and boring person. But I ain't playin' neither. It doesn't mean people can step on my head. There are times I get serious in some matter.

I had achieve my discipline on training myself to stay healthy.
1. I stop smoking.
Heavy Dunhill, to Marlboro to Kent 9, then 6, then 1 and then stop!
2. I start working out. I go for more then just my regular dumbells.
3. I try wake up early. No more 10s!
4. I start compromising. I tolerate and be more patience.
5. I start seeing the real things more in front of me
6. I been offered chances.
7. I like to eat healthy food and more greens (vegi)
But no one is perfect. Deep in my mind and soul, I know that in some ways, there are some circumstances that makes me fall apart. No futher details to this subject ladies and gentlemen.

Past two days, was the day I turn 27. I got a day off (from working) and really fully utilized it. I had a nice lunch and discussion with my friends at PJ Hilton, and went for a Kanye West workout plan. I got home, then went back to Sri Hartamas for regular yamcha with Shieko and Orkibal.

On Saturday, I went to the city. I met Ameer (former collegue), then Shieko and Orkibal at Sg. Wang. Shieko, was very generous to buy me lunch to celebrate my birthday. Arigato Shiekocan!
Then, shieko split up. We (Me & Orkibal) decided to go to Time Square to buy a lomo camera (finally!) at this nice shop called The Folio. He got himselves a fish eye lomo while I got myself a colorsplash. Went for a foot massage (after the morning workout). It was damn nice, bloody brilliant Thai massager. I went out to the city to take some various shots and mostly they are experimental shots. That night, I went to see my personal trainer to discuss about my health and stuff. He was very nice and very helpful, or it was apart of the centre policy. Haha..
I took the Komuter train back to Bandar Tasik Selatan. Dozzed off so I stopped at Serdang. Abby went to pick me up and I suppose to join her at Subang Jaya (ss15) for yamcha and hangouts. Instead, I got my foot ache (due to the message) so I went back home, watch TV and fell asleep.

And on Sunday, I got interviewed by students from UiTM about Graffiti art and stuff for their final project / paper. It was ok but those kids are very nice :)

I went to Adidas store to buy some short sport pants, t-shirts and stuff. Had a nice club sandwich and went back home. But I had my weekend swim. It's a must. Geezz, i'm still having my hickups (since Friday) and it annoys me.

besame mucho?

5 opinions :

Shiekoreto said...

ekceli oki chipped in as well for the meal ;)

Abah Adrian said...

happy belated bday abg muid...

27 ek, lebih kurang la... huhu~

ArtdicteD said...

hepi belated besdei bro! hope you'll have a great year ahead!

Nina J said...

26 feb ek brader? sama la...

Kyels said...

Hey Muid,

I was just wondering, how much is the Color Splash lomo?