Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Digital Art Exhibition @ Galleriiizu

Thousand Thanks:

To all who came in our show. We, DMP had such a great time with you. I actually got bezerk an hour before the show starts because our dear friend Perez had some technical problem with the demoreel, but in the end, it went of well! Thank you Perez.... so proud of you! Thanks Shieko and Orkibal for coming to the show.

Me and Shafix of Bjorkscape!"

Shafix of Bjorkscape's work"

Too much writing, now let's visit the photo gallery! yeay! http://muidlatif.fotopages.com

Someone bugs me with few sms's today... number starting from +2307....something. I don't know the the hell is he/her from but stop bugging me! Please! go somewhere else...

Announcement / Pengumuman:

Digital Art Exibition % USEAGAIN Asia

Tarikh: 7 February - (on going)
Lokasi: Galleriizu, Bangunan UOA (berhadapan pintu masuk utama KLCC Convention Center atau blakang hotel Crowne Plaza)
Masa: 7 PM
Admission: PERCUMA, free drinks


8 opinions :

ryn said...

greta job....=D

adadia said...

Muid, RedJacket here.Finally, monk ur days into art. Keep a good work. Hope i can be same as you, but today i left art behind.Sob*Sob*

adadia said...

Me still around shah alam, busy as bee lately. See u soon & take care. But, can i have some *code* for beauty b/ground :p ehehe.I got C in Pascal Programming ha ha (gonna give ya credit for that haha)

Unknown said...

oh i see sapik! hehe. hi muid!

Unknown said...

i see sapiK! hehe hi muid!

Unknown said...

i see sapik! hi muid!

Unknown said...


at-point-zero said...

have a read on my blog on thoughts on design and everything else from a young student in design school. More articles to come.