Friday, February 03, 2006

Fighting Stereotype?

Is it not? When we given a chance to change something, what would you change?

As for me, I feel that I would like to take the Malaysian Web Design industry a step further. By means, to play a role to help and support for better standard in web design in Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia (no offense) has always been left behind. The difference? It's a gap of 10 years (when it comes to technology and the way people think). The nearest to compare is with Singapore. They are way much better than us, even how client think about creative aspect. We do notice some of them out there still think that if you drive a nice car, you own everything. I bumped into few people who have been living luxuriously but when I ask if they often travel, seem that they never made any stamp in their passport. They continue to become stereotype to think that there are no use to travel, learning different culture and change a bit, at least the way we think and try to stay more positive. I also confront people (especially bumiputra's) about how 'proud' they are studying abroad but using education as a part of their weapon to threaten people. I remember three years back, a Malay lecturer (guy with glasses) from the Distance Learning Program (UiTM), would have a swank argument with one of my working colleague with this dialogue; "Do you know who I am? I have master in .......?" That's what I'm talking about real attitude, it's the reality. Doesn't mean you have master in your education, you can gracefully disrespect a person. He should pick his own size.

For almost six years, I had build for people to showcase their portfolio and websites and there are a lot of great improvements. But it seems that some designers or artist didn't have the chance to showcase their talent elsewhere. Because some out there don't like competition and don't like to see others emerge or improve. So, they shut us down. For example, how the rules had been set to disturb creative freedom.

Now, I would like to touch on one sensitive issue about our very lazy 'Malay'sian. It seems that after a lot of monitoring, a lot of Malay designers seem to be satisfied with the way they work. Any compliment will make them more into a 'comfort-level' which to me, does not improve at all. BECAUSE we know the fact that they dislike to explore, therefore they don't grow. Growing your skillets and the way you absorb things around you is important. If not, you learn nothing.

Getting competitive?
Yes, getting competitive means a person should always find a person to compete (in terms of skill sets and experience). It's very healthy. What I'm talking about is the way you work yourself. The more challange you get, the more you strive. If you stay passive, you will never improve. This also means to receive brutal critics and feedbacks from anonnymous crowd. I have plenty of haters and trust me, the more they hate me, the more I'd improve and the more standard I set to achieve. At the end of the day, I'm happy and so are they :)

"I'm twenty something" - Jamie Cullum

Getting 'aged' but trying to keep up as much as I can. Psychically I'm gaining a lot, thank to my self-discipline for waking up earlier than before, paying twenty five minutes every morning with my dumbbells and two half-boiled eggs. I had been jogging frequently and I hope to stay this way. Another 3 weeks, I'm turning 27 and that worries me a lot. This year means I need to focus and make sure I’m on the right track. I'm glad that this year resolution is kicking off smoothly. I manage to clear a lot of bills, and thank God, I receive fewer bills from the Mr. Postman yeah! I thought of changing my car but I always wanted a scrambler. I like to be edgy, but dad says if I ever bring the bike home, he's going to burn the bike. So guess what that means... :-) Have to respect the old man's opinion. There's always a reason behind each decision one made.

* here goes that drummer boy.....

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Shiekoreto said...

2 lyrical samples from my fav band for this issue:

"it's not the right time to be sober
now the idiots have taken over
spreading like a social cancer, is there an answer?"


It's not forsaken
The thoughts they're thinkin'
Will leave you with a feeling of indifference
How was the stuff?
They were okay (okay)
Not great (all right)
But pretty good
They create the shit I knew they would
Some old
Some new
The same formula stays true
We can concur
It's medio-core"
(edited to fit the subject)

Abah Adrian said...

scrambler? wohoho... best!!!

Rudy? said...

sure thing...

Rudy? said...

sure thing....;P